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President's Message

Happy New Year, WAHA!

I hope you all had a joyous holiday season with your friends, family and Arabian horses. A new year gives us new opportunities, and I am excited for what your club will do in 2019. We are taking a deep dive into budgets and looking hard at our shows for opportunities to improve. We want to support you with educational and social events too. What would you like to do with your Arabian horse club this year?

Elections are ahead of us, and I would like to announce I will not be re-running for another term as your president. I have many personal and professional obligations this year, so I hope to stay involved and hold the officer position of Immediate Past President. Don't worry, I'll still be on your board and volunteering. I hope to hold this office again in the near future. It has been a great opportunity to meet many or you and learn about our Arabian horse community from a new perspective.

I would like to thank our outgoing directors and officers for their fantastic service to the club. You all have been and wonderful to work with and I hope you will volunteer and consider board/officer positions in the future. Thank you to Jeana Radosevich, for your prompt and efficient service as the club secretary. Directors Heidi Ness, Julie McKee, Mary Jo Meier and Carly Smith all have terms ending as well. Heidi has been a great asset to WAHA for many years, leading the youth, maintaining our website and providing thoughtful insight. Julie McKee is a wonderful source of inspiring ideas. I can always count on Julie to think "outside of the box" and find a way to keep it light and fun. Mary Jo has served on WAHA's board for many terms and hopes to rejoin again when she is able. She brings years of knowledge and experience to the discussion, and represents our club on the national stage. Carly has also been a great work horse for the club, managing the spring open show to be an outstanding success, recruiting volunteers and sponsors and connecting us to other local talent.

With that, I hope you will consider volunteering this year or running for board. We need new ideas to continue to evolve. Remember, we are all AHA.
You might be wondering what your directors do, and I am happy to explain. The WAHA board is elected to run the club. They meet monthly JAN-MAY and SEP-DEC. We currently rotate between Madison and Johnson Creek, with dinner meetings starting at 7:30 PM on the second Wednesday. It may seem late but many of us (and many of you!) have jobs, families and horses to tend to. Delegates are elected as well, and may be club members. Delegates vote and report on behalf of WAHA at the Region 10 meetings and AHA convention. We divide in sub committees to plan club events, shows and clinics. Your role and involvement is up to you, but we expect directors and delegates to volunteer at a minimum of one WAHA event each year.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the WAHA Annual Meeting and Awards banquet, at 5:30PM Saturday Jan 19 at the Johnson Creek Community Center. Kathy Platta, Julie McKee and myself will be serving up a fiesta with a DIY taco bar, followed by cake! We will proceed as we have in the past, alternating between meeting topics, award presentations and the election. We cannot wait to see you and look forward to another year of service to our beloved breed.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year,
Lerin Hendrickson

Upcoming Events

January 9th: WAHA Board of Directors meeting. Johnson Creek, WI
January 19th: WAHA Annual Meeting and Awards. Johnson Creek, WI
January 19th: Region 10 Judging Clinic. Fox Hollow Farm, Clinton, WI
February 13th: WAHA Board of Directors meeting. Madiosn, WI
March 13th: WAHA Board of Directors meeting. Johnson Creek, WI
March 16th: Region 10 Judging Contest. Price Performance Horses, New Berlin, WI

WAHA Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner


When: Saturday, January 19th. 
           5:30 PM - Socialize
           6:00 PM - Dinner, Awards, and Elections

Where: Johnson Creek Community Center
             417 Union Street
             Johnson Creek, WI

Who: WAHA members, family, and friends

Please join us for a taco bar and cake! Year end awards will be given out and elections will be held for the WAHA board of directors, officers, and convention delegates. A youth meeting will also be held during the annual meeting to allow youth to sign up for regional team tournament teams. A great way to socialize with your horse show friends and get excited for the upcoming show season!

Please RSVP to Deb Alt at if you are attending the annual meeting.

Deb Alt - Candidate for WAHA Board of Directors

My name is Debbie Alt and I am running again as a board of director candidate. I have been a member of WAHA since 1973.( yes many moons ago). I have helped  at our shows, been assistant manager of the August show, for a number of years,  been on the clinic committee. I am the sunshine person that sends cards out. My favorite job is as creator of the Midwest Horse Fair class. I love sharing our horses with new people and get as much joy out if it as the exhibitors. I am also the lead on our point system. As part of the mentor program, I developed a list of services etc available for horse owners to use. Since retirement I have kept busy with my 2 half Arab mares. I am asking for your support as I run for another term. Thank you for your time. 
Debbie Alt

Vikki Dalton - Candidate for WAHA Board of Directors

Over 20 years of dedication to the Arabian promoting, showing and volunteering for Region 10 and other Wisconsin local Arabian clubs. Below are some of the activities and events I have contributed to along with the positions held locally and at the regional level.

  • Paddock manager Badger Classic
  • Paddock manager/bit checker for Region 10 Dressage and Sport Horse
  • Coordinator for Region 10 Arabian demo Midwest Horse Fair Region 10 Delegate
  • Region 10 Treasurer

I look forward to serving the Wisconsin Arabian Horse Association in 2019. Thank you for your consideration.

Kristin Hendrickson - Candidate for WAHA Board of Directors
I think it's best if I introduce myself in a language we all can understand so here it goes... 

I’m what you call an “all-around” type. Western lines but game and sporty enough to be a competitive hunter. Great show record! Not spooky/good minded with youth and adults. Suitable for any lesson program. Does well in herd turnout and gets along with mares and geldings without rocking the boat. Hocks are a little “iffy” and could use injections but will pass a vet check. 15.1h barefoot or 16h in heels - NO VICES (except coffee). Loads, bathes and clips!

If that didn’t give you enough information about me, let me explain. My name is Kristin Hendrickson and I’ve been a WAHA member since 2002. I’ve had a successful show career at the local, Regional and National level in a variety of disciplines including: hunter pleasure, western pleasure, halter, showmanship, equitation, sidesaddle and sport horse. Professionally, I work in Marketing, specializing in Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media. For the past couple years I have been on the WAHA Points committee and I hope to continue as a WAHA Director.
USEF Safe Sport

Beginning January 1, 2019, every USEF adult member with a Competing Membership must complete USEF’s Safe Sport Training, as approved by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Learn more at USEF.ORG

US Equestrian Announces New Safe Sport Training Requirements:
On August 27, 2018, the US Equestrian Board of Directors approved a rule change requiring that effective January 1, 2019, all USEF adult members with a Competing Membership must complete USEF’s Safe Sport Training in order to be eligible to participate in USEF activities. 

Select Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who is required to take the Safe Sport training? 
Any USEF member who is 18 years old and above and who has a USEF Adult Competing Membership is required to take the Safe Sport training, including amateurs, professionals, and owners who have an annual, three-year, or lifetime membership. The Safe Sport training requirement does not include USEF Fan Members.

How long do I have to complete the requirement? 
All USEF Adult Competing Members must complete the training within 30 days of joining or renewing their membership. USEF will provide members who renew or join on or after December 1, 2018, a 30-day grace period to complete the Safe Sport training. Members joining prior to December 1, 2018, will have until January 1, 2019, to complete the training.

What happens if I do not comply with the training requirement? 
Those who do not complete the Safe Sport training will be ineligible to participate in USEF activities, including competitions.

How long does it take for USEF to receive notification that someone has completed the Safe Sport training? 
It can take up to 48 hours for USEF to receive notification and the system to reflect that someone has taken the training. At the end of completing all three training modules, you can print a certificate that says “SafeSport Trained” for verification purposes.

Youth Update
Submitted by Hunter Offord

A youth meeting will take place at the annual meeting on January 19th. Youth regional team tournament sign ups will take place. Please contact youth director Hunter Offord with questions or if you are interested in joining a team.

JW Alexandrite Wins 2018 Open Competition Award
Submitted by Madeline Erce

The 2018 Open Competition Award Winner was awarded to JW Alexandrite+++// (Safire++ x Lucinda on Fire) a 21-year-old purebred Arabian owned by Madeline & Melanie Erce and bred by Kimberly Ann Hegstrom.

Alex has exceled in open competitions at USDF recognized shows earning a total of 22 first place finishes. Coming out of the ring, Madeline would often get asked what breed Alex was: Mustang? Connemara Pony? Part Thoroughbred? Maybe part Arabian, but he wasn’t a purebred, right? She would always tell inquisitive bystanders he was the best breed in the world – an Arabian! In 2016, Madeline wanted to start riding musical freestyles. She designed and choreographed the music herself and Alex would go through the movements patiently until the test finally aligned with the music. Their first goal was to earn the USDF Bronze Freestyle Bar. In order to complete this task, they needed to earn six scores of 65% or higher at First, Second and Third Level musical freestyles. This goal was completed in October 2017. The next goal was to earn the Silver Freestyle Bar which needed four scores of 65% or higher at Fourth Level musical freestyle. The pair completed this achievement in August 2018. Madeline and Alex had previously earned their USDF Bronze Medal and USDF Silver Medal while attending Arabian shows. Together, these two have earned four of the six medals a rider can earn in an entire lifetime – all while aboard an Arabian!

Some of Alex’s accomplishments on the AHA circuit include 4 National Championships, 5 National Reserve Championships, 31 Regional Championships and 22 Regional Reserve Championships competing in dressage, sport horse show hack, sport horse under saddle, sport horse in-hand, hunt seat equitation, showmanship and western dressage. At Canadian Nationals, Alex has been Top Ten in First Level Dressage, National Champion in Second Level Dressage, National Reserve Champion in Third Level Dressage, National Champion in Fourth Level Dressage and National Champion in Prix St. Georges Dressage.

JW Alexandrite+++// was nicknamed “the wild horse” when Madeline first bought him, but he turned out to be just the opposite. He has proven to be calm and good-natured. He represents the Arabian breed well with his talent, loyalty and athletic ability whether at Arabian shows or on the open USDF circuit. He has also represented the breed many times at Midwest Horse Fair as the Arabian dressage horse and has given several demonstrations to local AHA club members. Madeline and JW Alexandrite+++//’s next goal is to attend the 2019 USDF Regionals to compete at the FEI levels and prove even further what an Arabian can do.

Resources and Rulebooks: Oh My!
Submitted by Nyssa Sheridan


Winter is often a time that our horses and ourselves take a hiatus from the show ring. Saddles get dusty and the horses furry. However, I find it is the perfect time of year to take a look and to be mentally prepared and brush up on class and disciplines requirements, points of emphasis, and policies governing the Arabian show ring.

AHA has resources for individuals wanting to view scorecards in disciplines that have them, judge's points of emphasis, and a link to US Equestrian to view the rulebook online.

The first place to start is US Equestrian with the link to the online rulebooks:

The Arabian rulebook governs the vast majority of Arabian classes, but there are sometimes references to other rulebooks like the Dressage Rulebook which can also be found at the above link.  For example, to show in sport horse under saddle in dressage attire, a dressage legal bit must be used. In order to find the legal attire and dressage bits, just check the dressage rulebook. I often use Ctrl+F (the find tool) to search a simple word or phrase to quickly reference rulebooks as needed.

In the Arabian rulebook, it will list the class specifications and the order of emphasis in how a class is judged. Junior horse classes, amateur to ride classes, and open classes are all judged with different points of emphasis, even if they are all western pleasure classes.

The next resource is aptly named Resources page on the AHA website:

There are drop down listings that can be clicked to view scorecards for various events like sport horse in hand, reining, and trail.  Scrolling down a little further is what I think is the most valuable resource, the "Judge's Notebook Chapters". Upon clicking on the title, a drop down list appears of a variety of classes. Clicking on a click brings up a PDF with an overview of class specifications, tack requirements, and how the class should be judged.  A very useful synopsis of the majority of Arabian horse classes.

Also on the AHA Resources page, under the Documents header are the yearly points of emphasis for judges and stewards. I also find it helpful as it usually mentions major changes such as shoeing changes.

So while winter is a great time to give some time off for our horses, let's brush up on the rulebooks, get a little light reading done, and come into the ring more prepared and with a better understanding of the policies and points of emphasis governing our classes.

Congratulations to WAHA's US Nationals Winners!

Countess de Black and Jean O'Leary
~US National Top Ten English Pleasure Maturity AAOTR and English Pleasure 40 & Over    AAOTR
~Canadian Reserve National Champion English Pleasure 40 and Over
~Region 10 Champion English Pleasure AAOTR and AATR

MC Jaspoure and Julie McKee
~US National Top Ten Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse with Josh Shino
"MC Jaspoure, my stallion, made top 10 in the Junior Hunter Championship. The original field was 43 horses. Nationals was only his second show under saddle, so earning a Top Ten was beyond incredible to me. Josh Shino will be showing him at the Scottsdale show next month."

Dan Lynch Farms
Our National Champions,
Crown Juell XX, Champion junior Western Pleasure horse. Champion WP Select Rider.

Reserve Champions:
Harielle XX, Reserve Champion US National Futurity Filly.
Enzperation XX, Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Jackpot class.
Royal Juell XX, Reserve Champion APHA Futurity.

Top Tens:
Enzperation XX, Western Pleasure Select Rider
Royal Juell XX, Top Ten Hunter Maturity
Vindicator XX, US Hunter Futurity.

All of these horses were bred by Twin XX Arabians. Dan started their performance training and then went on to new owners and trainers. Our little breeding program here in Cross Plains WI and their beginning performance education with Dan all came together to at the Nationals last week.
It's Time to Sign Up for the WAHA Point Programs!
Submitted by Debbie Alt

It's the time of year to nominate your horse for the WAHA point system!

Earn recognition for your accomplishments throughout the year at the annual meeting and awards banquet. Enter the legion of merit program to earn beautiful one of a kind bronze statues as seen in the photos below.

Divisions are offered for everyone, including those who trail ride.

See the rules and entry forms on the WAHA website. Have questions? Contact Deb Alt, Gay Jeanne Bower or Cheryl Bumgarner. (Contact info is under the board of directors listings).

Want to share a proud moment from a show, trail ride, or any moment with your horse? We would like to share your accomplishments. Send your story and pictures to Karissa Held at
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