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Practical, Quadratic, Smart!

We are happy to present our newest series of plastic packaging for food.
They are square and rectangular cups in 8 practical sizes, which have a wide variation of applications. For instance, ice cream, marmalade, soup, salads and all sorts of convenience foods including eat on the go products.
From 185 ml to 520ml square with standard or vented lid, especially for hot filling of soups and sauces. 280 ml - 1200 ml rectangular with standard lid.
Development of new products, which matches the market and the consumer’s needs, takes place in close cooperation with our customers, always to the highest standard and best quality.

A lid, which makes the difference 

Hot filling up to 90 °C vacuum pressure will be achieved with this square venting lid. The packaging will make the production process simple and give an effective flow. As a bonus, the cup will keep its smart form to bring the products a consistent expression and the security that they will look smart on the shelves in the stores. See more here


One of Australia’s biggest meat manufacturers in 2011 were looking for a packaging business partner. Optimisation of the production opened a new line of business in soups; these should be packed according to the consumers taste and lifestyle.
In the coming soup season, there are 18 variants in the assortment, and the customer is today the biggest producer in Australia of quality soups – with Toppac as packaging supplier. Toppac is furthermore total supplier to similar food business abroad. See more here
When the spotlight on Denmark’s most innovative entrepreneurs is put in October and November 2015, Toppac is among the nominees.
This prize shall put entrepreneurship on the society agenda with the purpose to create beneficial conditions for innovation and creativity. Nationwide there are 1000 companies nominated for this prize. See more here
It is an honour to be in this company and we are very proud and happy to be nominated”  Director Søren Mark Andersen
Quality manager Tina Hammer takes care of you – both as new and existing customers. Quality in the entire process has our highest attention. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact her directly. The Toppac team supports your business.
We always answer within 24 hours and helps with prognoses, label overview, stock reports and more. 
”When the quality is the best, the design is correct, and we supply on time – it is a win-win situation for all.” Quality manager Tina Hammer  
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