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MY Iftar Kitchen in Dispatch

MY Project USA Is My Legacy. Our Legacy.

I Prepare To Present This In Front of God As My Portfolio Hoping To Earn His Forgiveness & Mercy

Dear Family,
Peace and blessings be unto you,

Tonight, in this hour I turn 50 by Islamic calendar. I was born on the 23rd night of Ramadan in 1968. I am half a century old now; and tonight, I am reflecting on the mission and vision of my life. I am assessing my legacies.

For several years, I have been doing this exercise every year on this night. Tonight, I want to share it with you as well. 

When I turned 40 in 2008, I took a deep breath and re-evaluated my life. In Islamic traditions, forty is considered a very important age. All prophets in Islam became prophets at this age. It's an age of power, youthfulness and wisdom. You could do the most and the best at this age if you would like. I spent this night in 2008 in reflecting on my own life, my present and the future I would want to create for myself and my family. It was then that I reinforced myself to commit my life to bring social justice to my people. It was then that I wrote the mission and vision statements of the rest of my life. It was then that I vowed one more time that I would do anything and everything in my power to address all types and forms of  injustice  within our communities. It was then that I decided to focus entirely on the protection and empowerment of our youth.   

Fast forward 10 years, here I am with MY Project USA. An organization that I founded to further the mission of my life. A Muslim organization that is dedicated to provide all kinds of programs and services to empower and protect orphans, refugees, abused, oppressed and all kinds of other youth and families in need. One of its kind in Ohio. 

I take death very seriously. My father passed away suddenly at the age of 56. I don't know how much time I have left on this earth. I am ready to die everyday and any day. That's why, each and every day, I am focusing on turning this organization into an institution. I am working hard to make it a great model of transparency, accountability and professionalism. I am making sure that more and more children and families are served, protected and empowered by us on daily basis. I am making sure that more Muslim youth are empowered as good, honest and strong leaders. I believe each one of them will be a source of continued charity for myself and my family that sacrifices the most in the form of my absences on daily basis. 

MY Project USA is what I am preparing to take in my grave with me.  An organization, after my children,  that I have given my heart and soul to make it a portfolio to present to God on the Day of Judgement. An organization that I am building carefully as my legacy. This is what I want to handover to my granddaughter. This is what I want to pass on to the generations to come. 

What we have accomplished in just three years is unprecedented and mind boggling. None of this was possible without Allah's blessings, without the dedication of our past and present directors, trustees, staff, volunteers and donors. NOTHING WAS POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUR PRESENCE. 

YOU stepped up and got my back. You believed in me and supported the cause. You made sure that our rents were paid and our lights were on. You filled the shopping carts and the racks in our store. You cooked and paid for the catered food. You stood by me and made sure that MY Project USA becomes YOUR LEGACY too. 

On this Night Of Power, as I turn 50, I ask Allah, the Almighty, to keep guiding me and helping me through His angels as I build this legacy of ours. I am weak and He is the most Powerful. I am ignorant and He is All-Knowing. I have enemies and He is the Protector. I am empty handed and He is the Lord of The Universe. He gives respect to whomever He wants and He gives disrespect to Whomever He wants. 

On this Night of Power, I ask Allah Almighty, to bless this legacy of ours with His support. May He preserve it and make it a source of healing, enlightenment, peace and happiness for thousands and millions of people in coming years and decades. May He accept it from all of us and reward us immensely for this contribution in this life. 

I ask Him, the Almighty, to open more people's hearts and minds in support of our cause. May He grants us with His bounties so we could pitch in more to save more children sooner than later. Ameen 

In Solidarity with Youth & Families,

Zerqa Abid
Founder & Executive Director, 

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MY Project USA & The Pact of Nobles - Hilfal Fudul

Following the Footsteps of the Prophet On A Night Of Power

Forming Alliances to Protect & Empower  Orphans, Refugees, Slaves and other Needy Youth & Families & To Make Columbus a Sanctuary City For All

Following the footsteps of the blessed prophet, this Ramadan, on June 10th, we will be reviving that practice by joining hands with some of the best social justice advocates, activists and interfaith leaders in Columbus. At the Columbus Interfaith Iftar Dinner, we will be celebrating the services and legacies of these individuals. We will vow to stand together and to do our very best to protect and empower orphans, refugees, slaves (victims of human trafficking), victims of violence and other under-served, poor community members. We will raise money and commit to stand by each other in making Columbus a sanctuary city for all, God willing. 

The evening of June 10th would also be one of the five Nights of Power in Islamic faith. The prayers and the good deeds done in this night could be rewarded a thousand or more times if God wills. Our event will only be helping all attendees to start their night with more concrete and tangible deeds that will positively impact the lives of hundreds of people in their own backyard. On that evening, we will give and pledge to give more to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless and to employ a jobless. We will do this while praying to Allah almighty that He accepts all of our good deeds, that He forgives our shortcomings, that He bless with His bounties and that He makes MY Project USA a continued charity for us and our families. 

This will inshaAllah be an inspiring evening filled with faith, friendship, love and peace. This will be a Night of Power for a Powerful purpose. If you are in Columbus, please join us. Book your seat now. If you are outside the Columbus area, I would highly encourage you to send your gifts online through Facebook Here or through our Website Here.

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Columbus Dispatch Reports On MY Iftar KItchen

About 2500 Hot Meals Have Been Distributed This Ramadan 

Thanks to Danae M. King of The Columbus Dispatch for a wonderful coverage of MY Iftar Kitchen 2018 in the Dispatch.

Since the meal preparation and packing is much organized, we would love to have more organized system on the serving side. This year, it's a huge daily commitment for Sr. Zerqa Abid and Saarah Haque on the distribution side. They are going home past 8 O' Clock most days including weekends. We definitely need more adults to help transport food to the neighborhood. We would also love to have a couple more adults helping with spreading a blanket on the grass for the children that are on their own in the evening since their parents are at work.

May Allah SWT immensely reward all volunteers, donors, and staff members for their contributions and sacrifices they make to make sure that the children, elderly and all others in need in our communities have nutritious food to eat during Ramadan.

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Columbus Fasting 5k 2018
To Support Wedgewood Youth & Families

We are awed by the support and generosity of our community in Dublin and Hilliard area. Lst weekend's  Fasting 5K ​ has given us so much more hope than ever before. More than 100 people ran/walk to support our Wedgewood youth initiatives.  

We had moms with babies along with everyone else happily walking in 80 degree temperature  while fasting. We had younger children cheering and shooting the walkers with water guns to keep them cool. We had older folks walking side by side with young ones with no complaints of hot weather whatsoever. We had family members and friends from all over the country and elsewhere donating to our cause. Together, we have raised more than $10,000. Alhamadulillah. All praise is due to God. May He immensely reward each and every participant, volunteer and organizer. ameen. 
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MY Family Pantry Can Help You To Distribute Food To A Local Family Before Eid

Zakat-Al-Fitr in the US is estimated to be $10/person per household this year. All Zakat Al- Fitr donations to this fundraiser will go towards buying necessary food for our Eid pantry. Last year we were able to provide oil, rice, flour and sugar and more to over 308 families (about 1500 individuals) right before Eid. 

My Project USA is dedicated in ensuring that our local families in Columbus and Dayton have enough to eat through Ramadan and Eid this year too. We plan to hold special pantry on June 14th, a day before Eid. We can distribute food on your behalf if you send your donation by June 13th, 12:00 pm. 

You can donate on Facebook. You can also send donation through following methods: 

Our Website:

Mail: Write Check to MY Project USA, In memo write "MY Family Pantry" Mail it to PO Box 1311, Hilliard OH 43026.

Please call us at 614-905-0977 if you have any question or suggestion for us.

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Balls Not Drugs - A Youth Initiative

After Fasting 5K last weekend, several youth have asked us how they could help in addressing the issues on the West Side of Columbus. We have created this campaign for them. We are in need of at least 400 balls for 7-14 year old boys in Wedgewood.

MY Eid Toys Drive 2018 include these balls in the sign up.

We are planning to distribute them at the Wedgewood Eid Festival on June 24th. The boys will be encouraged to play with the police cops at the festival. Each kid will receive a gift of ball after playing for 15 minutes with a cop.

We believe, this will be a great way to bring them closer to police in a friendly environment. Owning a ball would be their first step to get involve with our program. Our sports programs are meant to keep them busy in fields and away from drugs and gangs. They will also have an opportunity to register in our Soccer or Basketball programs at the same time.

In this campaign, we are inviting youth and their families or a youth team/club to take lead in raising money, collecting balls and seeking sponsors to get as many balls as they could. They can create their own fundraiser, or Facebook event for this campaign. The top three winners of this campaign will receive a gift from elected officials on the Day of Eid Festival, June 24th.

The deadline to submit the balls is June 23rd, noon. The interested youth/family/club MUST REGISTER with our office before starting their campaign. Any Campaign that is launched to support any of our initiatives without our permission would be considered illegal.

Individual Donations are very much appreciate. Please click here to sign up now
Please email us at or call us at 610-908-5862, if you have any question.

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Here Is How We Fit 6 Out of 8 Criteria of Zakat Eligibility

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MY Eid Toys Drive 2018
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Personal Hygiene Drive By MY Family Pantry

We're going to be collecting personal hygiene items during the holy month of Ramadan to then distribute to families in need on Eid. What might seem like an everyday item to you, might be a luxury product for someone else.

Please share with your friends and family and help us reach our goal. Feel free to contact us with any questions!
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