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Tending your garden means taking deliberate and tender care of the plants that grow in it…being connected with their needs….more water, less water?  Shade or sun? Taking extra care of when to transplant those seedlings, and providing extra care at that time to ensure they root well in their new space.  Pruning, weeding, staking up, fertilizing…all with the intention of creating a beautiful space. When the plants respond with their resplendent color and formation, we revel in their beauty and unique magnificence.

So it is with our spiritual garden.  All these processes are required to create the beautiful space in which to polish and refine the radiance of our hearts and souls.

Creating a deeper connection to the garden without, or a relationship to one plant, bush or tree…helps mirror the cultivation of our
inner growth and maturation.  May we all
bloom with joy!

Blessings on your summer season!

“When doctrines divide and ‘isms’ turn human against human, without speech, without silence, let us demonstrate. Let these demonstrations manifest everywhere. Not what we think or say but what we do shall avail — on with the dance.”

~*~Samuel L. Lewis~*~

Mystic Dance Caravan

In a happy synchronicity, the inaugural event of the Mystic Dance Caravan is occurring in Salmon, ID within a week of the 50th Anniversary!  On June 14, a 30-foot tent will go up to house the weekend retreat. This marks a new chapter in events for the Mountain West region of Idaho, Montana, and Utah.  Zareen Connie Delaney and Wayne Talmadge, with the support of the regional DUP community, purchased the tent to provide a venue for retreats, after determining that a frequent limiting factor was finding an inexpensive space large enough for a Dance circle.  Communities within the region are invited to plan an event in their area, and use the tent as their gathering place. Each event will be co-created in a way unique to that environment. The West is abundant in wild natural places. Another component of this sharing of resources is a regional website, created by Wakil Kurt Simpson and Rahmana Sayre.  

Several of our teleconferences have featured stories of Murshid SAM by his original students. Click here to go to "Memories of Murshid SAM" at the DUPNA website

Click here to view the archive of Murshid SAM’s works can on the Ruhaniat website.

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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary
of the Dances!

On June 24th 1968, the first Dance of Universal Peace (DUP) was introduced by Murshid SAM. Since then our beloved Dances and Walks have grown a global family and have filled our lives with real experiences of peace, harmony and beauty; they have brought so much to all of us in so many ways. We have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to Celebrate! Let's do it together as a global family: 

On Sunday, June 24th 2018, marking 50 years of DUP, let us all dance on that same day (if not possible, that same weekend or same moon) in a global dance celebration. Thousands of dancers, dozens of countries, all our circles synchronized in the same intention, song
and movement.

Videos of dance circles around the world are requested, with specific requests regarding specific dances, key, and rhythm.  These videos will then be edited to create a beautiful montage of those dances to share with the world! Please use this link for further information about this exciting and inspiring project and event!

Click here to view the PDF invitation for participation.

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Donate to DUPNA Parliament Fund

Send dancers, leaders, and musicians to the Parliament of World Religions.

There are expenses for DUPNA to attend the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto in November 2018.  We feel our presence there is a significant way to introduce and spread the beauty of the Dances to thousands of people.  In addition to other costs, a major expense is renting a booth to display information about the Dances, and for a meeting place for dancers and musicians.  If your heart is led to help us financially, it will be very much appreciated!

Please donate via credit card by clicking here 
by sending a check to
DUPNA PO Box 6372, Longmont, CO 80501

*Please note your donation for Parliament 2018*

Wilderness Dance Camp 2017

DUPNA would love to sponsor a dance leader or musician (especially young adults) with a partial scholarship to the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto in November 2018. If you are interested in experiencing the Parliament and would benefit from DUPNA support, please contact  

Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and a brief paragraph about who you are, your involvement in the Dances, and why it is important to you to attend the Parliament. Blessings!

Sharing Dances with College Students
by Shivadam Adam Burke

Dearest Ones, 
Just back home from the college class where I led Dances, now offering this report as requested by some of you.

First, thank you again for your many excellent suggestions. Alhamdulillah!
In short, it was a great experience that far exceeded even my most optimistic imaginings, a high point in my 11 years of leading
the Dances.
Yesterday, the professor wrote to prepare me: 
“Shivadam, I am looking forward to you leading the Dances with my class on Wednesday. I informed them today and one male student immediately stated that he didn't dance. Later I told him he had to observe. But maybe he'll join in. Here are the directions to my classroom...”
There would be 21 students, all well under 30 years old. I imagined many would feel as this one student felt. Much to the contrary, each and every student danced! I had no sense of which had made this earlier objection.
I had planned to modify the two Dances so that the students would not have to hold hands. But, after preparing them — easing them into the process — they all held hands and no modifications were needed.
What’s more, they enjoyed the Dances so much that they all enthusiastically clapped after
each one!
For a variety of reasons, I felt called to lead Fill Your Cup and also Fattah Kriner’s OM Mani Padme Hum.
In the new, spacious, wood-glass-and-steel meeting hall, I began with a 15-minute “talk” to introduce the Dances, their history and birth, establishing contextual relevance to their class curriculum (which is the study of how cultures large and small interact and often resist one another). I explained about the cultural tensions of the 1960s — something like today’s — and how the Dances arose out of that milieu.
I read a quote by Pir-o-Murshid from a recent Daily Bowl, explaining his influence with Sam and the Dances. (Interestingly perhaps, the night before last I dreamt that I was introducing the Chenrezig mantra to students, explaining that mystics of all times and climes arrive at the same conclusion: that there is one all-pervading reality, despite superficial, apparent differences. I awoke to find the Daily Bowl’s quote that followed closely what I had explained in the dream.) I then segued into introducing Kabir, tying in ancient cultural clashes with today’s, adding that each of us may carry some discomfort around dealing with people we perceive as unlike us, and that the Dances help bring ease around this...
one of several benefits of the practice.
To my delight, the students jumped right in, engaging the Dance even more enthusiastically than some of the more experienced circles
I have worked with!
Click here to read Shivadam's full reflection

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“THE SPIRITUAL DANCE has no other purpose than to elevate humankind beyond self-thought to joy, to bliss, to realization, and to peace…the sincere dancer is one of the best workers for universal harmony and so for universal peace.

I am teaching this music and dancing... to increase Joy, not awe toward another person but bliss in our own self.

So the first thing I ask you to do is don’t believe me. Believe your own being when you get up and walk and chant and dance.”

Although we seem to be in a world of song and dance, we are most concerned with
peace on earth.” 

~*~ Samuel L. Lewis ~*~

Dancing Peacock Paradise
Dancing Peacock Paradise

by DiAnahita Kanoy,
Owner, Dance leader and mentor,
Sufi teacher and Manual laborer

There is a place, peaceful and calm
Where all your cares float away.
A place to sing, a place to dance
A place to meditate and pray.
Dancing Peacock Paradise ~ Music's in the air
A place where people come to share
Dancing Peacock Paradise ~ Hearts open there
A place where people really care

This song, composed by our talented and dedicated guitarist Kathy Staines, conveys the ambiance of our north Florida retreat center and monthly dance venue.
Over 30 years ago, my husband, Allan McRae, and I were visualizing and praying for a place with woods, water, and wonder for a home site.  What we found exceeded our hopes, with a heart-shaped lake out front, old oaks and pines, plenty of native foliage, and a large house, which all needed loving care and lots of physical labor to bring out the beauty.
After my beloved Allan died in 2000, I renovated the house to let a large dance room emerge, and added the cottage and several little screen rooms around the 50 acres of woods to provide rustic accommodations.  Being an hour from almost anywhere (Gainesville and Ocala the closest towns), would anyone come into the unknown countryside for Dances of Universal Peace?
Ya Mujid!  The answer, a fulfilling yes!  And now 18 years later, we have hosted countless dance and zikr weekends, plus over 30 longer Dance retreats with well-known leaders, in addition to dance leader trainings and Sufi meetings.
The transporting experience of our monthly dance events is described by one of our dancers, Barclay Braden in her book Faith at Hand -- Finding My Way to Depth Journaling:
“High among my all-time favorite life experiences are the recurring occasions of coming together for these dances, dedicated to the fervent hope for peace to prevail upon earth, I continue to find myself touched at the core to be standing in a circle, with twenty to thirty kindred spirits.  We are moving, chanting, singing, mostly in unison, sometimes in parts. Again and again and again.  I am transported to a place of rich appreciation for all traditions, for this convergence of all that’s held sacred.”
We dance for a couple of hours in the afternoon to simple, stirring, entrancing music of guitar, viola, cello, and percussion.  On occasion we have also enjoyed the accompaniment of flute, keyboard, stand-up bass, hammered dulcimer, and even a visiting harp player.
Before and after the dances, we enfold ourselves in nature:  sitting by the lake, paddling in little boats, walking the labyrinth, exploring the woods trails, feeding the chickens, petting the Himalayan cats, and marveling at the shimmering glory of the peacocks.  Opportunities abound for taking photographs.  Look at our joyful faces on the website,

Click here to read DiAnahita's full reflection.

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DiAnahita Kanoy leading Dances at Peacock Paradise
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Year(s) of the Walks
and Dances of Universal Peace

(This timeline with notes was produced with the help of Ruhaniat Archivist Tansen O’Donohoe and with the author’s access to the Ruhaniat archives at References and dating evidence from the writings and recordings of Samuel Lewis follow the timeline.
—Neil Douglas-Klotz, May 2018.)


  1. EARLY 1930s: Samuel Lewis meets Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn in Hollywood, Los Angeles and participates in their Denishawn school, where he dances while St Denis talks about how to pick dances from the akashic sphere. Samuel Lewis begins to call Ruth St Denis his “fairy godmother.” 

2. LATE 1930s: Samuel Lewis writes “Spiritual Dancing,” as an informal commentary on Hazrat Inayat Khan’s “Art: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” The book also references his time at the Denishawn School and includes ideas of Ruth St Denis. 

3. MARCH 1962: Samuel Lewis visits the tomb of Selim Chishti in Fathepur Sikri, India and receives a vision of the “Dance of Universal Peace.” See excerpt of letter below. He reports this two years later to Ruth St Denis, who says that she and Ted Shawn received the same vision while they were there. 

4. SEPTEMBER 1963: First Walks shown to Paul Reps. Murshid S.A.M. begins to instruct his god-daughter and first Khalifa Saadi Khawar Khan in them via correspondence, in preparation for S.A.M’s return to Pakistan and his teaching them to children there. 

5. MAY 1964: Murshid S.A.M. meets with Ruth St Denis for an hour and presents his vision of “the Dance of Universal Peace.” 

6. SPRING 1967: Walks classes begin on Saturday for the few early mureeds, including Mansur Johnson, Moineddin Jablonski and Fatima Jablonski. 

7. MARCH 1968: First small Sufi dance class for mureeds. (See transcribed recording from March 13, 1968 and subsequent letter and diary entries from May 2,1968 about classes in “Dance of Universal Peace.”) 

8. JUNE 24, 1968: First public
Dervish Dances presented.

9. JULY 1970: Saturday night advanced Dance class continues, along with public Dance classes Sunday afternoon and Monday night (combined with Sufi teachings). 

Click here to view the complete timeline and detailed references

Take Me to the Top
Johnson's Landing
British Columbia, Canada
Dance Camp 2017
May the message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty spread far and wide. Toward the One!

The Board and Staff
Dances of Universal Peace North America

In This Issue:

  1. Mystic Dance Caravan
  2. Sharing Dances with College Students
  3. Dancing Peacock Paradise
  4. Annotated Timeline of the Walks and Dances
  5. 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Dances on June 24
  6. Donate to DUPNA Parliament Fund
  7. Featured Song: Dervish Cycle
  8. Featured Video: Dance to Glory
  9. Newly Certified Dance Leaders
  10. Gratitude for Donations
  11. Dances with an Attunement to SAM and Summer
  12. Upcoming Events
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A Memory of SAM

As I recall, Murshid Sam was under instructions from his last living Pir - Sufi Barkat Ali - to get 10,000 Americans to say Allah!

Mantric dances fit the bill very well.   I was present at a Holy Man Jam in San Francisco when Murshid led an Allah Snake Dance, and after counting the house, turned to Wai Ali and said: “Write Sufi Barkat Ali and say I have accomplished my mission.”

All blessings and thankfulness

~ Hakim Sauluddin

50th  Anniversary
of the
Dances of
Universal Peace

As we prepare for the 50th anniversary of the Dances of Universal Peace, with a celebration on June 24th, we are grateful that Murshid Wali Ali shared with us a teleconference on the origin of the Dances on March 18, 2018.

Click here to listen to the recording of
the call

Featured Song:
Dervish Cycle

Here are some of the early dances created by Samuel Lewis


Dervish Cycle I:
Ya Hayy, Ya Haqq  

Allah ~The One;
Ya Hayy ~ Oh Life;
Ya Haqq ~ Oh Truth

Dervish Cycle II: Allah Hu  

El Allah Hu ~
(Only God or Allah Alone Exists)

Allah Hu ~
The One,
The Essence  

Dervish Cycle III:
Hu Whirl

Allah Hu ~
The One,
The Essence

Hu ~ The Essence Beyond Words

Featured Video:

Dance to Glory

Murshid SAM at the
Equinox Celebration 1970


There are some great DUP videos out there, so if you have a good-quality Dance video you would like to share with the community,
please send the
links to to be shared in upcoming newsletters.

A Few Dances with an Attunement to SAM & Summer:

S.A.M.  Dances
(his original dances)


As Salaam Aleikum Greeting Dance

Ya Muhammad Abdullah


Ram Nam
Snake Dance

Dances Celebrating Summer;  
Fullness of Bliss; Perfection of Creation:

Estarse Amando
al Amado

A Flower Blooms

Every Flower
Blooms for You

Goddess Is Alive
Magic Is Afoot 

Echad Yachid

Beauty Way Dance
(Native American)

It Is This!

Be Ye Songs of Glory

Take Me to the Top

Newly Certified Dance Leaders

We send blessings to the newly certified leaders within our region. We bow in gratitude to their service and devotion, and in joy at their stepping forward to do this work!  This month we bless...

Neferti Babbs
(Eureka Springs, AR)

Mujiba Debbie Berkana
(Moscow, ID)

Margaret Lily Celestino
(Bainbridge Island, WA)

Kriya Judy Goodman
(Boulder, CO)

Sonia Stairs
(Midway, British Columbia, Canada)
Gratitude for Donations

DUPNA would like to thank the following circles and events for their dana from their events and gatherings to help further the work of DUPNA and outreach of the Dances. May you be blessed in return!
Ya Shakur!

Santa Cruz, CA Dance circle

Phoenix, AZ Dance circle

Tempe, AZ Dance circle

Longmont, CO Dance circle

Tucson, AZ
DUPNA Dance chapter

Dancing Our Life Purpose
Des Moines Iowa Retreat

Canyonlands East Paonia Colorado Camp

Although the
Holiday Card project is our main fundraiser, we appreciate donations from other sources.Tithing from donations gathered at your dance circles or from one-time dance events has become 
an important donation stream for us since our organizational restructuring.

Take me to the Top
Ya Shakur!

We have received a very generous donation by a couple who wish to remain anonymous.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for their support of DUPNA's mission and service.
Help Us Spread
the Word!

If you are reading this newsletter, this request is for you! It has come to our attention that many dancers do not receive this free newsletter and some don't even know
it exists!

It would be a great service to DUPNA if you would make an announcement in your circles and at your events and gather the names and emails of those who would like to receive this newsletter.

Click here
to contact the office.
Upcoming Events

in Our Region

Poems, Prayers,
and Practices
June 20-24
Dolores, CO


Sky Roshay


Sacred Music,
Sacred Dance
with Diana Mariam, Tom Halim, Phil Murad, and Myriah Majida
June 27-July 1
British Columbia, Canada



Eat, Dance, and
Pray Together
July 25-29
North Central MA




The Crestone Experience with Wonder Bob,
Jen Friedman &
Bernie Skydrummer
July 26-29
Crestone, CO

Wonder Bob


DUP Retreat with
Wali and Arienne
July 27-29
Fort Wayne, IN




Wilderness Camp with Grace Marie
July 29-August 4
Flathead Lake, MT


Misty Harding


Baking in Beauty
Aug. 9-12
Capitol Reef
National Park, Utah


Wren Kothrade


Northwest Sufi Camp with Leilah Be
Aug. 12-19
Mollala, OR


Mary Hansel


Nature Wisdom
Aug. 16-19
North Central MA




Blessings on the Path with Pir Shabda and Julie Jilani Esterly
Aug. 17-19
Santa Cruz, CA


Freesia Raine


Bless Our Roots 2 DUP and Sufi Retreat
with Grace Marie, Timothy Dobson, Britt Ripley & Jen Friedman
Aug. 23-26
Berthoud, CO


Grace Marie


Kootenay Dance Camp with 
Daniel Kirchhof, Astarte Sellars, Wayne Rollack, and
Myriah Majida
Aug. 30-Sept. 3
Nelson, B.C. Canada


Carol Stewart


Dance Deepening with Murshid Tansen Philip O'Donohoe
Aug. 31-Sept. 2
Lafayette, CO


Baraka Brenda Beeley


The Dance
of Integration
Oct. 11-14
Jemez Springs, NM


NurAlima Lin Reams


Retreat with
Allaudin Ottinger
Oct. 19-21
Nelson, B.C. Canada


Kabir McKinnon


Calendar of Events

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Gratitude from the DUPNA Board of Directors and Staff

Majida Myriah Pazereckas Roy, President
Jane Sky, Vice-President and Secretary
Tajali Theresa Tolan, Treasurer
Astarte Sellars
Charlotte Sabora Henson
Ted Ryle
Jen Friedman, Regional Administrator
Steph Wilson, Newsletter Editor
Rahmana Elizabeth Sayre, Newsletter committee
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