Graduated!!! Some highlights of the work in Peru.
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"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."
Why does someone pack up and move to Peru to serve God on the mission field?

That's a good question, and I think this picture gives a pretty good answer. This is the group of students I had in my Nehemiah class this past semester that just finished. We had students from the US, Peru, and Brazil, and as you can see they all blended together as one big family. All of the classes at CCBC Peru were excellent, but I had the special pleasure of teaching Nehemiah and being able to focus on our relationship with God, dependence upon Him, and spiritual leadership.
The whole group worked really hard, grew tremendously, and in the end they finished well!!! They all wrote papers highlighting what they learned from the life of Nehemiah and how they would apply it to their own lives. They were incredible! Let me introduce you to a few of the students and share their stories.



This is Eva. Her story is amazing. She comes from the deep jungles of Peru near the Ecuador border. She prayed for years to be able to come study the Bible before she was finally able to move to a larger city, Pucalpa. That is where she learned spanish and got plugged into a Calvary Chapel. After 5 more years of waiting, she was accepted as a student at CCBC Peru. Due to the language challenge, Eva has had to work extra hard, but she has done an amazing job!
She just finished my Nehemiah class and during a tutoring session I found out that she had never read Nehemiah because only the first chapter has been translated into her native tongue. With all that, she persevered and wants to take what she has learned in Nehemiah about leadership, prayer, and waiting on God back to the jungle and disciple the women, teenagers, and children there. Getting to read the personal application section of her paper was truly a blessing, and we are so excited to see what God does in her life!
This is Mario. He is a US student from San Diego, and this was his first semester at Bible College. If I had to summarize his time here I would say redemption and growth. Mario has absolutely flourished in his first semester at Bible College, as he has loved being able to just soak in the Word of God and blossom. He has been a wonderful student, and a great brother to all.
Mario often helped us in Chilete, and after the Lord lead us away from going every week, Mario stepped up and led a team of his own to minister to the children of Chilete. That was an answer to prayer for Danielle and I, and the Lord brought the harvest that day! Several children received the Lord, and God was glorified. Mario is still praying about his future, but He is excited to continue his studies in Bible College, and we know the Lord is going to use him greatly!
This is Suelene (In the back). We like to call here Tia Sue, because she is going to be Abigail's Brazilian auntie here in Peru. If you looked up "faithful servant" in the dictionary I think you would find a picture of Sue. She left Brazil and came to Bible College because she has a huge heart for missions, making disciples, and ministering to children. She traveled to Chilete with us every week from the very beginning teaching and discipling the kids extremely well.  She has done all 3 things she desired to do here in Peru, and has grown tremendously in her relationship and knowledge of Jesus.
We are so excited that she has decided to stay on at CCBC Peru as a missionary through the end of the year, and she is going to be a huge asset here on campus. After that she has heart to help organize the missions ministry in her home church in Brazil, and we know God has wonderful plans for her in the future. It might be China, it might be Africa, or it might be back here in Peru (Please Lord!), but we are very excited to see her story unfold in the future!
This is Luanna. She hails from the jungle city of Iquitos where her dad pastors a small church. She came to CCBC Peru through the Calvary Chapel ministry in Iquitos, and she has been a joy to have here at the Bible College. She is absolutely wonderful with the kids, and has been a servant here at the Bible College. With her dad being a pastor Luanna knows about the ministry, and she came to us with a heart to grow, and that is exactly what has happened.
She has come to know Jesus in a deeper way, learned what serving is all about, and now is ready to go back and assist her parents and minister to all the children who desperately need Jesus in her home town. Iquitos has 375,000 people, and the children are often very poorly treated. We know Luanna is going to be a light in a dark place, and bring the love of Jesus to many children who need it. Please be praying for her! 
We have had a great group of students, and we could go on and on about our students from all over Peru and the United States, but I think what we are trying to say is that God is good and this is why we are here. Whether it be through the Bible College or through outreaches like those to Chilete, we want to do what Jesus commanded. Go preach the gospel and make disciples, and we are truly blessed by the growth of the students and what the Lord is going to do through each one of their lives.
Danielle and I Grad Night

Danielle and I have been serving and teaching, but we have also been taking classes. Last weekend, I officially ended my student era, and graduated. We had a wonderful time in our new coffee shop with our Bible College family, and we loved our experience as students. God has grown us tremendously, and showed us what depending on God looks like as we, by the grace of God, persevered and made it through Bible College. Speaking of coffee shops...

Coffee Shop on Grad Night
We said goodbye to the Fort Bragg/Ukiah mission team from our home town about a week ago, but not before we had a wonderful 12 days with them. Not only were we so blessed to see our dads and church family, but they did an absolutely amazing job turning a concrete box of a room into a beautiful coffee shop. They worked on cabinets, tile, lighting, artwork, framing, walls, tables, benches, and more! This coffee shop is going to be something CCBC Peru students enjoy for years to come. It was such a blessing to have them, and it seemed to be about the best possible short-term mission trip imaginable.
So, on to the next big adventure...
We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first daughter Abigail Lara Kilgus. She is up to almost 6 lbs, and is due June 15th. We cannot wait! 
The ladies from Fort Bragg and here at the Bible College did a great job putting on Danielle's baby shower, and we are trying to get everything ready for her. After Abigail arrives, we will spend approximately a month in Peru's capital, Lima, getting citizenship and passports taken care of, and then we will be in the US visiting family and different churches for about 6 weeks. Then we will return, and we are very excited for the upcoming semester... (see below)
We have an absolutely awesome line-up of classes and teachers, and we are expecting at least 16 new students at this point. As some of you know I have always been passionate about church history and I am very much looking forward to teaching the new group of students. We will have a biographical focus as we look at the people God has used over the history of the church... can't wait! Then after all the wonderful classes, we will welcome Creation Scientist Doug Bennett to teach our last class: Biblical Creationism. Then we will take off on another journey...
Danielle and I will be co-leading a teaching and adventure tour of Machu Picchu, one of the true wonders of the world. Many people have already shown interest, and this is going to be very enriching, educative, fun trip, and an experience of a lifetime! This is open to non-students, so email if you are interested! (
I think that will do it for this newsletter. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We could not do this alone! Also, we will be in the states August-September and we would love to meet up with you, and invite you to different places we will be sharing the ministry here in Peru. Shoot us an email! God bless you and thanks again!

Cory, Danielle, and Abigail.

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.' Amen." - Matthew 28:19-20
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