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Muslim Youths Feed the Hungry

The President's Message:

Last March, We Rolled Up Our Sleeves And Launched A Movement

What We Have Achieved In One Year Is Unprecedented!

MY Project USA was launched on March 1st, 2015, just a year ago. As I have been compiling our first annual report of the project, I felt compelled to let you peek in some of the numbers and facts. Here is what we have already achieved: 

•    Launched
10 Community Service Projects
•    Empowered
150 plus Muslim Youth Leaders through various trainings and programs. 
•    Recruited  
950 plus Volunteers & Youth Activists to address various issues
•    Distributed
3500 plus Toys, Eid Gifts, Coats, Dresses, Dental Supplies, etc.
•    Served
4508 Hot and Canned Meals in low-income neighborhoods
•    Contributed
13030 Community Service Hours  
•    Started MY Help Hotline & MY Helpers Network
•    Created Job Opportunities for Muslim Youth & Adults 
•    Launched Muslims Against Human Trafficking initiative 
•    Opened MY Deah's store in low-income neighborhood
•    Partnered with the University of Michigan for Research
•    Reached out to thousands of community members

I am truly humbled by the support that we have received from the community. Who could imagine that so much could be accomplished without having the support of ANY organization, mosque or major donors. Who knew how much we could achieve working from our own kitchen tables and garages and in the absence of any paid staff . Ours is truly a grassroots movement that is blessed by Allah Almighty and is built by us all, the youth, the parents and the concerned community members. It truly is unprecedented, but it has taught many other organizations what they should and shouldn't do with their youth. By the grace of Allah, many organizations are now following our footsteps. 

Last June, I was invited by the U.S. Government to participate in the Global Forum For Improving Humanitarian Action. I was told that the Department of State has been very impressed by the program and approach of  MY Project USA and had considered myself to help plan the global summit that would be held in Istanbul this year. It was humbling to know that MY Project USA was the only Muslim American organization to represent Muslim American community at that forum. All praise is due to Allah, but who knew that we could get in such position just in three months after we launched.

This year, I am very excited to see so many new youth and adults joining us every day. Our conference in January and last months events honoring Our Three Winners have been very well received by the mainstream community and the media. I have been contacted by respected institutes and organizations from around the country that wish to be our collaborators. I know, together, we will protect more youth from drugs, human trafficking, gangs, extremist violence, and other social vices more efficiently than ever before.

However, the two facts that worry me and take my sleep away are the huge and rising number of at-risk  and abused Muslim American youth; and the lack of substantial financial support from the community so far. In 2015, I covered almost 70% of the expenses from my pocket. I have been working voluntarily for 70 hours/wk for the last 17 months (approximately 4760 hours), and that needs to be changed  now. We need the community to step up now and help sustain what we have built at MY Project USA. Unless we do that, we cannot really do much in saving our daughters from being sold several times a day for 15 minutes sex. Unless we do that, we will keep failing our youth and families on daily basis.

Dear brothers and sisters, 

I have done what I could do with all my sincerity and professionalism. I hope you have seen enough that would convince you that MY Project USA is the organization that deserves your financial support more than many other organizations out there. If you are not convinced yet, please talk to me  or other board members directly and tell us what else need to happen before you start investing in our youth. Please remember that we are not a mosque and therefore  you might be the one of very few people who would consider donating to us. Please be  generous and don't hold back. This truly is a great opportunity for you to grow sadqa jariyah (ongoing charity) for you right here at home. I hope to hear a donation from you soon.

Last but not least, please keep our trustees, board directors, donors, volunteers, our entire team in your prayers. Our treasurer, Rukhsana Ansari; and our secretary, Morgen Morissette have worked tirelessly  throughout the year to make it a successful organization. I could not have done it without them. Please make special prayers for them. May Allah SWT bless and reward all contributors immensely, ameen.     

In solidarity with youth & families, 
Zerqa Abid
President & Founder, MY Project USA

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MY Project USA

Community Service & Leadership:

Columbus Muslim Youth Give Back To The Community

Food Drive Soup Kitchen Dental Supplies Drive MY Deah's Renovation
February. 6 - 27, 2016 - Three Weeks of Service and Leadership 

By the grace of God, several Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors, community members from different walks of like participated in our three weeks community service and leadership campaign, "From Dr. King to Our Three Winners to Our Future." 
We delivered 143 hot meals, 325 canned food (295 lbs), 500 plus dental supplies and renovated about 35% of MY Deah's Columbus store.
Please check out the Columbus Dispatch's article and video here. Please click on events banners to see our full reports and pictures.

Muslims Help Neighbors

Civic Engagement & Elections 2016:

MY Project USA Mobilizes The Community for Election 2016

Join Our GOTV and Voter Registration Teams Now  

Our political mobilization committee is warming up to organize various non-partisan activities and events to educate and engage community members in the Elections 2016. We are collaborating with several local and national organizations to serve our community more efficiently.
We highly recommend all voters to check out the 2016 Presidential Primary Community Toolkit that has been put together by Emerge USA and Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). Please keep an eye out for more announcements. 

2016 Presidential Primary ToolKit
MY Soup Kitchen - Feb 2016
MY Deah's store renovation
Food & Dental Drives honoring Our Three Winners
Please Donate to Grow Our Work
MY Deah's store
MY Project USA
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