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Who Will Know We've Filed a Claim in a Class Action Settlement?

At Class Action Claims Recovery (CAC Recovery), companies that have filed a claim often express concerns to us over who will know about the filing of their claim, and if it will cause harm to relationships with their partners or vendors.

Here are a few simplified answers, which are explained in more detail below, to help address those concerns:

  • Names of companies filing claims are generally not public record;
  • The settling defendant will not pay more because you filed a claim;
  • The settling defendant is settling based on potential liability to all parties, not just based on your relationship with the settling defendant;
  • By filing a claim, you proactively confirm with the settling defendant that you release them of any future claims on the same issue, providing them certainty on their liabilities;
  • Filing a claim does not mean you are saying the settling defendant did anything wrong.

So let's now address these items more thoroughly.

Current Case Updates & Upcoming Cases

At CAC, we want to be your 'go to source' for corporate class action settlements, both current and future. We promise to provide updates via newsletters, emails and phone calls so that you never leave money on the table by missing out on a case that your company may be eligible to receive.

Cases Open to File Claims

  • Aftermarket Automotive Sheet Metal Products Settlement
  • Auto Parts Settlement
  • Freight Forwarders Settlement
  • Northeast Dairy Farmer Settlement
  • Optical Disk Drive Direct Settlement
  • Payment Card Interchange
  • Transpacific Passenger Air Transportation Settlement

Upcoming Class Action Settlements (Contact Us for More Information)

  • Cathode Ray Tube Direct Settlement – At Least $139.5 Million Settlement
  • Cathode Ray Tube Indirect Settlement – At Least $25 Million Settlement
  • Containerboard Products Settlement – At least $22.4 Million Settlement
  • US Drywall Settlement – At least $55 Million Settlement

Cases with Claims Processes Closed, Awaiting Distribution

  • Air Cargo Settlement
  • DRAM Settlement
  • Eggs Settlement
  • Platinum Palladium Commodities Litigation Settlement
  • Refrigerator Compressor Settlement
  • Steel Settlement
  • US Foods Service Settlement