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St. Clare Childrenshome
Sister Lucy, her staff and the children were very happy with all the materials we had brought with us from the Netherlands: development and playing materials, new and used clothing. Thank you, sponsors. The teachers were very happy with the huge amount of new readers (English and Kiswahili) which we bought there. 

St.  Francis Primary School Hambale
The furniture of the new library has all been installed. In one word: BEAUTIFUL. The only thing lacking are the books, due to a huge delay in the transfer of money from the Netherlands to Kenya and the size of the order. So we didn’t see a book during our stay. Check here for developments of this project.
Nieuwe Boeken
De Bieb

Footballclub URUSI 
The first match of the 1st team was end of April. Urusi won the first three matches, followed by a draw. The two junior teams are starting their matches end of June. Good luck, boys! The team, the trainer and the board specifically want to thank all the sponsors for the new and used materials. Football boots size 40+ are always welcome!

Therapy Project
In the last newsletter you could read about the therapy children that go to school now. Three severely handicapped children Joash, Jennifer and Bridget live in the small boarding school St. Anthony Home in Awasi. The mothers of these children have asked Amara if it is possible for trainee therapists to visit now and again to give therapy to the children. We are happy to confirm that this is possible. In consultation with sister Marcella, who is in charge of St. Anthony, and Samoo, the hospital therapist it was decided that therapist Daril is going to give therapy to the children once a week. Amara Foundation will pay for the travelling expenses. If extra materials are needed sister Marcella or Amara Foundation will try to arrange it. All this thanks to your donations! 

voetbalclub URUSI

Travel report Kisumu
By Roland, Jan, Piet, and Nel together with board member Lisanne
During the stay board member Lisanne posted a weekly update on Facebook and the site. Now it is a good opportunity to share the experiences of Jan and Roland (a week in Kisumu) and Piet and Nel (almost three weeks in Kisumu) with you!
Experiences Roland
Dutz visits Kenya, April 2016
After having sponsored Amara Foundation financially a few times the idea came up to come and see the Amara projects. Small-scale and GREAT… that is Amara for me after this week. The importance of support with goods and money for this small-scale foundation has become more than clear for me. 

Nieuw speelgoed
Piet met de kids
Past activities 
Volunteer Jan van Bragt and accountant’s office Meulenbroek have worked hard again. The financial annual report 2015 is available on the site. Thank you!
On a wet Whitmonday the annual cycling tour ‘Trap-in’ took place. Maria received a cheque of € 2400 which will be used for a re-integration project of St. Clare the coming year.
 The bottle box for deposit receipts in St. Michielsgestel has resulted in a nice amount. A good example of being pennywise. Thank you EMTE and customers!
On Sunday June 19 there was an information day about the IVN (nature education and sustainability) in Mierlo. Board member Evelien was there all day to promote Amara. She sold many of the items we had brought back from Kisumu. Especially the cards sold well. Mick, Evelien’s son, sold his own drawings for € 0.05. Super! Thank you Mick. Total proceeds: € 309.60. 
Agenda for the coming period
 The annual four-day walking event will be held from July 19th to 22nd. If you want to sponsor click here for Lisanne or Nel. You can also donate an amount on the Amara Foundation bank account mentioning ‘4 daagse’.
Also Claus Foederer, an Amara friend, will walk there, 55 km. He walks for Amara and has set up a sponsor action. Nel, Claus and Lisanne, good luck!   
New plans 
The coming years we hope to be able to help St. Francis Primary School in Hambale with renovating the rooms where the boarders live: the combined dining room and recreation room, the dormitories for boys and girls and the showers and toilets. Altogether a huge amount. If you can help us find sponsors, companies, staff associations or schools that that could contribute please let us know.  
The board are thinking of something else:  we would like to link children in the re-integration project with regular sponsors. These children have been placed with families from St. Clare Children’s Home. In order to relieve the families and guarantee education for the children St Clare pays for the education, in many cases a boarding school. Families, a group of friends, sports groups, choirs or schools could adopt such a child and pay for the school expenses for a longer time. We will come back to this later. 

African items for sale 
Stone angels in various sizes, sisal angels, beautiful small bowls (for serving tea) and jewellery. Lots for sale! See pictures in the web shop or ask board members. 

Lisanne Hénuy-Rooijakkers
Carmen van Bergen
Evelien Hommes-Romonesco
Maria Vermeer
Martine Pool-Plantinga
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