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Muslims Against Human Trafficking:

Would You Be Among The First 313?

Congratulations To Our First 100 Supporters This Ramadan

There were 313 brave individuals, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his companions, that fought in the Battle of Badar against a giant army of the enemies of Allah, 1400 years ago. They won against all odds and their names are written in the history of human kind among the most sincere, fearless, and wise people on the face of the earth. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of them. Since then 313 has become a symbolic and inspiring number for the movements that are not understood and appreciated by the community in their first years. Our initiative Muslims Against Human Trafficking is one of those. Slowly but surely, people are realizing what an important project it is and why they must support it, Alhamdulillah. 

Through this post, we would like to congratulate the first 100 donors for funding Muslims Against Human Trafficking and MY Project USA. May Allah SWT immensely reward these brothers and sisters, young and old people that have come out to support a cause that most community members are yet to appreciate. What an honor to be among the first ones that stood to help free slaves and stop slavery in 2016; that stood to keep Muslim youth safe from the drug dealers and pimps when the community wouldn't admit that there was a problem; that stood with the most vulnerable Muslim moms and children right here in America when the most community members were looking the other way. MashaAllah!!!

We can't wait to see who else would be among the first 313 to join our movement this year. We still need $11,088 to reach our minimum goal to sustain our project in 2016-17. Here is your chance to be among the pioneers of a project that has been vetted and praised by the Mayor of Columbus and other agencies for its unprecedented and impressive work.
Be Among The First 313
MY Project USA Fundraising Goals 2016

Fundraising & Development:

MY Project USA's Zakat Elligibility

We Fit Six Out Of Eight Categories of Zakat

MY Project USA is Zakat eligible since it falls in to six of the eight categories of Zakat as commanded by Allah SWT in the following verse of Quran:

"Zakat expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect [zakah] and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing captives [or slaves] and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the [stranded] traveler - an obligation [imposed] by Allah . And Allah is Knowing and Wise. (Quran 9:60)"

The first and second category of “poor and for the needy” applies since we are helping poor local and refugee Muslim families.

The fourth category of "bringing hearts together" applies since we serve all needy people regardless of their faith, ethnicity or race. We also work with individuals that are attracted to Islam and Muslims and prefer working with us to learn more. 

The fifth category “freeing captive” applies since we are addressing human trafficking, the modern day slavery, prevention and intervention. We are specially focusing on freeing sex-slaves from their masters and then helping them in re-establishing their lives.

The sixth category of "paying the debt" applies since we take care of families, single moms and family violence victims dealing with debts and financial instability.  

The seventh category “the cause of Allah” applies because we are protecting and empowering Muslim youth and families in America. Through our work we are addressing drugs, gangs, violence, suicides, radicalization, homelessness, and hunger through capacity building of the individuals and the community. Through the documentation and publicity of our work we seek to address Islamophobia as well. Our goal is to preserve Islam and Muslim community in America at its best.     

According to the majority scholars, Zakat can be given to those who volunteer to fight in the cause of Allah (SWT) and do not receive a fixed salary from the government. This also applies to the operational cost/salaries of a non-profit organization like ours that fits the other categories of zakat eligibility. 

Of course people can also donate from any Sadaqa funds for this cause as well.
Pay Your Zakat & Sadaqa Now
MY Iftaar Kitchen 2016

Community Services: 

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2016

835 Hot Meals and Counting...  

It is inspiring to see what a giving community we have. So many people have come together to help feed the needy through My Iftaar Kitchen. The community we serve is extremely poor and the children here are at high risk of being victimized by drug dealers and pimps in the neighborhood. A nice hot meal would not just fill their stomach, but it also helps save them from being preyed upon a lonely depressed day  

One day, there was a fire in a apartment building where the food was distributed. The people did not have a way to get back in the building to break their fast. The food distributed helped all the people who were evacuated from the building and needed to open their fast while the police and fire department to care of the situation in the building.

May Allah give barakah to this project and to all the volunteers who make this possible. 

This is great opportunity for you too to get some rewards by feeding a needy or two this Ramadan.
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