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MY Project USA & The Pact of Nobles - Hilfal Fudul

Following the Footsteps of the Prophet On A Night Of Power

Forming Alliances to Protect & Empower  Orphans, Refugees, Slaves and other Needy Youth & Families & To Make Columbus a Sanctuary City For All

Dear Family,
Peace and blessings be unto you,

This Ramadan, on June 10th, we will be reviving one of the tradition of  the blessed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): Hilfal Fudul meaning The Pact of Nobles or the League of Virtuous. 

In his pre-prophethood time, young Muhammad joined hands with the other young men of Makkah in signing a pact for the establishment of justice and the protection of the weak and the oppressed in the city of Makkah. He took part in the oath when they all vowed that henceforth they would stand together as one man on the side of the oppressed against the oppressor until justice was done, whether the oppressed were a man of the Quraysh or one who had come from abroad. This pact was later called Hilfal Fudul meaning the League of Virtuous. 

In the later years, at Madinah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to say: ‘I was present in the house of `Abdullah Ibn Jud`an at so excellent a pact that I would not exchange my part in it for a herd of red camels, and if now, in Islam, I were summoned to a similar pact, I would gladly respond.’

Following the footsteps of the blessed prophet, this Ramadan, on June 10th, we will be reviving that practice by joining hands with some of the best social justice advocates, activists and interfaith leaders in Columbus. At the
Columbus Interfaith Iftar Dinner, we will be celebrating the services and legacies of these individuals. We will vow to stand together and to do our very best to protect and empower orphans, refugees, slaves (victims of human trafficking), victims of violence and other under-served, poor community members. We will raise money and commit to stand by each other in making Columbus a sanctuary city for all, God willing. 

The evening of June 10th would also be one of the five Nights of Power in Islamic faith. The prayers and the good deeds done in this night could be rewarded a thousand or more times if God wills. Our event will only be helping all attendees to start their night with more concrete and tangible deeds that will positively impact the lives of hundreds of people in their own backyard. On that evening, we will give and pledge to give more to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless and to employ a jobless. We will do this while praying to Allah almighty that He accepts all of our good deeds, that He forgives our shortcomings, that He bless with His bounties and that He makes MY Project USA a continued charity for us and our families. 

This will inshaAllah be an inspiring evening filled with faith, friendship, love and peace. This will be a Night of Power for a Powerful purpose. If you are in Columbus, please join us. Book your seat now. If you are outside the Columbus area, I would highly encourage you to send your gifts online through Facebook Here or through our Website Here.

In Solidarity with Youth & Families,

Founder & Executive Director, 
Zerqa Abid

Reserve Your Seat Now

Our Chosen Guests of Honors include: 
Interfaith - Rev. Tim Ahrens, First Congregational Church
Interfaith -
Rabbi Sharon Mars, Temple Israel
Interfaith -
Dan Clark, Faith in Public Life
Interfaith -
Jason Ridley,  Allegheny West Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Politics - 
US Senator Sherrod Brown 
Social Services - Angie Plummer, Executive Director, Crisis and Refugee Immigration  Services (CRIS)
Social Justice - 
Rubén Castilla Herrera, Central Ohio Workers Center 
Social Justice -  
Author Tammy Fournier Alsaada & Amber Evans,
Juvenile Justice Coalition
Social Justice -  Rhiannon Childs, Women's March on Washington - Ohio Chapter
Another guest,
Dr. Radwan Baytiyeh, is coming from Florida. He will be our motivational speaker that night.  
Please check out our
Facebook Event to learn more about our honorary guests and speakers. 
Seats are limited. Please make sure to register your seats now and share with your families and friends as well. We are looking forward to seeing you at the dinner.

Reserve Your Seat Now

Channel WYSX ABC 6 Reports On MY Iftar KItchen

About 1500 Hot Meals Have Been Distributed This Ramadan 

Thanks to Haley Nelson  of WSYX ABC 6 for covering MY Iftar Kitchen 2018 in recently. She has done an awesome job of showing her viewers how we are uplifting the Wedgewood community.

Thanks to Sr. Zerqa Abid for her hard work in creating so many spaces for our youth to learn, lead and shine. MY Iftar Kitchen and MY Family Pantry are just two of those.

Thanks to all donors, volunteers and staff members that give their extra time and go an extra mile to make sure that the children and elderly in the community have good nutritious food to eat. 

MY Iftar Kitchen is truly a team effort. We are grateful to Allah SWT for such an amazing community and an awesome team of volunteers and staff. May Allah SWT immensely reward each and every contributor of MY Project USA. May He grant us with more community support in the form of money and human resources. Ameen.

Please donate or Sign Up Now so we could continue serving our community.

Donate Now to Support MY Iftar Kitchen

Columbus Fasting 5k 2018
To Support Wedgewood Youth & Families

Fasting 5 K for MY Project USA

Saturday | June 2nd, 2018 | 7:30 pm

Noor Islamic Cultural Center | 5001 Wilcox Rd. Dublin, OH 43016

Our Fasting 5K moms are trying to raise $10,000 for MY Project USA and another overseas organization that helps address violence against children. 

If they reach their goal, we would be able to buy a 15-seater van to transport several of our at-risk children to the recreation centers on daily basis. This would help us keep them away from drugs and gangs. It would help us in providing them with healthy and positive environment that is crucial for their upbringing. It would also help us in providing hundreds of girls in our target neighborhood with recreational opportunities that are not in their range otherwise. 

These are the things that many of us take for granted, but in the undeserved communities, they are considered unreachable luxuries. Our little donation could make a bigger difference in the lives of so many for years to come. This donation would become a sadaqa jariyah for you God willing. 

We would highly encourage all community members to join hands with these amazing moms and help them reach their goal and beyond. May God be with us. Ameen.

Donate Now to Support Our Team

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors At MY Deah's

MY Family Pantry Has Distributed About 35,000 Meals & Snacks This Ramadan

MY Family Pantry Day 70
On MAY 26, 2018 MY Family Pantry served 144 families. Total number of families served this Ramadan is 289. 

Following numbers are only for the last Saturday:
Approximate # meals & snacks distributed: 20,000
Families Served - 144 ⃒ NEW Families Served - 6| Individuals Served - 802
Families without Children- 27| Families with Children- 117
Children- 479| Adults- 297 ⃒ Seniors- 26
Family Size:
1-3 members - 39| 4-6 members - 53| 7+ members - 59

MY Family Pantry is a youth initiative and is run hundred percent by our youth volunteers. The pantry's executive team is comprised of OSU students. This pantry is hundred percent financed by our community. Fresh produce is provided by the Mid-Ohio Food Bank for Free. 

Please Donate now to support our pantry or Sign Up to Volunteer

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Here Is How We Fit 6 Out of 8 Criteria of Zakat Eligibility

Pay Your Zakat Now
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MY Eid Toys Drive 2018
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Personal Hygiene Drive By MY Family Pantry

We're going to be collecting personal hygiene items during the holy month of Ramadan to then distribute to families in need on Eid. What might seem like an everyday item to you, might be a luxury product for someone else.

Please share with your friends and family and help us reach our goal. Feel free to contact us with any questions!
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