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Wedgewood Youth Leaders Advocated for Their Community At The City Hall 
Right On Our Mission: 
Protecting & Empowering Our Youth

Your Partnership Takes Us To The Next Level - It Encourages Youth To Do Their Very Best

Dear Friend,

Earlier this month, six of our youth leaders had a fabulous meeting with the Columbus City Council's President Shannon Hardin, President Pro Tem Elizabeth Brown, and Councilmember Emmanuel Remy at the City Hall. Thanks to the Councilmember Elizabeth Brown for her help in scheduling this meeting.

Qali, Abdi, Sarah, Omar, Benzan and Jasmin went along with our Sports Chair, Russ Harris, and myself. The youths shared with the councilmembers about the progress they are making in Wedgewood. What's working and what's not. Each one of them was able to present a different initiatives. They answered several questions and advocated for their community very well. We are super proud of each one of them. 

We are super grateful to President Hardin for his hospitality and openness to these youth. It was refreshing to see that how all councilmembers greeted them with open arms. After the meeting they took them to the chambers and encouraged them to sit on the council chairs. It was a great experience for us all.

This experience has literally transformed the personalities and vision of these youth. They know that they are being respected and trusted. They know that someone has got their back. They understood that they have friends in powerful positions who could make things easier for them and could remove hurdles  that they might face in their work. Above all, they learned that they can bring so much more to their Wedgewood community. They are now working even harder to register more kids in our programs and reaching out to their community. We saw very similar results for another bunch of youth leaders last year as well. 

All of this has been possible, because of our partnership with the Columbus City Council. Former Councilmember Michael Stinziano paved the road by making him available to the youths in the rise of violence in early 2017. Councilmember Elizabeth joined hands with him and they both started coming to Wedgewood as often as they could. The Boy Scouts grant was sponsored by CM Stinziano in 2017. The soccer grant last year was sponsored by CM Elizabeth Brown, was co-funded by Councilmembers Jaiza Page, Emmanuel Remy and Mitchel Brown and was supported by the entire Council. This year, we are hoping the continuity of that support from all councilmembers. This support has helped us not only in sustaining the moment of peace and quiet  in the former deadliest neighborhood of Columbus, but it is also helping us in turning it into the most viable sports loving model refugee community. 

We are on our mission of Protecting and Empowering Our Youth. Your Partnership Takes Us to the Next Level and we are very appreciative of your presence in our organization. Please know if there is any program, any initiative, any grant that you have to protect and empower youth of any size and age, we are your natural partner. We have at least 2000 children just in Wedgewood who are highly eligible for all kinds of support. We have now reached out to another nearby, similar community at the South Park  Apartments and have been gearing to start some programs there also within the next few months. 

On this last Friday of Ramadan, my heart is so full with the love, peace and gratefulness. I am thankful to God for your presence in our work. May He accept this work from all of us and bless us with His bounties, ameen. 

In Solidarity with Youth and Families, 

Zerqa Abid,
Founder & Executive Director 

MY Project USA Addressing Human Trafficking, Drugs & Gangs in Ohio

Help Rescue & Restore Women From The Slavery of Pimps, Gangs & Drug Dealers In Columbus 

This Ramadan, we are humbled to launch this very important campaign. We have now stepped into a new chapter of our organization. It's new as in operations, but it has been at the core of our vision and mission: Stop Slavery: Rescue & Restore the Victims through direct social services, advocacy and community organizing.

MY Project USA has been focused mostly on the prevention side of human trafficking. We did help sisters on street by providing them with food, clothing, referrals etc. but it was at a very low level until now, mostly because our hands were full with addressing violence and drugs in the Wedgewood community on the west side of Columbus.

Now we are super excited to announce that we are partnering with Alvis, Inc. to help address the sex trafficking, drugs epidemic and prostitution linked to drugs and other issues in the Hilltop area on the west side of Columbus.

We are creating a committee of Hilltop Leaders & Residents who will monitor this work and will serve as a board to make decisions that would help Restore & Rescue sisters on Sullivant Area and around in the Hilltop area.

Just like Wedgewood, this will be our pilot project. We intend to give it two years to see what would work and what won't. Once we know what is a good model, we will take it to other neighborhoods and cities too inshaAllah. 

Please support our cause by your generous donations and make a lot of prayers for our success and safety and security of our staff and volunteers.

Check Out Campaign Page For More Details

Wedgewood Kids Eid Party

Friday June 7th, 5-7 pm 

We Empower Kids Against Gangs, Drugs & Violence
Toys Not Guns. Balls Not Drugs. 

We are super excited to throw an Eid Party for all kids in our program, their siblings and friends. We are preparing for hundreds of kids. This party is to reward and to empower them further.

ALL KIDS will get Food and will participate in to music and games as they would like.

PROGRAM KIDS include kids registered in our Soccer, Basketball, Reading Warrior or any other program. They will be entitled to pick their balls/gifts and T-shirts for themselves. They will also be entitled to pick a number of gifts for their siblings and friends from our collection of over 1500 gifts for this group.

We are inviting the Columbus City Council and other elected officials to come over and help sign those balls and shirts for our little troopers.

We do need help with food, drinks, and different jobs during the event. Please sign up or donate to help. 

Sign Up To Volunteer
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MY Iftar Kitchen Serves 2000+ Hot Meals This Ramdan

Youth Leaders Deliver Door To Door; Building By Building


Community Members Bring Cooked Food & Pack Hot Meals In MY Deah's Daily 
Feeding others, specially refugees, needy, homeless, travelers, neighbors and simply hungry for any reason is a core value of Islam. Muslims look for ways to feed people. In Ramadan, it becomes a mandatory requirement for those who could not fast for any medical reason that they feed someone everyday they miss from fasting. MY Iftar Kitchen helps them in fulfilling that requirement.  

My Iftar Kitchen has been a signature event in Ramadan at MY project USA. In last four years, we must have passed more than 12000 hot meals through this initiative. This year, three community members, Ayesha Abdul, Khadija Elhadi and Aisha Mbai stepped up and took the leadership roles in making this a success.

We partnered them with our Soccer Youth Leaders who took care of the distribution door to door, building by building in Wedgewood, South Park, and other neighborhoods. While passing food, they also invited more families and registered kids to our soccer, reading and other programs. Praise to God, this has been a win win for all. 
Youth Leader Abdi Bakari With A New Youth Registered In Our Program. 
Donate Now To Empower More Youth

MY Family Pantry Prepares To Pass 20,000+ lbs Food Tomorrow 

We Are Prepared For Up To 300 Families 

Financially stable Muslims are required to provide the less fortunate community members with uncooked food before the celebration of Eid Holiday to make sure that everyone has good food to eat on the day of Eid.  This year's Eid al Fitr is on  Tuesday June 4th.  Therefore MY Family Pantry has stepped up again to help our community members fulfill this requirement through our pantry.  This is called Zakatul Fitr.

Zakat-Al-Fitr in the US is estimated to be $10/person per household this year. Our pantry director, Omar Dahshi was able to get the best deals in the town. For each person's Zakatul Fitr, we are able to pass the following: 
25 lbs Flour 
20 lbs Rice (Long Grain) 
8 lbs Sugar 
4 lbs Lentils
48 oz Bottles of Oil (2)
14.5 oz Cans of Diced tomatoes (4)

This cart is worth around $42.51 on the cheaper end of the market. Thus, with one individual’s zakat, we’re feeding a whole family for a while. In addition to this we will also add fresh produce and more to it. All praise is due to God. Kudos to our Pantry team and their leadership. Please keep them in your prayers.

Check MY Family Pantry's Facebook Page Here
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