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Juan Grimm garden
Juan Grimm’s own garden overlooking the Pacific. So very sad to think it is all coming to an end. But how marvellous to have been to these wonderful gardens - with this wonderful man!
20th February 2016
Letter from Warwick ...



More Conference feedback

  A big thank you for all those further comments on the 2015 Conference and Catherine Stewart’s suggestions! It’s wonderful to have those creative ideas and contrary views. While many people thought there was some merit in her suggestions, there were many others who felt strongly that the world is increasingly filled with a lot of noise and short bursts of this and that and SMS messages which often lack depth and context. Many yearn for the really good, sustained presentations when we are totally immersed in another world of the imagination and sheer creative talent!
  The effusive Annie Coney, from Auckland, has firm views -

Dear Warwick,
  … what was wrong with the last conference?! … I come to learn and I learn masses, although I forget much, but never forget what fun and what a treasure you are to spoil us all.
  … It was fantastic, for goodness sake, TED talks are TED talks and different, I thought it was all fantastic, love to you and Sue.
  xx Annie


Do our Gardens have Sex Appeal?

  By common consent the most provocative presenter at the 2015 conference was Martin Rein-Cano from Berlin (originally from Buenos Aires and now with a Spanish passport), who was always pushing the boundaries and questioning assumptions.
  Martin argues that,
public spaces have become overly harmonious.. and says we need more, interesting conflict.. it’s a bit like sex appeal (which).. is always on the edge of something. It’s not completely centred and boring, it’s about testing the edges’...
Martin was interviewed by Ricky Ricardo for Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2016 (issue 149), and you can locate his fine article via our website.

Future Speakers

  I leave for Greece in May for our lovely tour of the islands with Thomas Doxiadis and Trisha Dixon and I can’t wait. It’s a tough life! After the tour, I shall be in Britain and Europe for most of June looking for future speakers. If you have a particular hero designer / plantsman, then let me know – we have many speakers in mind but are always on the lookout.



South America: Peru and the ‘Gardens Tour’ (Chile, Rio de Janeiro & Buenos Aires)
16 – 24 Sept          Peru in the Footsteps of the Inca - Click here for details
24 Sept – 11 Oct   The ‘Gardens Tour’ (Chile, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires) - Click here for details
1 – 10 Oct              Peru in the Footsteps of the Inca - Click here for details
10 – 27 Oct            The ‘Gardens Tour’ (Chile, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires) - Click here for details

  The good news is that while tour costs to USA and Europe have increased by as much as 40% due to our declining AUS$, the above tour prices are roughly unchanged since 2014!

  Sadly, Juan Grimm has told us that he cannot continue arranging and hosting garden openings for us as he has so generously for more than a decade now, so that we think that our 2017 tour will be the last chance for people to see these exclusive and fabulous gardens.
  Itineraries and prices for the South American tours are now being sent to those who have expressed an interest and supplied addresses. If you too are interested, please advise quickly with contact details so we can mail out to you.
  The tours provide a unique opportunity to gain access to some of the most remarkable gardens in South America but we cannot guarantee their availability beyond 2017.
Note – Itineraries for the four Latin American countries now on our website.

The Greek Isles – Myths, Legends and Writers
2016 16–30 May    This tour booked out very quickly
2017 14–28 May    Open for expressions of interest. Itineraries available - Click here for details

India and the Vale of Kashmir – Landscape & Cultural tour
2017 Approx. 27 Feb – 13 Mar (15 day tour)    This tour has created intense interest. Please let me know if you are interested - Click here for details

Provence, Normandy & Paris – Gardens and Cultural Tour early June, 2018
  This tour was planned for 2017, however, 2017 is proving to be an extremely busy year for us and we have reluctantly decided we shouldn’t rush it and we are therefore planning to do it in early June. We will confirm final details shortly.
  Expressions of interest welcome. Louisa Jones and James and Helen Basson have confirmed their interest in assisting with the tour.
  Francophiles will be keenly flocking to the French Film Festival which commences in a week or so at all capital cities plus Casula and Paramatta.
  I will certainly be there and the fact that Brigitte Bardot is revealed in one of her best performances has nothing to do with it!

Note: more website tour details are being updated this week
Shalimar Garden
The famed Shalimar Garden, Kashmir
Happy travels!

Warwick Forge
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