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The Bufab Group is growing!

The Bufab Group acquired FLOS B.V. in February 2015. FLOS were established 1963 by André Flos and their key to success has been offering their customers the full range of fasteners, components and C-Parts as well as making their assembled parts handling a little bit easier. FLOS is located in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
FLOS has invested in their warehouse (special small part and low runner storing system) to be able to compete with VMI solutions and ready-to-ship articles. A substantial part of the sales is via VMI solutions that are tailor made for each customer. FLOS are focusing on customers interested in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and not just the item price. This has resulted in an increasing sub-assembly operations where they are mounting or kitting  parts for the customer and thereby adding value to the products.

FLOS is known on the market as specialist and Solutionists - a perfect match for Bufab. Read more about FLOS here

How Flos is creating extra value for their customers

The collaboration with our customer started with a tender on standard parts. The customer is one of the world's largest producer of egg sorting machines located in the Netherlands. The clients goal was to decrease the number of suppliers from 90 to 1. The customer saw the opportunities in a collaboration with Flos in order to optimize their internal processes and supply of their special products.

The customer were using a lot of sub-assemblies. Organizing these themselves caused inefficiency on many levels throughout the entire organization. Outsourcing these assemblies to Flos was therefore beneficial in many ways. With our own assembly department we are specialized in organizing small technical sub-assemblies, with our specialized logistic and purchasing department we are capable of organizing these sub-assemblies most efficient.

Are you interested to know more? Please contact Flos.

Awarded Customer!

Bufab's customer Thule is a Gold winner of the iF Product Design Awards 2015 - one of the most prestigious international design Awards. We say congratulations and we are happy to have supplied Thule with the fasteners in their awarded Product!
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Solution for a customers special need

It all started when Bufab Kit was contacted by a local entrepreneur who needed help with a special solution.The product, a frame reinforcement for wooden doors, had to be refined to comply with the recently updated Euro­pean security class RC3 for doors.

Bufab Kit signed a royalty contract with the entrepreneur and got the right to launch the product on the international market. Today Bufab Kit has a distribution contract with a Swedish door manufacturer for the frame reinforcement. Contact Bufab Kit for more information.

the worlds strongest stainless steel bolt

Bumax is Bufab’s registered trademark, known as the strongest stainless steel fastener in the world.

Bumax is manufactured in Bufab’s own plants in Sweden and meets the requirements of high demanding customers when it comes to quality, corrosion resistance, high strength, fatigue strength, traceability and heat resistance. We deliver safety and reliability.

Read more about Bumax 

Bufab takes an end-to-end responsibility for the management of  C-Parts allowing our customers to focus on their core business. We call this Global Parts Productivity™. Our offering helps customers improve quality, achieve faster and more secure delivery, reduce total cost, and free up capital. Our customers, served from our 29 Bufab companies, can attest to the benefit of this approach and we promise to be dedicated, trustworthy, fast and flexible.
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