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Pray for Muslim dads

Dear Community, Assalamu alaikum, 
Last week, I appealed to you to help us save our minor Muslim girls from being trafficked in America. In response, I received $150 from two donors and a couple of supporting emails.  Alhamdulillah. May Allah, Almighty, immensely reward them and always protect their families, ameen. 
I wondered, what happened to the rest of  you.  
What it would take to wake up Muslim dads and brothers to take an action against sex-trafficking. What language I should use to explain what is happening to our youth and why we must act now. I asked a few.
One of the most generous, kind, and well-informed Muslim brothers in Columbus, OH, told me that he has “never witnessed Muslim girls being prostituted or trafficked in the United States.” So he does not “think this is an epidemic.” He said, “there are other pressing issues that" his business has been supporting. 
Regardless of being very well-informed about local community matters, he was not aware of the fact that his own city has already arrested a gang that was trafficking minor Muslim girls for ten years and that there were more gangs out there. Perhaps most people don’t know yet. Hence neither they believe; nor they act.
We could conclude from this conversation that unless trafficking, drugs and gangs issues become epidemic (God forbid), MY Project USA should not expect any major support from the community. Whereas, with the community's support and Allah's help, we would like to make sure that we address and control these issues as much as possible. 
In the absence of the community's support, our journey will be very slow. We know that it would take more education for Muslim dads and the rest of the community to understand the crises that we are in now. It would take more time, more campaigns, more educational material and many more programs and conferences to wake up our dads and moms and all others. All of that would need money and human resources. Money that we don’t have. Human resources that we cannot hire. Our team is comprised of volunteer professionals who can do only so much. Unless we get some financial help now, it might take us longer in saving more if not all youth. 
In all circumstances, our main source is Allah, the Almighty. We need your help in reaching out to Him. In these last few nights of Ramadan, please make dua for us. Spare two minutes for those child victims and at-risk youth.
Please ask Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala, the owner of all treasurers in the Heaven and on the earth:
- That He wakes up Muslim dads and brothers so they perform their duty of protecting all children and families within their communities. That He forgive them for their ignorance and lack of action.
- That He protects all youth  from all kinds of evil. 
- That He provides us, MY Project  enough from His Treasures so we could help our youth before it is too late. 
- That He opens the hearts and minds of people and eases their situations so they become our supporters NOW. 
- That He guides us in our work and He sends more sincere professionals to help us with various services for youth, their families and the rest of the community.
- That He makes it easy for all of our board members, donors, supporters, volunteers and youth. 
- That He accepts all of this hard work and make MY Project USA a great sadaqa jariyah (continued charity) for all of us.  
This is the least you could do. Please pray generously. May Allah SWT accept all of your prayers and other good deeds in this month and beyond, ameen. 
In solidarity with Youth and Families,
Zerqa Abid

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MY Project USA recharges Youth Departments
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MY Iftaar Kitchen: 1368 meals and counting,,,  

We are humbled to see the community's response and our youth's dedication to this project. We have successfully delivered 1368 meals in the last 19 days. The sign up sheet has been filled up and we have growing interest in the community. Alhamdulillah. More than 100 volunteers have pulled probably the most successful Muslim Soup Kitchen program in Columbus. Please join us on Facebook for daily updates. 

Your Zakatul Fitar for Food Baskets to Eligible Families - Pay by Tuesday (July 14th, 2015)

MY Leaders are planning to deliver a second round of the food baskets on Wednesday. You can send us your Zakatul Fitar ($10/family person) and we will deliver food on your behalf on Wednesday.  There are hundreds of eligible recipients on the west-side of Columbus who do not receive anything from any other Muslim organization. Your help would make a huge difference. Please Donate Now.
Click here to see a full report and the pictures leaders involved in this program.

MY Eid Toys Drive 2015

The toys drive is gong very well. We are focusing our efforts on one particular neighborhood, which has approximately 400 families. Along with the gifts, we would like to distribute goody bags or cookies. We have raised $2,000 in less than a week. We need at least $1000 more for the toy drive to make this Eid memorable for needy children in Columbus. If you haven't donated yet, please do so no later than tonight, as we are making final purchases.  Alhamdollilah we are getting closer to our goal! The success of this project depends on all of our efforts. For daily updates, please join our Facebook Event.  
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Youth Development: Summer Camp
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MY Leaders Camp 2015 l Columbus, OH l Age 13-17  

MY Leaders Summer Camp 2015 is a collaborative project of MY Project USA and the Institute of Youth Development and Excellence. It is specially designed to empower Muslim youth (13 -17) in finding their role and place within their community and society. 

All participants will first learn skills to empower themselves. They will then find a social justice issue that matters to them. They will plan an initiative to address that issue. By the end of the camp, they will be ready to launch their initiatives, inshaAllah. Mentoring options will be available after the camp for youth interested in seeking more guidance through their journey in making their dreams into successful organizations. 

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