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Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People

UNCAP delivers a platform based on open industrial standards
able to create new care & assistance paradigms
The result will be an open source, scalable and privacy-savvy
ecosystem ready to help ageing people live independently

UNCAP Project Kick-off Meeting, Rovereto, Italy
During the first three months of the UNCAP project, the technical partners and the pilot partners, with the support of technical supporting partners, have been actively engaged in activities devoted to the identification of all the preparatory aspects of the UNCAP system and its piloting.

Initially, particular attention has been paid to the definition of the use cases and user requirements as well as to the analysis of security and privacy requirements arising from the use cases as they apply to the technical elements of the system and to the management and operation of the system. The use cases were identified through a process of Requirements Engineering performed in multiple iterations using a variety of techniques and best practices, including questionnaires, workshops, face-to-face interviews (held during the kick-off meeting in Rovereto, Italy), web conferences and online collaboration.

In particular, the technical partners identified the stakeholders of individual pilots, including elderly people, and clinical staff, as well as secondary stakeholders. The primary stakeholders were surveyed with the goal of collecting the pilot solution requirements to ensure the final solution will be usable, useful, safe to use and that it will fulfill the needs and respect the privacy of its users. Based on the work done by the technical partners, the use cases were consolidated and the common use cases of the project were abstracted as a part of the requirements analysis.

This process made it possible to create a common and shared vision of the use cases, where the needs of the different pilot partners have been evaluated, integrated and complemented, so as to make the architecture of UNCAP scalable and easy to replicate. From the use cases, also the non-functional requirements have been derived, as well as a privacy issues and the risk analysis.

The involved partners, in collaboration with the pilot sites, are also currently at work for identifying and analyzing all the pilot-related regulatory constraints related to both ethics and privacy, needed to ensure that the pilots will be compliant with the norms and laws at both EU, national and local level. At the same time, UNCAP partners are carrying on activities devoted to the definition of the UNCAP system architecture and of a detailed deployment and validation plan for all the pilot sites of the project, as well as to the extension of the current assessment module available within the Atl@nte solution (based on InterRAI TM tools) necessary for the first assessment of the pilots.

Keep up the good work!

The UNCAP Team

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Rovereto, Italy
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