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Strong showing by East Oregonians at the first hearing on Eminent Domain for the B2H last week in La Grande!  CPCN or a "certificate of public convenience and necessity" is the certificate needed to seek eminent domain and take people’s land!  Last week was a kick-off public hearing.  It was held in-person in La Grande (40 people and 19 testified.) You can read some testimonies here; and more are being posted daily.

Idaho Power applied for a CPCN for the B2H before the ink dried on the site certificate approved last month.*  The CPCN application goes to the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) which held the first of two public hearings on Wed 11/16 in La Grande. The OPUC is the state agency that will be decision makers for the CPCN--not the OR Department of Energy's EFSC--who we've been dealing with for the past three years.

Here is a link to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the OPUC:
LINK.   The second hearing will be over Zoom on December 5th 6-7 p.m. pacific time.

The CPCN is an automatic contested case and the
docket schedule goes through June 2023.  “We felt great about the turn-out, especially given that we really didn’t have time to mobilize folks. Best was the compelling testimony!” said Jim Kreider, STOP’s Co-Chair.   

ACTION ALERT Continues...

Please Speak Out: Show Up on Zoom - or - Write:  #PCN5

There will be only one more public hearing on 12/5 that will be on Zoom--here’s the LINK.  You can also submit comments up until 1/10/2023.  See Talking Points and Tips, HERE.

If you want a stronger involvement in this case, you can file to be an “intervenor.”  An intervenor is like having “standing” in the case.  To be an intervenor contact Jim at: to discuss what this entails.
*Thanks to your generous donations, this Site Certificate (issued by EFSC-Energy Facility Siting Council) is being appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court.

Final Comments on Idaho Power's 2021 Energy Plan
Raise Your Voice! 

This Tuesday, Nov 29th, also Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving), will be the Final Hearing for Idaho Power’s 2021 Integrated Resource Plan-IRP which is weak in reaching the conclusion(s) that the company desires. The hearing will be with the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (OPUC) via Zoom starting at 1:30 p.m..

This time the rubber is really meeting the road and we need to double-down on the budget for the B2H. It hasn't been transparently updated since 2016. The commission is supposed to rule on the "least-cost, least-risk" portfolio in the plan. Tell the OPUC to do the right thing; Don't leave the ratepayers on the hook paying for the cost-overruns of this boondoggle into perpetuity! 

Here is the
link for the Zoom. The meeting begins at 1:30 (pacific time).  They prefer that you sign-in to provide comment 24 hrs before, but it’s not necessary. This link has additional info.

You can also write and send comments, but they must be received by Tuesday 11/29 at 1:30.  
Please give Idaho Power the Best (not) Giving Tuesday Gift ever: Call-in and testify against their despicable project. Or, write today. No need to wait for Giving Tuesday, you can write today!  Here are talking points for public testimony (verbal or written) and a letter template for your quick comment. 

If you are up for a deeper dive as to what’s going on with Idaho Power’s 2021 Energy Plans, here are Stop B2H Coalition’s filings in this docket #LC78:
Opening comments -
Closing comments -
Reply to staff comments -

Make your own testimony:  LINK
Stop B2H is Moving Fast these final days of 2022
Are we leaving you in the dust?
Finding yourself getting lost in our Stop B2H campaign?  So many filings and legal shenanigans… And now we're shifting from one state agency (ODOE/EFSC) to another (OPUC) in this double alert. Ugh!  We completely understand the confusion. Click this LINK for a bulleted review of our work and next steps. 

In a nutshell, this is what’s pending:
  • Supreme Court appeal of the EFSC issued Site Certificate. (Your Action: donate now!)
  • CPCN case (would allow eminent domain for the B2H) at the OPUC. (Your Action: testify!)
  • Continued watch-dogging of Idaho Power Energy Plans & B2H developments (Your Action: comment at OPUC--See Action Alerts above & links below.)

Two Alerts
Two Topics
One Agency!

Idaho Power is relentless. Two hearings and comment periods are coming right up on us, again.  Please review the two alerts above and take action! The links will bring you the tools you need to participate.  Don't let up; we know you can do it!

How? (2 ways):

1)  Send your comments via e-mail to:  

It is the same address for both Alerts -- but don’t forget to include the docket codes in your subject line:  IRP-LC#78  -or-  PCN-5. 


2) Show up and speak out on Zoom! Follow these Links:

11/29 at 1:30 p.m. for the IRP-LC#78 (the Energy Plan)
12/5 at 6:00 p.m. for the PCN-5 (Eminent Domain-CPCN)

We are So Thankful!

Oregon Community Foundation Partners with Stop B2H Coalition

Press release!   We are so proud and honored to be recipients of this award. It is timely and will certainly help us get to the Supreme Court and protect our lands and heritage.  It is a matching fund, so in order to receive the entire award we need to have the match.  Our community has been so supportive and generous that we are confident we can make it!  Please donate at one of the GoFundMe sites from our website, or on Facebook, or mail a check: 60366 Marvin Rd, La Grande, OR 97850.  So many ways to give, you must like one of them! :-)
Fun(d)raising through Go Fund Me!
Donate to one of our Go Fund Me campaigns to help win at the Supreme Court over the B2H Site Certificate. Try one: Save the Oregon Trail, Utilities are Bullies, Wild Places-Wide Open Spaces. After you pick the one you like best, consider sharing to your own network. It helps!
And for those who have generously donated already, Thank YOU!

"All of you are doing amazing work! You are greatly appreciated! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
In the News...

Virtual grids and micro grids are finally coming to Oregon!  See story-Link.  Right now, with more resources available, everyone needs to be asking their utilities and public officials about developing these. More secure and more resilient than any long-distance, over-head transmission!

Similar, exciting alternatives:
Utah’s virtual grid -
Hawaii’s 80 MW virtual grid/power plant - LINK
Even in Puerto Rico--although, its about time - LINK
list of ODOE awardees for grants to support renewable projects in Oregon.

Yet, in Idaho, Idaho Power is trying to destroy roof top solar:
and a ridiculous opinion piece!
Alphabet Soup these days...

B2H = Boardman to Hemingway (the transmission project)
CPCN = Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (eminent domain)
EFSC = Energy Facility Siting Council (state council)
IPC = Idaho Power Company (private utility company--regulated monopoly)
IRP = Integrated Resource Plan (20 year Energy Plan, updated every 2 yrs)
ODOE = Oregon Department of Energy (state agency)

OPUC = Oregon Public Utility Commission (state agency)
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