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 Peaceful Sisters leading a Dance in Michigan, 2015
The elements make up the building blocks of our physical world.  Dances that connect us with those elements help us deepen our connection to Mother Gaia, and to offer and recieve healing from her.
Attuning to the qualities of the elements can also be building blocks of our spiritual world.  Murshid SAM offered many practices relating to the elements, using breath, walks, body awareness, and sound.  If we need more stability and reliability in our life, we can attune to the energy of earth.  If intuition or playfullness needs to be accentuated, the energies of air can be called upon.  Each element has its gifts and shadows.

Join us for our second teleconference
on the topic of  Leading Dances in Unique and Unusual Settings.
Presenters Grace Marie,  Shivadam Adam Burke,  and Tajali Theresa Tolan will speak about some of their experiences leading Dances of Universal Peace in South and Central America,  India,  and as part of the Children's Global Peace Project.  

These conversations with experienced and adventurous Dance leaders are inspiring,  entertaining and educational.  

Please join us on October 5th,  8pm EDT; 7pm CDT; 6pm MDT; 5pm PDT and Arizona time

Call the teleconference line:
Then dial the access code:

Hope to "see" you then!

 Canyonlands Dance Camp, Spring 2015
Beloved Lord, Almighty God!
Through the rays of the sun,
Through the waves of the air,
Through the All-pervading Life in space,
Purify and revivify me, and, I pray,
Heal my body, heart, and soul.

~*~Hazrat Inayat Khan~*~
Rainbow Flag flying at Khankah SAM

Rainbow Retreat at Khankah SAM

Twenty-four members of the Ruhaniat Rainbow Family gathered at Khankah SAM for the first Rainbow Retreat from June 3-7th in San Francisco. We came from across the country and Canada representing all the letters our acronym implies (LGBTQ+). We feel that our gathering expresses a new wave of radical self-acceptance emanating from the star in our emblematic symbol, held by both the great capacity of our common heart as well as the receptivity of our lineage to truth beyond ideas and ideals.
Pir Shabda welcomed us on Thursday evening in the Khankah kitchen for an evening of Dance and introductions. Friday night we opened the doors of the Mentorgarten to allies and the room overflowed with the additional 30+ who joined. The theme for the evening was honoring our ancestors. Magdalena and Tawwaba shared their research on Frida Waterhouse and Blanche Baker respectively. Both were significant to Murshid Sam in the last decades of his life and had deep positive regard for the gay and lesbian community. Dr. Blanche Baker brought her message of self -acceptance to her work as Murshid's therapist for several years at the end of the 1950's. Frida had a long-term study group for gay men and wrote to Pir Vilayat urging the inclusion of homosexuals in the Sufi Order. Blanche and Frida both found karmic influences in same-sex attractions and supported those who suffered for their orientation to find their gifts and strengths and shine their light undimmed by external approbation. Their message served as a herald for our gathering and grounded us in the caravan of our ancestors.
There were moments when we stumbled and with courage and grace demonstrated the capacity to hold and hallow what unfolded. There were evenings of sweet zikr, rituals of release and forgiveness, peals of laughter and the great arms of understanding. Every voice was welcome no matter how much it quivered, cried or how sweetly it sang out. 
We explored the enigmas of gender and sexuality in spiral fashion. We modeled different ways to call our various voices into the Dance Circle beyond the binary traditional men and women by calling out biomes, generations, emotions, and other categories of energy to describe diversity and uniqueness. We had deepening conversations wondering why we continue to categorize at all.  Do “masculine” and “feminine” energies really exist as distinct, separate forces?  One hypothesis was that they are shorthand to refer to a clumping of qualities that someone considers “active” and “receptive.”  However, each person would clump different qualities into those categories.  Therefore, continuing to refer to masculine/feminine seemed inaccurate.  Also, it’s been hurtful to those who’ve been criticized or harmed for not performing the categorizing to someone else’s expectations.  One participant concluded: just describe the energy you mean; if you mean “flowery,” say that, instead of “feminine”. Together we all danced with Kwon Yin, in her/his/hir androgenous energy and invoked compassion, compassion, and compassion.
Some prayed an adapted version the Nayaz in hopes of spreading its sacred inclusion: “Beloved One, Almighty God/dess, Through the rays of the sun and moon, through the waves of the air and sea, Through the all pervading life in space and nature, purify and revivify us.  And we pray: heal our bodies, hearts, and souls.” Others spoke of hopes for adding an “all genders” cabin and/or bathroom at their regional camps. We felt in our eyes, hands, and hearts that the Beloved is manifesting new beauties all around us today.
Our resolve is to carry this message into our home communities and to continue to support each other as deeper and deeper layers are unveiled and revealed.  
We believe we come from, and inherit the mantle, of a great caravan of brave pioneers and trail blazers. Our ancestors are up ahead in the caravan setting thepulse and harmonizing with our coming out song.  Behind us the future is takingform, inspired by the courage and truth our lineage demonstrates. We take our place in the caravan, hand in hand with you, grateful for this journey - Toward the One.

In Service,
Rainbow Retreat 2015 Organizing Team

There is a difference in the breath of each kingdom:  mineral, vegetable, animal and human. 
 Try concentrating in turn on a rock or mineral, a precious stone, grass, a tree, an insect and a four-legged animal.  Notice the difference in your breathing. 

~*~ Murshid Sam 40 Lessons on Breath ~*~

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Dakinis of the Five Elements

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds
touch. The door is round and open.
Don’t g
o back to sleep!


~*~ Rumi ~*~

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Free Spirit Dance Camp 2015
Website Wisdom with Shivadam

In addition to listing One-Time events, your DUPNA website now features details about regularly recurring Dance Camps that happen seasonally across North America.

You will find a master list of links to individual pages for each camp or retreat that include extensive descriptions of the times of year, locations, and accommodations, the weather you might expect, what to wear, the nearest airports, special features about the camp/retreat, contact information, pictures (and some videos) from previous camps, and more!

To date, we list twelve camps and retreats thanks to the organizers who have submitted info about them. Click here to take a look.

Our hope is that by featuring each event with more detail than allowed in the One-Time Event listings from our database, prospective attendees may be enticed with a clearer picture about what they can expect when they come.

If you are an organizer of a regularly occurring Dance camp or retreat and your event is not yet featured, please contact me, your Website Manager, to have a page set up for you!

Many blessings for your Dance events,

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Newly Certified Dance Leaders

We send blessings to the newly certified leaders within our region. We bow in gratitude to their service and devotion, and in joy at their stepping forward to do this work! 

This month we bless...

Daniel Hamid Kirchhof (WA, USA)
Malika Lyon (KS,USA)
Carolyn Humphreys (Halifax, NS, CA)

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The Board and Staff
Dances of Universal Peace North America

In This Issue:

Teleconference on Leading in Unique and Unusual Settings
Rainbow Retreat at Khankah SAM

Gratitude for Donations

Website Wisdom with Shivadam

Song of the Month: Grandmother Ocean

Video of the Month: The Earth that is Wise and Old

A Few Dances with an Attunement to The Elements

Haiku on The Elements
Newly Certified Dance Leaders

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Gratitude for Donations
DUPNA would like to thank the following circles and events for their dana from their events and gatherings to help further the work of DUPNA and outreach of the Dances. May you be blessed in return!

Santa Cruz, CA Dance circle

Tucson, AZ
Dance circle

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Song of the Month:
randmother Ocean

Words and Music: Alicia Merlady Bennett, movements by Gwindolyn Samia Lehman and Grace Marie.
The melody, words and movements evoke the feeling of a lineage, the affirmation and connection to the ocean, the waves symbolizing cycles.    One can feel the waves, the ebbs and the flows within, to accept and flow with the cycles of life that dwell within.  
....little clover leaf,
a wisp of wind,
a drop of rain or the sun itself.  All have the breath of God in them.

The air you breathe, is it not full of God, 
is it not your life force?

The Findhorn Garden

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We have the capacity to receive messages from the stars and the songs
of the night winds.

~Ruth St. Denis~
A Few Dances with
an Attunement
toThe Elements


Be Melting Snow

Wishi Ta

Zoroastrian Elements Dance

Zoroastrian Sun Dance

Dance of the Celestial Bodies

We Circle Around

The Earth is our Mother

Mitakuye Oyasin


E Malama

Celtic Blessing

Grandmother Ocean

The River is Flowing

No Part Left Out

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The Earth that is Wise and Old
Video of the Month:
The Earth that is Wise and Old

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Canyonlands Spring Camp 2015
~*~ ~*~ ~*~
There are some great DUP videos out there, so if you have a good-quality Dance video you would like to share with the community, please send the links to to be shared in upcoming newsletters.

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Haiku on
The Elements

Heart and ocean sing

Soul flows; the rhythm of Love

Truth shimmers alive


~ Jen Friedman ~
Longmont, Colorado 



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The Waters of Life are but the Modes of Love.

The Spring is Loves inspiration;

The Stream is Loves purification;

The Lake is Loves meditation;
and the Ocean is Loves revelation.

~Pir Moineddin~

Upcoming Events in Our Region

Fall Canyonlands Dance Camp
with Sky Majida and Bernie Heideman
Sept. 23-28
Moab, UT

Sky Majida

Coming Home: Deepening into the Rhythm of our True Nature
with Murshida Halima and Murshid Abraham Sussman
Sept. 24-27
Charlottesville, VA

Rahima Miller

A Quickening of the Spirit
with Kabir Stuart McKinnon and Mirabai Wolf Willow
Sept. 25-26
Edmonton, Alberta

Elizabeth Turner

Sacred Ground-The Great Outpouring
with Murshida Darvesha MacDonald and Murshid Allaudin Ottinger
Oct. 16-18

Tarana Wesley

Be the Change with Anahata Iradah
Oct. 16-18
San Francisco, CA

Violetta Reiser

Attunement as a Way of Being:
A Meditative Dance Retreat
Tajali Theresa Tolan and Jen Friedman
Oct. 23-25
Joyful Journey Hot Springs near Crestone, CO

Jen Friedman

Creating Love, Harmony, and Beauty: The Path to Joy and Peace

Nov. 6-8
Camp Burton Dance Retreat
Vashon Island, WA

Martha Bracken

Live at Lava! Fall Camp
Nov. 13-15
Lava Hot Springs, ID

Connie Zareen


Click Here to view and bookmark a complete listing of events at our One-Time Events calendar at the DUPNA website
The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. Your
essence is gold hidden in dust. To reveal its splendor you need to
burn in the fire of love.

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