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Murshid Moineddin Jablonski with Murshid SAM
outside of Mentorgarden in San Francisco
Welcome to this fifth newsletter in our series honoring the illuminating murshids and mentors whose lives and teachings give inspiration, hope and guidance to the leaders of and participants in the Dances of Universal Peace. 

We hope you peruse the articles and links in this newsletter to gain more insight and encouragement from the words and teachings of Murshid Moineddin Jablonski.
When the politician leads the prayer, the old age
will persist; but when the Prayer leads the politician, a new age is possible.

Moineddin graced us with a collection of aphorisms known as "Job’s Tears." 
The quotes included throughout this newsletter are from that collection.
Moineddin suffered with kidney disease for many years of his life. Part of his journey was to have kidney transplants. In the poem The Colour of Her Hair, he poignantly writes about the 8-year-old girl who saved his life through her donation of her kidney to him.
The Colour of Her Hair
Standing to pee
(yet somehow on my knees)
I plead with my new kidney,
“Please work, Please work.”
This is the frequent prayer
I make to my new “inhabitant”
Plucked from an eight year old
girl, brain dead – from what?
After two months the kidney’s
working well. My young donor!
Also eight, my daughter wants to know
the colour of her hair?
They won’t tell us.

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 "I Do Not Have All the Answers,
WE May Have the Answers"

by Jane Sky and Khadija Goforth

This statement by Murshid Moineddin reflects the deep humility and loving nature of the man Samuel Lewis chose to be his successor as Pir and director of the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society (now the Sufi Ruhaniat International).  He preferred to simply be called Moineddin during his 30 years as leader that saw this fledgling organization grow to be a dynamic worldwide network which includes the Dances of Universal Peace along with many other services, programs, communities and centers.

Moineddin was born Carl Jablonski on January 1, 1942 and first met Murshid Sam in 1967. He was a part of the hippie summer of love in San Francisco, had experienced mystical experiences through ingesting psychedelics, yearned for more spiritual awakening and knew that he wanted and needed guidance. After meeting Murshid SAM, he felt he had found the person “that could take him where he wanted to go the fastest.”

Already by 1968, Moineddin was invited to be part of the community Murshid SAM started, a Sufi Khankah, established in a farmhouse north of S.F. Thus, he lived with his teacher and guide for three years, worked for him, became his chief Khalif, and achieved what Murshid SAM described as “rapid inner development” and “the great awakening.” It was also during this time he experienced his first very serious illness (kidney disease). This was the beginning of a lifelong fight for his life which included several kidney transplants, dialysis, pain, suffering and fatigue. He wrote to a friend that these experiences offered “tremendous impetus to pioneer into hidden regions of one’s potential.”

Moineddin is described by friends as being an introvert, not a rock star at all. Inwardly very strong and detail oriented, he guided the S.I.R.S. through its early development. He met each challenge head-on, humbly seeking to cultivate respect and compassion under all circumstances. When ethical issues arose among the early young adult leadership and mureeds who were seeking to make this Sufi and DUP lineage available worldwide, he firmly asked the group to develop an ethics agreement. Decades later, this agreement, based upon mutual responsibility, remains in place with few modifications.
He took very seriously his responsibility for the spiritual transmission he inherited from Murshid Samuel Lewis. He generously shared his mastery of the Walking Meditations, holding them as the living embodiment of his teacher’s spiritual transmission. He was clear when leading the Walks and able to transmit the various qualities of the Planets and Elements. His explorations of people’s challenges and gifts through these walking meditations likely informed his development of SoulWork. SoulWork is one of the “rays” of the SRI and consists of individual counseling and group retreats.

This spiritual psychology is based upon deep acceptance of one’s strengths and limitations, suspending judgment, andd welcoming all, inclusively. Moineddin said the inner reality is what we want to bring to the surface, thereby overcoming external confusions. He encouraged mureeds to become “whole human beings” willing to “love the dark places inside” themselves.

It may be said that in Moineddin’s leadership of the Ruhaniat and the Dances of Universal Peace, his ultimate success was in not trying to be other than who he was. This wholeness of his being allowed him to have grace and tolerance and create an atmosphere of safety around himself. There was nothing about a human being he wouldn’t accept. This authenticity is an essential Sufi teaching and a universal human purpose.

He lived his life dedicated to giving others what he had received from his Murshid and made every effort possible to keep alive the teaching of Samuel Lewis. He saw the role of Pir as one of ”living love” with the goal of becoming “a stream of love.”  He strove to accommodate the sorrows of the mureeds and sympathize with their needs. He wanted to help bear their burdens. Moineddin died on February 27, 2001. Like Sufis throughout history, his leadership was embodied in the life of loving service he lived.
The question mark is shaped like the Ear,
indicating that the answer comes through listening.
Holiday Card Volunteers Needed!

The annual DUPNA holiday card is at the printer and we are looking for a few more volunteers!

As in the past, we are looking for Dance circles and Dance-loving individuals to volunteer for our project: addressing, assembling, and stamping the cards (along with donating the paid postage). We are asking that you consider taking cards in multiples of 50 to help expedite our shipping process.
As you are probably aware, the holiday card fundraiser brings in a substantial amount of donations for our organization. With the recent reorganization of our membership structure, this is an even more important source of income for us. And, our friends and contributors always look forward to receiving a beautiful card celebrating the season!
Volunteering for the holiday project is a great way for circles to foster community, as well as feel connected to the larger Dance family as a whole. Many circles get together for a potluck or card-assembling party with tea and snacks. 

Email or call the office at 720-378-8039 to let Jen know that you are interested in helping out.

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If you work with what you do have,
what you do not have will be added
onto you.
Farewell from Rahmana

This month I complete my service with the Board, the past 4 years of which I served as president. When I was invited to join the board, I had only the most vague idea of what that might entail. I am not a big fan of meetings, so I was a little hesitant, but agreed to be a trainee. I immediately found a niche in sharing music I recorded at retreats in the newsletter, and the Song of the Month feature was born. (We still need someone to step forward to continue this!)
My time on the Board has been both challenging and rewarding. It has deepened my connection to the Dances, and given me the opportunity to work with some of the people who are most passionate about the Dances. We have a congenial group of volunteers who meet by phone every 2-3 months. We are here to support and inspire the circles of North America. Within that framework, each person has the freedom to bring their passion and skill to the community.  Majida Myriah Pazereckas Roy and Jane Sky will be assuming the leadership as I step down, and bringing their unique style to the Board. We always welcome new members, as many hands make light work.

A Few Dances with an Attunement to
Moineddin Jablonski:

Circle of Love 
Ya Shakur, Ya Hamid 
Tis a Gift to be Simple 
Through Thy Grace (Shakur Allah) 
Freely Give, Freely Receive 
Love, Serve and Remember 
No Part Left Out 

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Newly Certified Dance Leaders

We send blessings to the newly certified leaders within our region. We bow in gratitude to their service and devotion, and in joy at their stepping forward to do this work! 

This month we bless...

Wakil David Matthews (Shoreline, WA USA)

Lakshmi Lambert (Los Angeles, CA USA)

Judyth Chandra Devi Reichenberg
(Langley, WA USA)

Karima Alison Halderman (Eugene, OR USA)

Jihan Gigi Amer (Pleasant Hill, CA USA)

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 New DUP logo banner for sale
New Logo Banners!

Many thanks to Lucinda Abbe for designing our new color scheme. These banners are hand batiked in Bali. If you would like to purchase one, please send a check for $40.00 to our office, DUPNA, PO Box 6372, Longmont, CO 80501

Please write "logo banner" in the Notes section on your check.
Our December newsletter will feature the element of Water. If you have any contributions that you think would be of benefit to our community, including any haiku on that theme, please email them to

Until then, may the Spirit of Love, Harmony, and Beauty continue to light your path with peace.

The Board and Staff
Dances of Universal Peace North America

In This Issue:

  1. Reflections on Moineddin Jablonski
  2. Thank you to Retiring Board President Rahmana
  3. Farewell from Rahmana
  4. Video of the Month: Awakening the Heart
  5. Holiday Card Volunteers Needed
  6. Gratitude for Donations
  7. Dances with an Attunement to Moineddin Jablonski
  8. Dance Recording Project Help Needed
  9. Newly Certified Dance Leaders
  10. Upcoming Events
The pearl of Sufism is formed within
the shell of constant training.
The spiritual seeker must break free of
the gravity-pull of mass culture.
Video of the Month:

Awakening the Heart
Dances of Universal Peace and interview with Pir Shabda Kahn at "Awakening the Heart: A Sufi Conference" held at Asilomar Retreat Center in California in 2008. 

This video was recorded on Friday, October 17, 2008

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Thank you Rahmana!

The board and staff of DUPNA would like to offer a HUGE thank you and Ya Fattah to Rahmana Elizabeth Sayre on her retirement as DUPNA board president. 

Rahmana has been a steady and self-assured presence; a calm and compassionate guiding force during an important time of transition for our organization. Not only has she been instrumental to the nuts and bolts of our day to day operations and decision-making process, but she has been an important creative influence on the evolution of this beautiful monthly newsletter. She also played a big role in helping the Dances and DUPNA have a presence at the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City in 2015.

We are deeply grateful for her commitment to the Dances of Universal Peace and to helping ensure the longevity and sustainability of the DUPNA organization.

We wish her the best on her path and will miss her many contributions to board meetings and the monthly newsletter.

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Moineddin counseled with the Reverend Frida Waterhouse, a friend of Samuel Lewis. Through these interactions, he realized that the voices of his innermost self longed to be heard and be integrated into the whole of his being.  He continued with the type of counseling he had with Frida Waterhouse, and called his variation ‘Soulwork’, which is now guided by one of his students Murshida Mariam Baker.
Dance Recording Project Help Needed

We are seeking one, or more, people who enjoy recording music at events to contribute to our Song of the Month feature.  Rahmana has been the pipeline for music the past several years, and she will be completing her service this fall.  We would like to keep the flow of music coming, as this is one of our most enjoyed highlights of the newsletter. 

Please contact Rahmana at if you can help.

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Gratitude for Donations

DUPNA would like to thank the following circles and events for their dana from their events and gatherings to help further the work of DUPNA and outreach of the Dances. May you be blessed in return!

Summit, NJ Dance circle

Tucson, AZ Dance circle

Park Forest, IL Dance circle

One Heart Dance chapter in Portland, OR

Corvallis, OR Dance circle

Hudson Valley, NY Dance chapter

South Bay Sufi Camp in California

Phoenix, AZ Dance circle

Des Moines, IA Dance circle

Canyonlands Fall Dance camp

Santa Cruz, CA Dance circle

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There are those who love Dharma;
and there are those who love drama.
Upcoming Events in Our Region

Sufi Retreat with Leilah Be
Oct. 28-30
Asheville, NC

tarana wesley


The Strength to Heal, The Wisdom to Awaken, The Heart of Compassion
Nov. 4-5
Vashon Island, WA
Martha Bracken


Live at Lava!
Nov. 4-6
Lava Hot Springs, ID
Connie Zareen


The Radiant Dancing Heart with Leilah Be

Nov. 10-13
Starke, FL

Sukaynah Holly Levinson


Dancing into Inner Spaciousness, Insight into Reality with Tansen O'Donohoe
Nov. 10-13
with Dance Leader training on Nov. 14
Prescott, AZ

Barakat Carolynn Bryan


Ontario and Quebec Dance Leaders' Retreat
Nov. 18-20
Toronto, ON Canada

Pavla Uppal


Dancing Hearts Winter Retreat
Jan. 13-16
Santa Barbara, CA

Alexandra Steinicke


Hawaii Winter Renewal
Jan. 27-29, 2017
Polestar, Hawaii

Amara Karuna


Click Here to view and bookmark a complete listing of events at our One-Time Events calendar at the DUPNA website

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Murshid SAM's maqbara at Lama Foundation in San Cristobal, NM
The Waters of Life are but the modes 
Of Love. The spring is Love’s inspiration; 
The stream is Love’s purification; 
The lake is Love’s meditation; and the 
Ocean is Love’s revelation. 
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