Hope Air flies young girl from Sault Ste. Marie to Ottawa for critical medical care
When Kathy’s daughter Jessy began complaining of intense headaches, she never imagined it would begin a series of trips to Ottawa for treatments, an eight-hour drive from home. Their doctor recommended Hope Air to provide free flights and help reduce the stress of travelling. Five years and 10 surgeries later, we continue to help.  

B.C. healthcare heroes on the frontlines 
Hope Air is grateful to the frontline workers with the Provincial Health Services Authority for their hard work and sacrifices. They help spread the word about Hope Air so their patients in need can receive free flights and accommodations to access vital medical appointments far from home. Watch the video below to find out more about these healthcare heroes and their families. 
Volunteer pilot team leads fall fundraising expedition for Hope Air
A Hope Air volunteer pilot team is finding a unique way of raising money to help patients who need to fly to reach medical care. Find out more about their flying expedition. 

Travelling with Hope Air during COVID-19

For any patients with an upcoming travel request with Hope Air, we have provided an FAQ to help you answer any questions you may have. 

I am thinking of driving to my appointment instead of taking a flight. Can I still get free accommodations with Hope Air?   
Currently, Hope Air will consider requests for accommodations for patients driving to their appointment. You are required to fill out a travel request application, even if the request is only for Airbnb. You will need to be driving a distance of more than 80 km to be considered. Patients will also require a computer, cell phone and government-issued photo ID.


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