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Beware - 0% Beta-glucan Products

New Independent Mushroom Research and Testing

Recently published research from Dr. McCleary of Megazyme International clearly showed that "mushroom" products that are made from mycelium on grain have extremely high alpha-glucans (starch) and very low beta-glucans.

Dr. McCleary is the creator of the Megazyme beta-glucan test. All our products go through this test to measure the beta-glucans in them. Beta-glucans are the most well researched, active component in medicinal mushrooms.

In his paper, Dr. McCleary found some products to be upwards of 70% alpha-glucan (starch) and as low as 0% beta-glucan. Clearly this is not good and many consumers are wasting their money on starch. For reference, plain brown rice has ~74% alpha-glucan and ~1% beta-glucan. 

The brands of the products tested are not published but the supplement facts are. With a little bit of detective work you can work out which brands are which. Safe to say, some very popular brands tested very poorly

Download the full paper here and look at tables #2 and #10. 
Table#10 above shows the alpha-glucan and beta-glucan results from the products tested. We have highlighted some with very high alpha-glucans and very low beta-glucans.

These results are in contrast to what a whole mushroom contains.

Medicinal mushrooms contain high amounts of beta-glucans and low amounts of alpha-glucans. If you look at any of our products, they will be consistent with this mushroom rule, high beta-glucans and low alpha-glucans (starch). That is because they are extracted exclusively from the fruiting body (mushroom). So any product claiming to be made from mushrooms should also conform to this rule.

There are many products out there claiming to be mushrooms when in reality they are not. They are made from the mycelium growing on grain and do not contain any mushrooms. The grain the mycelium grows on ends up in the final product, significantly diluting the amount of active compounds (beta-glucans) which are present.

This is the reason for such poor results on the products highlighted above. They contain a high amount of grain in them. 

So when you are choosing a mushroom product (hopefully ours), make sure it is extracted from the fruiting body (mushroom) and lists the amount of beta-glucans.

All of our products are extracted exclusively from organic fruiting bodies. We test for beta-glucans and starch to ensure quality and purity. 

If you have any questions about the data listed above, please reply to this email.

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PS. See how many mycelium on grain products contain almost no beta-glucans and very high amount of starch.
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