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Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People

UNCAP delivers a platform based on open industrial standards
able to create new care & assistance paradigms
The result will be an open source, scalable and privacy-savvy
ecosystem ready to help ageing people live independently

UNCAP Conference location, Mercure Hotel, Nottingham, UK
Annual UNCAP Conference and Challenge
17-18 September 2015, Nottingham, UK
The first annual UNCAP Conference and Challenge will be held on 17-18th September at the Mercure Hotel, Nottingham, UK.

Nottingham is a city steeped in English history, it is well known in the tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Robin Hood lived in medieval times and was so outraged by King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham heavily taxing the citizens of Nottingham, that he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor and ran off with Maid Marion, who was the Sheriff''s object of desire.

King John is known for signing Magna Carta, one of the most famous documents in the world, as a practical solution to the political crisis he faced in 1215. Magna Carta translates as "great charter" and established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law and gave rights to free men. Although nearly a third of the text was deleted or substantially rewritten within ten years, and almost all the clauses have been repealed in modern times, Magna Carta remains a cornerstone of the British constitution. Its core principles are echoed in the United States Bill of Rights (1791) and in many other constitutional documents around the world, as well as in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the European Convention on Human Rights (1950).

Today, with the UNCAP Project, we are creating our own Magna Carta, addressing the rights of the elderly, frail and cognitive impaired citizens by helping them achieve higher autonomy, independence and dignity.

UNCAP Conference and Challenge

The UNCAP conference will be held on 17th September alongside an exhibition of future technologies. Pilots, Technical Partners and SMEs with a product are invited to exhibit in Nottingham.  The UNCAP Challenge will be awarded by independent judges to an exhibitor at the conference.

On the 18th September there is a Project Meeting.

Please see below for links to register for the Conference and how to book a room at the hotel.

Please register to attend at

Rooms have been reserved at a special rate for delegates, to book a room please contact Melanie Bowler:- or Tel: +44 (0) 115 959 9777

Please note that early booking is advised as the rooms will be released to the general public on 13th July and there is an OGC Conference on at the same time.
UNCAP WP5 - Activities on commercialisation and market replication will be kicked off in July
Work Package 5 will be kicked-off in July, focusing on the commercial exploitation and the development and implementation of go-to-market strategies for UNCAP results. The goal of this work package is to develop relevant business and service delivery models (addressing the private sector) as well as new procurement models (addressing the public sectors).

The models will be underlined by business concepts to achieve market attention, market and investor’s readiness, market entries and market expansion and scalability. In addition, the relevant protection activities shall be stimulated (patenting, trademarking etc.) and sample and reference agreements will be developed, such as licensing agreements, reseller agreements, service level agreements, business development agreements, or investment terms. This will lead to the establishment of an international innovation ecosystem, in which innovation management and spin-off tasks shall be performed in a global scale. With these activities “Return on Investment” (RoI) potential will be generated and sustainability of UNCAP will be achieved.
The first steps towards establishment of an innovative ecosystem have already been taken. The German innovation management company, INI-Novation GmbH, has already involved investors, industrial players and SMEs from all over Europe.

Angela Ivanova
Business Development Director, INI-Novation

INI-Novation’s Business Development Director, Angela Ivanova, expressed that “The goal is to create a comprehensive innovation ecosystem and to base it on a sound innovative management strategy”. Cooperation links were already established to EIT ICT Labs, a network of European entrepreneurs driving innovation and education.

Wolfgang Kniejski
Managing Director, INI-Novation

Wolfgang Kniejski, INI-Novation’s Managing Director added: “The UNCAP activities within the innovative ecosystem shall cover the three stages of the innovation: from concept, to development to business, with the goal of maximising innovation transfer.”
During the conference in Nottingham. a matchmaking session will be organised with the goal to establish new partnerships within the UNCAP ecosystem.
  • Piloting partners of the UNCAP consortium (elderly care homes etc.) will present their demands, needs and requirements.
  • Technology partners of the UNCAP consortium will present their technology offers.
  • Pre-selected SMEs will also pitch their technologies; the best ones will be offered an associated partnership in UNCAP.
  • EIT ICT Labs ( is operating the “Health and Wellbeing” action line in which they are also operating technology providing companies which could be able to meet the requirements of UNCAP pilots. Therefore, also selected companies from their portfolio will be invited to introduce themselves.
  • EIT ICT Labs is also interested to involve technology providing companies from UNCAP and potential associated partners in their “Health and Wellbeing” business community.

During the conference, INI-Novation will also establish an Innovation Management Team (IMT). It will be an Advisory Board of experts to support the commercialisation of the UNCAP results and access to finance activities. The IMT will act as a jury for the pitches mentioned above. We plan to award the winners with tickets for an important e-Health event. After the pitching and the award session, we will continue the event with matchmaking and get-together activities.  This activity definitely will contribute to establishing a network of relevant partners (e.g. market experts, key market players, potential investors, etc.) in an open innovation environment.
Due to the large involvement of SMEs one of the main goals of the UNCAP commercialisation activities will be to ensure real market take-up of the achievements, in terms of new service models, new products, or new business models. One of the concrete goals is to spin-off of new product lines and innovative start-up companies. In addition, standardisation activities shall accompany the measures. That’s why it is important to meet at the conference and to contribute to the UNCAP innovation network.

Past Events

Kick-off meeting
Rovereto, Italy
OGC-TC Meeting
Barcelona, Spain
Project has been presented within the Urban Planning and the Health DWG sections
Health Care Meeting
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Forthcoming Events

Project Review Meeting
8-9 July 2015
Brussells, Belguim
Annual UNCAP Conference and Challenge
17-18 September 2015
Nottingham, UK
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