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December 2021
Dear Stop B2H Supporter,
We thought of you this recent Thanksgiving and are most grateful that so many of you have supported our efforts to protect eastern Oregon’s land and heritage from Idaho Power.  Thank you committed supporters for giving whatever you can, again and again. Thanks especially angel donors for your extra generosity. You are all much appreciated!

What a year this has been.  We should write a book.  It could be a satire; it could be a comedy; it would have the heft of a Russian novel with overtones of Alice in Wonderland.  The story has been unbelievably complex.  We’ve filed 71 Contested Cases against the B2H project, based on Idaho Power’s failure to provide accurate information on the project’s impact on important issues like noise from the lines, soil and forest degradation, wildfire dangers, damage to the Oregon Trail, destruction of scenery and wildlife habitat, taking of private lands, and many more.  To limit expenses, many of us represent ourselves, and this year’s $55,000. attorney fees have been paid.   Thank you!

Despite facing absurd legal situations, we continue working hard to make you proud.  In response to our Contested Cases, Idaho Power produced a towering tsunami of documents in November.  (And we thought their initial 17,000 page application was ridiculously bloated.  Ha!)  The final Application record is now 100,016 pages.  Add to that several thousand more pages of Discovery, Testimonies, Witnesses, Rebuttals, Surrebuttals and the coming Cross Examinations filed this year, all of which we have responded to at designated deadlines (whew!). 

Obviously Idaho Power is trying to bury us in paper, but it’s not working.  After these mountains of documents have been processed, our contested cases against Idaho Power and ODOE will be decided next year.  Then, based on mounting obvious flaws in the agencies’ procedures, we will file appeals to EFSC.  We’ve compiled an impressive record of Idaho Power and ODOE’s errors and omissions. 

So, consider this the top of the ninth.  And we’re asking you to keep us in the game until the final pitch.  If everyone on our mailing list of 900 STOP supporters could write a check for $100, we’ll be well on our way to the Oregon Supreme Court, which history shows has little patience with the corporate shenanigans we’ve been documenting. 

And it’s Christmas so—gifts!  One of our supporters has donated a gorgeous hand knotted 41 x 78” antique carpet.  Anyone donating $50 or more to STOP B2H during this holiday and giving season, will be entered in a drawing to win either this fine carpet or a $500 Gift Card.  Winner’s choice!
Please help us build on our successes.  Your donations large and small are all appreciated.  We’ve learned that it does take a village to stop a power line.  Our STOP community is now 904 strong.  Your active support means the world to us.  With your help, we’re preserving the places in Oregon we love.


Most sincerely,
Your Stop B2H Coalition Board of Directors
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Beautiful Antique Hand-Woven Carpet
Or a
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