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Greetings from Lee Enterprises Consulting

Lee Enterprises Consulting, Inc. is the world’s largest alternative fuels consulting group.  As CEO, I am pleased to bring you this periodic newsletter of items we feel may be of importance to those involved with Emerging Technologies in Alternative Fuels and Renewables.

Featured Article By Our Experts

Pyrolysis Oil - Commercial Markets are a Reality

Did you know that two new commercial-scale pyrolysis oil plants have come on stream since early 2014? Did you know that customers are buying pyrolysis oil in Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and the US? Did you know that for the first time pyrolysis oil is being shipped in volume by sea? Not only that, dedicated tanks are not required even with the low pH. Pyrolysis oil is being trucked hundreds of kilometres in standard chemical trucks.

Pyrolysis oil has successfully made the transition from “an interesting product with low pH and uncertain markets” to an effective, economic solution to replace oil or natural gas with a renewable fuel. There are several operating technologies. Ensyn, with the longest-running commercial plant (Renfrew Canada), ships product to New England in the US where it replaces oil to heat hospitals. BTG-BTL, Netherlands, with the newest operating plant, sells pyrolysis oil to replace natural gas to produce high-pressure steam for a dairy and an international coatings and chemicals company. Fortum replaces HFO (heavy fuel oil) with pyrolysis oil in two of its plants in Finland, sells to a nearby heat-plant customer, and has shipped to a large power plant in Sweden. A Canadian company is about to test self-contained 2 t/h pyrolysis plants that can be strung together to make commercial sized plants.

So, what does that mean to you?

Perhaps you have biomass and are contemplating building a traditional combustion plant to make heat or power, but the economics don’t work. Perhaps you are looking at any option to utilize local biomass. Consider pyrolysis oil. It is renewable, and it can be made from over 100 different feedstocks. It is twice as energy dense as pellets and is transportable, thus it can be used locally, or exported to lucrative markets. Lee Enterprises Consulting offers a range of pyrolysis oil services, including market studies and pre-feasibility studies through to plant construction and commissioning, small or large.

Market Study:

  • Best local markets, best offshore markets

  • Supply chain analysis

Pre-feasibility Study:

  • Assess locations, biomass types, volumes and costs

  • Assess local markets and find lucrative markets in the US, Europe or Asia

  • Choose technology and recommend appropriate technology provider

  • Develop investment economics and business plan, and secure project funding

Engineering, Fabrication, Construction:

  • Complete FEED engineering, and customer sanctions project

  • Detailed design, procurement and fabrication of the plant modules

  • Prepare site infrastructure and obtain local permits in parallel with module fabrication

  • Arrange off-take agreements with customers, local and offshore

The authors of this article from Lee Enterprises Consulting are Douglas Bradley and David Edwards:

Douglas Bradley, MBA, President-Climate Change Solutions. Doug wrote the landmark studies;

  • “European Bio-Oil Markets 2006” for International Energy Agency-Bioenergy

  • “Low-cost, Long Distance Biomass Supply Chains” for IEA Bioenergy

  • “Pyrolysis Oil Markets- 7 EU Countries and Japan” for the United Nations.

David Edwards, P.Eng., VP Sales & Marketing, Zeton Inc. Zeton has built most of the world’s operating plants. Zeton experience includes design and fabrication of;

  • Biomass to Pyrolysis Plant for Food Additives, Ensyn Technologies, Canada (Red Arrow Products, US), 30 t/d, 1990-92

  • Biomass Pyrolysis Liquid Fuels Plant, Ensyn Technologies, Canada, 15 t/d, 1992-93

  • Bio-oil Process Plant, using Pyrolysis for BTG, Netherlands; 50 t/d of PEFB, 2003-04.

  • Bio-oil Production Plant from 120 t/d waste biomass for BTG, Netherlands, 2014-15.

  • Integrated Bio-Refinery, 1.5 t/d biomass feed capacity RTP Pyrolysis Section, for UOP, 2010-11.

  • 2 kg/hr Hydropyrolysis Pilot Plant for Gas Technology Institute, GTI, USA 2010.

  • 2 kg/hr Pyrolysis and Bio-oil Catalytic Upgrading Pilot Plant for NREL, USA, 2013-14.

50 t/d bio-oil process demonstration plant for BTG-BTL (Netherlands)


A recent webinar from Lee Enterprises Consulting, Biomass Pyrolysis – State of the Art, included presentations by Doug Bradley and David Edwards, and is available here.

At Lee Enterprises we have assembled the top group of alternative and renewable fuels experts worldwide.  We have consultants in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, and across Europe. In addition to these consultants, we maintain strategic partnerships and working relationships with the top alternative fuels professionals.  Besides Bradley and Edwards, who authored this paper, other pyrolysis-oil professionals within Lee Enterprises Consulting include:

Gerald Kutney - Ph.D. Chemistry, Executive Vice President of Lee Enterprises Consulting and Director of Emerging Technologies – Dr. Kutney has two decades of executive experience in pyrolysis technology with global corporations and entrepreneurial enterprises.  He maintains a global data base of pyrolysis ventures (including torrefaction, slow and fast pyrolysis, gasification) of one thousand ventures, which estimates their commercial status, and the list of fast pyrolysis firms is approaching one hundred.

Zsuzsa Mayer – Ph.D. Chemical Engineering – Dr. Mayer is an expert on statistical methods for pyrolysis process optimization, product upgrading and quality control, and the analytical testing of pyrolysis oils.


In case you missed our 9/23/15 webinar, “Biomass Pyrolysis – State of the Art”, featuring Dr. Gerald Kutney, Dr. Hugh McLaughlin, Doug Bradley, David Edwards (Zeton), and Cathy Rein (ASA Sr. Appraiser), you can click on the link in the above article to view.

If you are interested in biodiesel or ethanol, we do have two upcoming webinars:

“Tools for Success in Today’s Biodiesel Market” – Thurs., Oct. 22, 2015 at 2 PM EDT / 1 PM CDT / 12 PM MDT / 11 AM PDT.  Speakers:  Susan Olson (Genscape), Scott Bunz (Tenaska), Nate Burk (FCStone) and Cathy Rein (ASA Sr. Appraiser).  This will help listeners understand economics, hedging, investment & regulations for 2015 & beyond in biodiesel markets today. Register here if you have not yet done so:

“Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Today’s Ethanol Market”. Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at  2 PM EDT / 1 PM CDT / 12 PM MDT / 11 AM PDT.  Speakers will be Jamey Cline (Christianson & Associates), Jennifer LeRow (Murex), Mark McCorkle (ICM), Jeff Kistner (Flag Leaf Financial) and Susan Olson (Genscape).  Formal registration page is not up yet, but you can pre-register on our website.  


Dr. Kapil Lokare:  Butanol and The Case of a Global Sustainable Society


In Conclusion

That’s it for now. As always, Lee Enterprises Consulting is here to serve you. We are always interested in your comments and recommendations, so feel free to take a moment to let us hear from you. 

Until next time,


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