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Anna Street Church of Christ
Vol. 57, No. 20
Sunday, May 15, 2022
Let's pray for:
  • The protection of the supreme court.
  • Courage in the face of social pressure.  
  • People to have level heads and think before they act.
  • God's will to be done.
Our elders announced that our recent leadership survey identified Steve McLean and Henry Sena to become elders and Cary Ladd and Craig Wright to assume the role of deacon. These new leaders will be ordained on Sunday morning, May 15. We are asking anyone who is able to fast in preparation for the ordination, to do so starting after breakfast on Saturday until lunchtime on Sunday.

Misti and Henry will be taking pictures in the library after the morning service to update our foyer display. 


Our Cole Drummond at Senior Signing where he signed his letter of intent to go to WT. Cole will graduate with his associates degree from Amarillo College on May 13th at Hodgetown! He will graduate from Ascension Academy on May 27th at The Loft church. Graduate Sunday for Cole will be on May 22nd when we honor him for his hard work over the last several years. A place will be set aside for congratulatory cards and gift.

     Guess who's coming to Anna Street Church on May 25th!


Make plans to attend and bring snacks because...
college students will be here!

Anna St Crafters’ Morning, Saturday, May 21st from 9:30am to 12:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.  We are scheduling another morning of Craft Project Productivity, Fun and Fellowship Bring a craft project you are working on and come join us!   Lunch will be provided, so we need a headcount.  Please put your name on the sign-up sheet at the bulletin board next to the front door.

  • We were very pleasantly surprised to see Glenna Atchley in church last Sunday after cancer surgery on May 2nd. She has three different doctor appointments this week. One with the oncologist where hopefully she will learn if radiation or chemo will be required. We pray none will be needed. Glenna hopes to return to work the following week.
  • Tommie Cummings went into rehab after suffering a bad fall. When the rehab is done, she will be moving into a home. We will get her new address at that time.  Virginia says she is very weak and would appreciate our prayers.
  • Collene Derrick is asking for continued prayer for her nephew, Jon, his wife Teresa Nials and their family. Teresa's son, Aaron, says that his mom's condition is worsening quickly. He is in need of prayer as he is deeply attached her. Collene thanks us for our prayers and says they are much appreciated by the family.
  • Preston Kay, Rosie Wright's boyfriend, has had a rough few  days. He had a third test of the gall bladder on Wednesday and had to be off his meds for two days prior. We pray the results will put the doctors on the right path toward getting him well.
Come join us at 6:45 p.m. for some enjoyable singing.  Then at 7:35, Lee Kendle will present a 3-week study:

Jesus is Risen! Our sins are forgiven. God's new covenant is established. One thing remains to enact the Kingdom—the Ascension.

Come study with us Wednesdays in May:  "He was taken Up."      



In this Mother's Day sermon, Nathan used 2nd Timothy to discuss where our faith comes from, and why we should reflect on it.
Sunday's lesson is here.
Bible Names
      I don’t know if anybody requires them anymore, but during my younger years some of my friends grew up in faiths or cultures that required parents to give their offspring Bible names. This may explain why in every American town back then we had a jillion Johns and Jameses and Peters and Thomases. 
     Today biblical names for modern kids obviously is a dying custom. In even the most devout families, new parents now seem to stay up late trying to dream up names nobody on earth has ever heard or spelled before. Pity those poor kids. For the rest of their lives they will have to spell their names multiple times every day in any transaction that requires their identity. Most of them will assure you that Bob or Jane would have made life a lot easier for them.
     I got started down this path when I ran across a Bible name while I was reading the news this morning. For the first time ever (I think), I saw in a “Most Wanted” notice that a female criminal the cops are looking for grew up with the Bible name Vashti. I wonder if this had anything to do with her bad behavior. (Do you remember that Vashti in the Bible was the upstart queen King Ahasueras dumped before he married Esther?)
     This got me to thinking about previous times when I chuckled in amazement to see that somebody had named their child Judas, or Delilah, or Jonah, or Jezebel. Bible names? Yes. But it seems obvious that the parents who chose them did not know those Bible stories. Who would intentionally name their son or daughter after an infamous miscreant or doofus?         
     Names matter. Maybe more than we know. Some interesting studies have been done to see what effect the actual sounds of names may have on our personalities. After all, we hear those same tones and inflections hundreds of times even before we know one word from another, and then we hear them thousands of times for the rest of our days. Do these often repeated sounds change the way we react to the world around us? I don’t know.
     But I do know that God changed the names of people like Abraham and Sarah and Jacob and Paul to fit the visions he had for them. What does your name say about God’s goals for you?
                                                                                                   Gene Shelburne
It's an Invasion!!!

     Tuesday morning I woke up early for whatever reason. I was wide awake at 4:30 am. I looked at the clock and decided to get an early jump on the day. I put on my normal walking clothes and shoes, put in my headphones and walked out the door. My normal route took me to Puckett Elementary, where I walked around the perimeter of the park on the sidewalk.
     My friend Bryce told me a couple of weeks ago to keep an eye out for the alignment of planets in the morning, and there they were in a perfect diagonal line. Other than stars, I will occasionally see airplanes and, rarely, meteors. Tuesday, however, I looked up into the sky and saw something that took my breath away.
     A series of white dots floated across the sky in a perfect line. Dozens of them. Immediately I tried to reason why they might exist. Maybe an effect of the sun? Perhaps they were drones? Early morning pilots having fun? Surely it isn’t an alien invasion. I said this last one joking to myself, because I DON’T BELIEVE IN ALIENS. After I thought that, I picked up my phone and recorded.
     Upon returning to the house, I showed the recording to Andrea. Like me, she was also captivated. I immediately thought I might send the video to our local TV station. Then the most imaginative part of my brain began thinking what it would be like to be interviewed on "Good Morning America".
     A more reasonable part of me thought I should do a little investigatory work.
     I googled the phenomena. It wasn’t aliens. It was Space X’s satellite system called Starlink. This is the same system Elon Musk has organized to pass over Ukraine and Russia to be a thorn in Putin’s side. To his dismay, it provides continuous access to information using the internet. I had read about this, but Tuesday it became real. I felt silly.
     This week I was talking with a friend about the nature of people and their effect on the church dynamic. We both determined that people, and therefore churches, are often bad at waiting. This has been exasperated, in recent times, by current social justice ideas. If someone sees what they feel is an injustice in the church, rather than following Christ’s example, they cause a fuss. More damage is done than if they would’ve behaved patiently, trusting Jesus’ method. Instead of talking to the individual, first they go to the leadership, or worse—straight to the crowd. If only they would have waited, they might have realized their idea of an injustice was something they completely took out of context. Now they look like a buffoon, but their scorched earth tactics have destroyed all their relationships.
     Humans often want results now. Change now. Their way now. The consequences don’t matter. We see in our culture that the ends justify the means. If you don’t believe me, look at the current events with the Supreme Court, the protests, the leaks, and the executive branch’s lack of action.
     If some people don’t slow down, ask questions, and do research, then the big question is this; Who will be the buffoon?

Nathan Keller
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