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Volume 37| 25 November 2022| Roll Number 664|  Week 6 Term 4


Ahiahi marie

It was a privilege to attend the Polyfest Competition at the Memorial Hall today. Our QPS kapa haka were outstanding during their performance. They presented themselves beautifully and made us all proud. They received many certificates and the boys received a trophy for Manukura Tama ( leading boys). Thank you to Ms Moana Thorn for preparing these students so well. 

Thank you for your cooperation during the week whilst the staff attended Paid Union Meetings (PUMs) along with others in the Wakatipu. Teaching is a highly technical profession these days. I observe our teachers spending long hours in and out of school preparing for your children to experience and engage in programmes that are interesting and challenging. More and more is being asked of teachers and principals from the Ministry of Education, with little or no support or acknowledgement. Our teachers are currently completing individual student reports that are the culmination of analysed assessments throughout the year. These take hours and cannot be completed during school hours. On top of that these are some of the tasks required of them;

  • Planning for 2023.

  • Organising for Camps and EOTC.

  • Communicating to parents regularly. 

  • Attending weekly meetings.

  • Collating curriculum information into files to follow your child to their next class.

  • Preparing class lists. 

  • Ensuring your children are engaged until the end of the year each day for precious learning time.


Schools are busy places. Our school seems to be humming with activity and looming excitement. I am so fortunate to work with happy students and happy staff. You would never know the ‘load’ some are carrying, yet they all turn up every day with a smile on their faces and a spring in their steps! They rock!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I am off for a walk up Sawpit Gully, one of my favourites!

Nga mihi nui

Fi Cavanagh

Please return ALL library books back to the Library for stocktake.

Tuesday 29 November - Thursday 1 December
Year 5 Moke Lake Camp

Monday 5 - Wednesday 7 December
Year 8 Rail Trail Camp 
Outdoor Education Week

Monday 12 December
Year 8 Graduation

Friday 16 December
Last day of Term 4 
School closes at midday

Thursday 2 February 2023 first day of Term 1

Message from the Board of Trustees

Kia ora Koutou and welcome to the first update from your new school board.  We had the first official meeting of our new term earlier this month.  

One of the key things the board is working on at the moment is the school redevelopment that's being undertaken over the next 2-3 terms.  You would have seen the start of these works which has been the fencing off of the junior playground and Rooms 25 and 26. 

Th redevelopment project is being led by the Ministry of Education.  The first stage is the relocation of Queenstown Playcentre from their Stanley Street site, this is happening now as the council is removing that building as part of the town centre upgrades.  

Our board and senior leadership team are working alongside the Ministry to ensure QPS will also be upgraded at the same time, with some new classrooms, new playgrounds and landscaping.  

The Playcentre relocation is underway now and work on the new classrooms will start shortly with the majority of construction being done over the summer holidays.  All of the works are planned to be finished by Term 3 next year.  The plans were emailed out for feedback a few months ago.

We acknowledge there will be disruption for staff and students due to the upgrades but the end result should be amazing. 

If your children went on school camps this month I hope they had an amazing time.  We're so lucky at QPS to have such an amazing EOTC programme and teachers who are passionate about giving the kids these experiences. 

The parent survey was recently sent out, I really encourage you to fill this in as the board will use it to inform the school's strategic plan for 2023.

Ngā mihi nui   

Jeannie Galavazi
Presiding Member of behalf of the QPS Board
Central Otago School's Competition.

Kia ora Whānau

Today our Kapa Haka Rōpu performed with passion at the Memorial Centre Hall. We were very proud of their performance and they gave 150%!

Congratulations to Victor Tosh and Louis Dela Cruz who placed first place for their leadership as "Manukura Tama" - outstanding!
Eliah Guanzon place 2nd place for her leadership as Manukura Kōtiro, congratulations!

The rōpu won 2nd place in 4 of the categories. He tinō pai tō mahi!!!! Tihei Mauriora!
Kapa Haka leaders uniform.
2022 Kapa Haka Group
On stage at the Haka Tū, Haka Ora Central Otago School's Competition.
Wonderful Writing

 Crested Grebes

Crystal clear water

Crested Grebe

Cute little ducklings

Splashing splashing around

Mother duck hunting

 For food

For her little babies

Their dark red beaming eyes 

Down by the creek is where I saw plants chilling by themselves trying  to grow

Crested Grebe

Picking at the minnows with their 

Sharp pointy beak

Baby ducklings sitting in their nest

 Mist flowing across the lake very slowly

 Not a peep

 From the lake

 Or water

 Along came super noisy room 12. 

By Abigail Hemi Room 12

Magical Maths
Tips to help your children with their Maths
Around the School
Sandpit Fun!

A fabulous donation of sandpit toys from Carly!

Thanks so much!

We started the day with a very early drive to Invercargill. 

When we got to sandy point, there was hundreds of kids talking, practising on their bikes, and just hanging around. 

We had a rave briefing they told us it wasn’t a race, but we knew it was! 

The first activity we basically did a relay, where one person went and got a coloured stick, and then the next person had to find the next colour. 

Once we had 4 colours we ran over to the desk and they gave us the first map, and score card. 

We were biking first, we hoped on our bikes and went the wrong way! 

We got to the end of the trail and a man told us we went too far, we turned around and found the right spot. 

We passed a lot of teams on the bike ride, figured out that clue 10 was missing, and pushed our bikes up a couple of hills. 

The biking had a few tight turns, but overall a fun bike track. 8/10 recommend. 

We transitioned dropped our bikes and ran 500m to the kayaks. 

The kayaks are inflatable, a bit muddy, and don’t really hold 4 people! 

We squished in, got stuck on some mud and had to get out and push the kayak! 

We got 4 check points on the kayak, Lexi had to get out, walk through the water and get back in. Hayden and Seb paddled, and caitlyn and Lexi got the check points.

Caitlyn and Lexi got very wet! 

Some teams splashed us, and overall it was fun. 5/10 but we had fun. 

We ran back in our soaking shoes and got the maps for the treck. 

We ran through a pine forest looking for check points, there was 7 check points to find, the maps didn’t have much detail, but we still figured it out. 

We ran back to the finish line, confident that we did well. 

Turns out we were the first intermediate team back! 

If you’ve never done an adventure race, this one is a good one, you get free chocolate milk, it’s challenging but fun! 

Give it a go. 
Lexi McLeod, Caitlyn Purdue, Seb Carlson and Hayden Hodge

Triathlon Championships

On Wednesday 23 November, Queenstown Primary School hosted the Central Otago Primary Schools' Triathlon Championships at the Events Centre for Y5-8. This competition was for top placings from the Wakatipu, Dunstan and Upper Clutha Zones. Our QPS representatives did us proud with lots of fantastic placings and great sportsmanship shown by all. They battled hot sun, torrential rain, dropping temperatures and then sun again to compete so amazingly for our school.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful parents who helped marshall in either the bike area, pool or out on the running course- you are amazing.

Placings can be found here: CLICK  HERE
Big Thanks to Mrs Ferg's

Huge thanks to the team at Mrs Ferg's for generously donating their time and the revenue from Gelato sales to our 2023 Year 6 Stewart Island fundraising kitty.

Over $2000 has been raised! Thank you everyone for your support!
Remember to try and pack a 'Zero Plastic' Lunch.
This message has been brought to you by the QPS Enviro Leaders.
Slow Down Near School Buses

A reminder to parents/caregivers to take extra care around school bus stops. Please park on the same side as the bus stop wherever possible. But if you do need to park on the opposite side, cross to your children first instead of having them cross to you. Please never call to your child from the other side of the road – yes it does happen - and it can put children in great danger! 

Parents please remember that the maximum speed when passing a stationary school bus stopped to pick up or drop off children is 20km/h regardless of which side the bus is on.  Please take extra care around school bus stops and provide supervision for children needing to cross.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of fun, motivated parents who work together to fundraise for QPS, as unfortunately the government doesn’t cover the schools wish list of facilities and education options for our amazing kids. 

The PTA is unfortunately losing many of its members this year as their kids move on to High School. 

There are many reasons why parents join the PTA. For some it’s to help the school offer better facilities and for others it’s simply to connect with more parents socially. Whatever your reason might be, you are welcome on the PTA!

We really would like to have a PTA that represents our diverse school community.  You don’t need to have any special skills but just be happy to get together once a month in the school staff room and work as a team on projects initiated by the PTA. 


This is a great time to come on board. Covid is behind us and with new ideas the PTA has the ability to contribute significantly to our school, particularly with the proposed classroom and playground improvements.  

In the coming weeks look out for more communication from us in our drive for more members.  In the meantime if you’d like to learn a bit more about what the PTA does, or are ready to join up now,  please email or contact the school office who will put you in touch with us. 
Situations Vacant
Please email if you have a position available that you would like to advertise.
Term Dates 2023

Term 1 - Thursday 2 February - Thursday 6 April
Term 2 - Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June
Term 3 - Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September
Term 4 - Monday 9 October - Tuesday 19 December
Salvation Army Support
School parents and increase rent and mortgage rates
Many of you will be experiencing increased food and transport costs. Also, with mortgage interest rates on the rise, many people will have less money in their pockets. Although a lot of people do not own their own homes, the flow-on effect of mortgage interest rate rises will result in increased rents. If you are concerned about how you will afford these increased costs, you may be interested in speaking to our financial mentor. This is a free service run by The Salvation Army. Our service provides support to those struggling with their finances. We can provide skills that will improve your future financial well-being. This service is for people who wish to learn how to manage their money, keep debt under control and plan for future financial success.
If you have any parents who may need our help, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0211955534.
Sandra McClennan
Financial Mentor


School commences at 8.55am and ends at 3.00pm.

Brain Break 10am to 10.10 am
Morning tea break 11.00 am to 11.30 am
Lunch break 12.40 pm to 1.30 pm. 

It is recommended that your child arrives at school no later than 8.45 am.
General Information
Friendly reminder to please inform the school office of any changes to address, postal address, emails and cellphone numbers.
Clipart - <strong>Traffic</strong> <strong>Light</strong>

 QPS School Checklist






SchoolAppsNZ APP: Download the SchoolAppsNZ from your App Store or Google Play for FREE or click on the links opposite.  

Please download now to keep up to date with all school information.






BUS:  If riding the bus, determine route and register via the QPS Website - You can also update any changes to your student's bus route and days throughout the year via this link.  Use the link opposite or go to



UNIFORM:  Order your school uniform via the QPS Website - a uniform shop is open Tuesdays 8:30-9:00am in the School Hall with sample sizes to try on and some second hand uniforms to purchase.  Use the link opposite or go to



SCHOOL SHOP: Create a School Shop Account - this is essential - it allows you to order school lunches, sign up for sports events, fundraising events etc.  No more having to find cash for your child to take part in school activities. Use the link opposite or go to and choose Queenstown Primary School





ABSENCES:  If your child is going to be absent from school you must advise the SCHOOL OFFICE prior to 9am by phone - 442 9120 (press 1 to leave message 24/7), via the School App or via email   For planned absences during term time complete the Absence form on the QPS website and submit.



MESSAGES: Any urgent messages for students need to be phoned through to the SCHOOL OFFICE 442 9120 not later than 2pm. 



SCHOOL HOURS:  School commences at 8.55am and ends at 3.00pm. There is a Brain Break 10am - 10.10 am, morning tea break is 11.00 am to 11.30 am and lunch break is 12.40 pm to 1.30 pm.  It is recommended that your child arrives at school no later than 8.45 am.



PLAN YOUR DAY:  Please ensure that your child knows what they are doing after school each day



LATE TO SCHOOL:  If your child arrives after the 8:55am bell has rung then they MUST go to the SCHOOL Office to sign in on the tablet.



BUSES:  Please advise the SCHOOL OFFICE 442 9120 if your child is NOT travelling home on the bus on a day you have registered them to be on the bus.  Please respect this request as it can delay bus departures. To register your child for the bus, please see the information and link above in the “Got to Do” section.



TAKING STUDENT OUT FROM CLASS:  Should you need to take your child out of school for ANY reason please sign them out on the tablet at the School Office and sign them back in on your return.  



CARPARKING: Weather dependent, Terms 1 and 4 will have the lower field open for parents to park when dropping off and collecting students after school.  If you park in the School carpark AT ANY TIME you must collect a visitor pass from the School Office - failure to do so will incur towing costs.



EMAIL: Please ensure you are receiving our school newsletter via email and emails from your child's classroom teacher.  Check your Spam or Junk folder initially



LOST PROPERTY: Lost property bins are located outside the caretaker’s office in the upper courtyard.  Please ensure you label all items of clothing.



CHANGE OF DETAILS: It is imperative that we have up-to-date contact information for all parent/caregivers so as to be able to contact you in an emergency or illness situation concerning your child.  Please keep the School Office informed of any changes.



SCHOOL LUNCHES:  Tired of making sandwiches!  Take a break and order your child Sushi on a Wednesday (order cut-off 8pm Tuesdays) and Pie & Juicy (order on a Friday.  School lunch orders are ONLY accepted through our SCHOOL SHOP. Set up your account if you haven't already, pop funds on your School Shop account ready to order



ACCOUNTS: Please direct any finance queries to Carly in accounts at  You will receive student statements throughout the year.





WELCOME ABOARD!  We hope you and your child are excited about all that QPS has to offer.  Please pop in to the office to see our friendly admin team if you have any queries - happy to assist.


Uniform Reminder - Uniform Shop

You will find all your uniform requirements on the front page of our website with a full sizing guide.  The Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday of a school term in the school hall 8.30-9.00am sharp if you are unsure of size.  At the uniform shop, we have a small amount of secondhand uniform for sale.  If you would like to donate any uniform, please drop in to the school office.  NOTE:  School Hoodie can have your child's name on the back, cost $10, no nicknames allowed.

Student Accounts

If you would like to set up a payment plan for your child's account, please get in touch with Carly at  If you already have an automatic payment in place but are unsure if it will be enough to cover the items on your statement by the end of the year, do get in touch.  Likewise, if you think you may be paying too much, let her know and she can recalculate the amount for you!

Carly is here to help with any payment or statement queries you may have.

Student Absences

CLICK HERE to submit an absence.

Places available for horse riding lessons at AM Equestrian Academy - now affiliated with the New Zealand Pony Club Association to provide the Pony Club curriculum to students without their own ponies.
For more information see our website
The Cancer Society of Otago and Southland invites you to participate in Marathon In A Month this November.
We are very excited to be offering Marathon in a Month for the first time in Otago and Southland this year.
You can walk, swim, run, bike or row your way to 42 km between 1st to 30th November - all while raising funds for the Cancer Society's research, prevention, and support services and getting fit and healthy.
Break it down - that's only 1.4 km daily! Participating in a marathon can be physically demanding in one day but achievable over a month – this could be a great training incentive for your summer sport teams. 
If 42 km is not a big enough challenge for you, you can set the bar higher – two marathons, even three! Marathon in a month is a great way to get active this spring by committing to a goal that suits you, or your team.   
The funds raised will ensure that the 71 New Zealanders a day who are diagnosed with cancer will not go through it alone.
Tennis holiday camps and term 4 after school lessons.
20+ years experience, kids will love it.
Adult and private lessons also.
Phone/Txt Louie on 02108646997

Phil Hartshorn's Dunedin School of Music

Guitar, Drums and Bass Tuition

Full Time Professional Music Teaching.

Phil Hartshorn BA (HONS) PGDip Tching


Phone: 021 075 0927

I want to make you an awesome player, fast.



Children in New Zealand are entitled to free basic oral health care services until 17 years of age. If you would like your child to receive this free service please click on the following link to complete the online enrolment form: 

Or telephone the clinic – 034509370 or Freephone 0800 570 300 – we are located at 19A Douglas Street, Frankton, Queenstown

If you are not a New Zealand resident there is a criteria to be met in order to receive free care, please ask the dental staff before enrolling.

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