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 Dance Session at Parliament of World Religions,
Salt Lake City, UT, Oct. 2015
The Parliament of World Religions (POWR) is held every 5 years, in various locations around the world. This global interfaith movement began in 1893, with the first formal gathering of representatives of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Today it is recognized as the birth of interreligious dialogue worldwide. The 2015 POWR took place in Salt Lake City, and the Dances of Universal Peace were offered on several occasions.  Nearly 90 Dancers took part in the convention. There were:
9,806 Participants, including Performers & Volunteers
73 Countries Represented
30 Major Religions
548 Sub-Traditions
1800 Presenters 
1000+ Programs 
Many of the presenters were videoed and can be seen on the
POWR website
Click here to watch "Cultivating the Inner Life" with Pir Shabda and Friends during his POWR presentation
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New Logo Banners!

Many thanks to Lucinda Abbe for designing our new color scheme. These banners are hand batiked in Bali. If you would like to purchase one, please send a check for $40.00 to our office, DUPNA, PO Box 6372, Longmont, CO 80501

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Dances in the North Foyer were a daily occurrence at the Parliament of World Religions

Reflections on the Parliament 

Dear friends,
I do not lead nor am I able to attend a regular dance meeting. Rather, I use the dances in my interfaith retreat work and find the dances to be an excellent vehicle for my simple message, one I always say when presenting this sacred work to others, usually newcomers who may be feeling stretched. "You do not have to give up anything of your own faith tradition to be blessed and enriched by the faith traditions of others." People often respond by saying something like, "No one ever gave me permission to be inclusive of other traditions in this way." To be respectful and inclusive of all faith traditions is my understanding of the spirit of Murshid SAM and the dances he gave us. Communicating this clearly at every dance meeting puts us in touch with this spirit. Perhaps those of us who are fortunate enough to have had deep experiences of the dances and belong to a dance community need to remember that it is pretty scary for people to even be invited to stand in a circle and hold hands and then sing and dance besides. One rule I have for myself is to teach every dance I lead for the newcomer, even is there is only one in the circle. 
Our time together at the Parliament was indeed a blessing and the attention to the many details that brought us together was a service of love. I am deeply grateful and send my love to you all.
Shalom, Shlama, Salam,
Brother Joe Kilikevice, O.P.
The reach continues. 
Wayne and I have been singing in a mini rock n roll band for a "Forest Gump" series at the Methodist church in our small town here in Idaho. We went in this morning and the pianist told us that she saw us on television this morning. It was a Religion and Ethics program and they showed some videos of us dancing at the Parliament. Pretty cool.
The love goes on!
Zareen (Connie Delaney)

We had a small few gathered at our home this evening to sing, not enough to dance, but we reviewed our experiences at the Parliament, and our take aways. For me it was the amazing energy which is propelling me on with deeper commitment toward the path, the purpose, dances, gathering, teaching, work with elders and youth, community engagement and connections already in motion, Deeper into the Heart! Thank you all so much!!!! So very much! 
Susan Ullman

When we danced in the North Foyer, the place with the wild carpet, the acoustics amplified our voices until it seemed like thousands of people, embodied and unembodied, were singing with us. And I’d look at the circles, where there were people of every color, wearing saris, robes, suits and ties, turbans, yarmulkes, tee-shirts, tight dresses, and everything in between, all smiling and holding hands and singing and Dancing together. Murshid SAM had the vision that the Dances would go around the world (and his birthday was 18 October, the Sunday of the Parliament), and there we were, living his vision. It is a vision that will live in me forever.

~Sky Majida

One of the most heart felt experiences of the POWR for me, occurred in the lunch line. The Sikh community provided a free lunch every day for thousands of attendees, with superb organization, hospitality, and devotion. This is one of their spiritual practices, known as langar. Following one of our Dance sessions, a group of us was singing as we stood in line. We were joined by a Krishna devotee, who then led one of his chants. As we approached the servers, I started a Sikh chant, to honor our hosts. As our singing came to an end, they cried out for us to keep going, and were obviously pleased and surprised that we were familiar with their tradition. After lunch, one of the Sikh men thanked me for singing and invited me to come chant with them the next day, before lunch. I feel blessed to be part of this tradition of music and mantra, and able to sing as One.
Rahmana Sayre

6:00 am, driving to pick up Salim and then to the Salt Palace. The morning quiet fills with voices as we enter the corridor of ballrooms where prayers will take place in separate rooms hosted by leaders of various faiths. The corridor is lined with beautiful wall hangings of indigenous art forms. We enter a door between two beautiful hangings and prepare to transform this empty room with high ceiling and red chairs into a palace of spiritual practice. Musicians gather and tune while I connect my computer to the projector. The words of my power point appear on the large white screen. There is one slide for each Zikr and several slides for the Isaiah Zikr that includes brief phrases from 7 or 8 faiths. Every slide includes a reminder that we are praying for Yezidis, Assyrians and all facing genocide in Iraq and Syria.
We begin chanting while sitting. Then we rise, form a circle and chant with hadrat movements to the words Modeh Ani – I give thanks. Next is the Isaiah Zikr. We learned the words and melody in our seats and now we learn the dance. From language to language and faith to faith, we move into ecstasy. Our Zikr includes Yah Xode Beh Naveyta, a Yezidi phrase in the Kurmanji language, meaning Oh Lord, in Your Name.
The Zikr dances are a whole heart whole voice whole body practice. Participants include practicing Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, universal Sufis and Jews. We chant in the different languages as if we always knew them. Our movements are fluid. A few attendees are sitting or standing away from our circle, chanting along or watching in silence. The room is electrified by our collective spirit.
We complete the Isaiah Zikr and stand in silence, sending the energy to Yezidis, Assyrians and others who need it. Now comes the healing Zikr. We call out the names of those in need of healing and chant the sacred words of Moses. We conclude with a peace chant. Shalom, Salaam. Shanti Om.
Thank you Murshid SAM for the beautiful practice of the Dances of Universal Peace. Thank you Pir O Murshid Inayat Khan and Murshid Hassan Moumani for the beautiful practice of Zikr. How blessed we are to live in a time when these practices are welcome in so many communities and settings. May the Message of God spread far and wide, illuminating and bringing all of  humanity into one single sister-brotherhood in the mother-fatherhood of G-o-d. Amen.
Rabbi Pam Frydman
Still in the glow of the togetherness the Parliament bestowed upon us all, mostly I feel great gratitude for the Dances of Universal Peace and our Sufi path, which have set me up as one already doing so much of the work we were all asked to embody and carry forward into our post-Parliament world. And, many thanks are in order!
Thanks to Sky, Narayan and Jen for all their work in getting the DUP on the program! Many thanks to Pir Shabda for your leadership at our scheduled circles and for your inspiring talk and musical presentation! Thanks to all the leaders and musicians who rose to serve the Dances on this Murshid SAM birthday weekend, and to Parvati for so beautifully representing the Divine Feminine and Tara Dhatu in leading the Tara Mantra Dances; to Wayne, Zareen, Michael and all who provided essential technical support for our sessions, and – though the DUP did not win the award (this year!) - thank you Nuria Jenny Mish for submitting our award application for the Cultivation of Harmony Award. Thanks to all who served at our DUP booth, a wonderful service. And, a special thank you to all who came and danced at our sessions. Our hearts shone out along with our voices echoing through the great halls of the Salt Palace, inspiring and uplifting so many! All of the many thanks I received from folks who discovered the Dances at the Parliament for the first time are really meant for each of you.
May the glow of the flame stoked in our hearts continue to shine out brightly for the benefit of all, and may we meet again – and Dance together again – at future Parliaments!
Love to all,

DUP Booth at POWR
Website Wisdom Farewell with Shivadam

My two 3-year terms on the DUPNA Board are up! As so many of us experience, time has really flown – and with this work, something like the wings of a heart.
Any org is just an idea, a container. Its life lies in the beings who support it. Responsive to the ever-arising need to change and shift in order to best serve, my companion NA Board members rose again and again to meet those changes. It has been a growthful experience, a blessing to work with caring souls who generously give their time and efforts to help keep our North American Dance circles alive and well and our camps and retreats well represented and promoted, supporting the community, the Heart of the Dances. This has become the primary mission and unifying purpose of all the work of this non-profit org, Dances of Universal Peace North America.
When I agreed to come on, my only concern was that the workload might interfere with my time developing Dance leadership. Quite to the contrary, serving has broadened my sense of connectivity with the wider community and has deepened my inner practice, particularly in relation to working with, and feeling supported by, so many beloveds serving the Dances, including everyone who has written with questions, event postings, circle updates, suggestions and appreciation for our website and work.
We are so fortunate that the Dances and this org belong to each one of us. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to serve each of you and the greater work that is the DUP. I have especially enjoyed the task of overseeing our website, updating and adding additional content to serve our community. I want to invite you to explore some of the many resources now available there.
Two great places to start are Tips on Using our Site, and the Site Map, an indexed list of every page on the DUPNA website.
You can also explore by topic, using the menu items listed horizontally across the top of each page:
  • About... - videos; memories; tips; site map; “Diving into the Dances”; Spanish language link (to DUP IN)
  • Resources - great articles, NA Dance write-ups, audio, video and instructional materials for leaders and musicians; “Dance Organizer Toolkit”; Youth/Next Gen page; telecons; social media; “Song of the Month”; Facebook/Twitter news; world events planning calendar
  • Find The Dances - one-time events listings; all Dance circles and circle update form; add events or circles; camp and retreat profiles; circles' websites; regional events planning calendar
  • Support The Dances - join; renew; contribute; volunteer; contact/address update form; member gifts
  • About NA - about the NA region org and Board; DUP in the media/press; NA Journal and newsletter archives
  • Links - circles' websites; other DUP-related sites and orgs
  • Contact - NA Office staff and Board; update your personal contact info
We hope you will continue to access and enjoy the wealth of resources at your DUP North America website!
With Love,

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The Board and Staff
Dances of Universal Peace North America

In This Issue:

"Cultivating the Inner Life," presentation by Pir Shabda at POWR
Reflections on the Parliament

Gratitude for Donations
Website Wisdom Farewell with Shivadam

Videos of the Month: Kalama and Zimbabwe Zikr at POWR

Newly Certified Dance Leaders

Holiday Card Project - Looking for a few more volunteers

Beyond the narrow barriers of race and creed we can all unite, because we all belong to one God.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Members of the Sikh community chanting at POWR

Gratitude for Donations

DUPNA would like to thank the following circles and events for their dana from their events and gatherings to help further the work of DUPNA and outreach of the Dances. May you be blessed in return!

Santa Cruz, CA Dance circle

Phoenix, AZ
Dance circle

Pelzer, SC
Dance circle

Des Moines, IA Dance circle

Longmont, CO Dance circle

Fall Canyonlands Dance Camp

Retreat with Pir Shabda Kahn in Prescott, AZ

Attunement as a Way of Being: Meditative Dance Retreat with Tajali & Jen at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in Moffat,

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Buddhist monks working on a mandala in honor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the POWR
Dancing the Kalama at the Parliament of World Religions

Videos of the Month:

Dancing the Kalama

Dances of Universal peace

Next Teleconference Call:

Parliament of the World's Religions

Our next teleconference is planned for January 2016. The topic will be The Parliament and the experiences and inspirations of the members of the DUP community who participated. 

At this time we have two speakers scheduled to present their own impressions and revelations: Shivadam, NA webmaster, and Rahmana, president of the NA board.   

Please join us for this time of listening, reflection and discussion. The exact date and time will be forthcoming in an email.

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A ceremonial fire, prayers, and blessings at the entrance of the Salt Palace Convention Center were daily activities conducted by various leaders and members of the world's indigenous communities at the POWR 


There were no haiku this month.

Next month's theme is Murshid SAM.

Send your haiku to
Hands of the Heart by Laurie Adams

Newly Certified Dance Leaders

We send blessings to the newly certified leaders within our region. We bow in gratitude to their service and devotion, and in joy at their stepping forward to do this work! 

This month we bless...

Pavla Uppal
(Toronto, Ontario)

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Impromptu dancers during Pir Shabda's presentation at POWR

DUPNA Holiday Card project- Call for Volunteers!

The annual DUPNA holiday card is at the printer and we are looking for a few more volunteers!

As in the past, we are looking for Dance circles and Dance-loving individuals to volunteer for our project: addressing, assembling, and stamping the cards (along with donating the paid postage).

As you are probably aware, the holiday card fundraiser brings in a substantial amount of donations for our organization. With the recent reorganization of our membership structure, this is an even more important source of income for us. And, our friends and contributors always look forward to receiving a beautiful card celebrating the season!
Volunteering for the holiday project is a great way for circles to foster community, as well as feel connected to the larger Dance family as a whole. Many circles get together for a potluck or card-assembling party with tea and snacks. 

Email or call the office at 720-378-8039 to let Jen know that you are interested in helping out.


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Upcoming Events in Our Region

Live at Lava! Fall Camp
Nov. 13-15
Lava Hot Springs, ID

Connie Zareen


Dancing Hearts Winter Retreat
Jan. 15-18, 2016
Templeton, CA



Dying to Live: Opening to Breath, Light, and the Awakened Heart with Abraham and Halima Sussman
March 11-13, 2016
Durham, NC

Nur Rahmana Julie Purcell


Wind Spirit Dance Camp
April 21-24, 2016
Winkelman, AZ


Live at Lava! Spring Camp
April 22-24, 2016
Lava Hot Springs, ID

Connie Zareen


Click Here to view and bookmark a complete listing of events at our One-Time Events calendar at the DUPNA website
Closing Dance in the North Foyer at POWR
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