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Save Fatima from Sex Slavery

Advocacy & Development: 
Save Fatima From Sex Slavery
Help Our Daughters Before They Are Sold

Dear friend, Assalamu alaikum, 

On this blessed Friday of Ramadan, here is an opportunity for you to do something that's probably 99.99% of Muslims won't do. Save a Muslim girl from being sold in sex-slavery. While a majority of people are not even aware of the existence of minor Muslim American sex slaves, Allah, almighty, is giving you this opportunity to be among the first ones that acknowledge and take action to stop it before it happens.

We have learned from the Muslim survivors of sex-trafficking in Columbus, OH, that most young girls were trapped and sold by traffickers after they had run away from their homes due to family problems. Drugs were also being used to trap some of our daughters. Our sons are not safe either. As drug dealers are preying upon middle-schoolers, they find Muslim children as the softest targets. The largest number of our youth live under the poverty line. Those neighborhoods are controlled by gangs, drug dealers, traffickers and other criminals. To learn more about these issues, please read my recent blog post about this issue:
Fatima, 13, a Sex Slave in 2015 America.

MY Project USA has taken following steps to prevent the trafficking of our daughters and protecting all youth and families from gangsters, drug dealers and other criminals: 
  1. Have launched a Help Hotline (1-8448-Helper). 
  2. Offering Free Counseling and Family Therapy Sessions to youth & parents.
  3. Opening a Shelter for Sisters that might have issues with their families.
  4. Starting a Muslim Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. 
  5. Have created MY Parents Network to empower parents with the skills and knowledge that are needed to protect their children.   
To help the Muslim survivors of sex trafficking, we are working with different agencies that are trained and equipped to help them. We are committed to do everything that would be in our power to restore and heal the lives of our unfortunate but still precious daughters, inshaAllah.

Indeed, it’s a risky business, but for the sake of our children, we are prepared to take any risk. We have taken the first steps to execute our plan to save as many youth as possible and as early as possible. We are taking action, because it is the right thing to do. We invite you to join hands with us in receiving the honor of helping those who couldn’t help themselves.   

Please make dua for our success, help us through your volunteer hours and most importantly
 Donate GenerouslyThe choice is yours. I hope you choose to make this Ramadan Friday stands out in your life in a big way, inshaAllah. 


Your sister Zerqa Abid

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MY Iftaar Kitchen Feeds 619 in 9 Days
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Ramadan Basket Drive

MY Leaders Initiatives:

MY Iftaar Kitchen Feeds 619 in 9 Days  


More than seventy five volunteers have pulled probably the most successful Muslim Soup Kitchen program in Columbus.  By the grace of Allah, MY Iftaar  kitchen has been a blast. Started on June 24th, MY Leaders have already fed 619 in six different neighborhoods. More than 75 volunteers have already participated in this program and it's only growing. Please check our album for daily update. Sign Up or Donate  and be part of this blessed program. 

On June 28, 2015, MY Leaders were also able to deliver 27 baskets containing non-perishable food items, Click here to see a full report and the pictures leaders involved in this program. They still have supplies for about four more baskets. They are hoping to give out more baskets before Eid. There are hundreds of eligible recipients on the west-side of Columbus who do not receive anything from any other Muslim organization. Your help would make a huge difference. Please Donate Now.

MY Leaders Launch an Eid Toys Drive

As MY Leaders deliver the food every day in the neighborhoods, they are more convinced that having a Toys drive for little kids in those neighborhood is a must. They are launching an extensive Toys drive in these last 10 days of Ramadan. Keep an eye out for more details. 
Donate Now To Send Food or Gifts

Iftaar Fundraiser: 
"Furthering their Legacies" with Farris Barakat

MY Project USA to raise more Deah, Yusor & Raza in Columbus & Nationwide. 

Iftaar with Farris Barakat

Our first fundraising Iftar with Farris Barakat was a blast. Great turn out of the most wonderful people passionate about youth empowerment and safety. Great venue, excellent food. Amazing & inspiring speakers and diligent youth leaders. We are very humbled and grateful to Allah SWT for such a successful event within our first three month since the launch of our organization. Alhamdulillah. 

It was a true honor to have Br. Farris Barakat in this event. We are truly blessed to have him as one of our main supporters. Having Dr. Abdulhakim Muhamed for our fundraiser was also a blessing. He did an excellent job of keeping everyone entertained while raising money, Alhamdulillah. 

At the dinner, Sr. Zerqa Abid gave her words to the community that if the community trusts us and supports us financially, we will give them more Deah, Yusor and Razan, here in Columbus and nationwide. We pledged to further the legacies of Our Three Winners. Alhamdulillah the people in the room responded positively. 

InshaAllah, our youth become sadaqa jariyah (continued charity) for Our Three Winners, for Barakat and Abu-Salha families, for our donors and for all board members, trustees, advisors, and volunteers of MY Project USA. They are to further the legacies of Farris, Deah, Yusor and Razan. 
Sponsor a Youth Leader Now

Youth Development: Summer Camp
Empowering Myself & My Community
MY Leaders Camp 2015 l Columbus, OH l Age 13-17  

MY Leaders Summer Camp 2015 is a collaborative project of MY Project USA and the Institute of Youth Development and Excellence. It is specially designed to empower Muslim youth (13 -17) in finding their role and place within their community and society. 

All participants will first learn skills to empower themselves. They will then find a social justice issue that matters to them. They will plan an initiative to address that issue. By the end of the camp, they will be ready to launch their initiatives, inshaAllah. Mentoring options will be available after the camp for youth interested in seeking more guidance through their journey in making their dreams into successful organizations. 

Learn More About MY Leaders Camp

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MY Project USA has joined hands with the UniTea Campaign, a joint project of ISNAMPAC & United Muslim Foundation. Join our social media campaign to showcase the unity of our community and the contribution made by Muslim Americans in building a stronger America.


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