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Anna Street Church of Christ
Vol. 57, No. 19
Sunday, May 8, 2022
Let's pray for:
  • The protection of the supreme court.
  • Courage in the face of social pressure.  
  • People to have level heads and think before they act.
  • God's will to be done.
Last Sunday our elders announced that our recent leadership survey identified Steve McLean and Henry Sena to become elders and Cary Ladd and Craig Wright to assume the role of deacon. These new leaders will be ordained on Sunday morning, May 15.

Two important happenings this Sunday:
Number One: It's Mother's Day! Mom's, bring your kids! We don't care how old they are!
Number Two: Jessie and Jose Arredondo will be baptized! What a great day!

Big thank you to Henry, Misti and Brandon Sena for re-wiring the line from the communion table. That's a safety issue thankfully taken care of. 
Another big thank you to Lilian Keller who did a great job of mowing the church lawn in Cary's absence.

Misti and Henry will be taking pictures in the library after the morning service to update our foyer display. Please make time for that and smile for the birdie!

     Guess who's coming to Anna Street Church on May 25th!


Make plans to attend and bring snacks because...
college students will be here!

Anna St Crafters’ Morning, Saturday, May 21st from 9:30am to 12:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.  We are scheduling another morning of Craft Project Productivity, Fun and Fellowship Bring a craft project you are working on and come join us!   Lunch will be provided, so we need a headcount.  Please put your name on the sign-up sheet at the bulletin board next to the front door.

  • Glenna Atchley had cancer surgery on May 2nd. Her daughter, Amber, says she is doing great, strong and moving around pretty well. She also said her Mom has everything she needs and has nightly meals lined up through next week. When Nathan visited her in the hospital she told him to tell us: "I miss you guys. Thank you for all the prayers."
  • Almost half our people were traveling somewhere last weekend. Including Gaylord and Linda Latham who visited their kids in Beaumont then came back through Dallas for an appointment with Gaylord's cardiologist. The doctor gave him a good report!
  • Tommie Cummings has been moved to Hillside Terrace Rehab. Virginia say she is very weak. She would appreciate our prayers.
  • Collene Derrick is asking for prayers for her nephew, Jon, his wife Teresa Nials and their family. Teresa was admitted to hospice care on Monday. The cancer has finally won the battle, Collene tells us. The doctors say she has two weeks at most.
  • Lillie Rogers' cataract surgery went well and she thanks us for praying.
  • Preston Kay had gall bladder tests run. We pray the doctors can soon determine the cause of his medical problems.
  • Don Evans' back is better and the shingles are clearing up. Good news! 
  •  A cautionary note: some kind of bad stomach ailment is circulating throughout Amarillo and has affected a few of our members. Be careful out there.
Come join us at 6:45 p.m. for some enjoyable singing.  Then at 7:35, Lee Kendle will present a 3-week study:

Jesus is Risen! Our sins are forgiven. God's new covenant is established. One thing remains to enact the Kingdom—the Ascension.

Come study with us Wednesdays in May:  "He was taken Up."      



Mark Farr from Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe, came and spoke to us about the status of Bible translations.
Sunday's lesson is here.
Harvard's True Colors
     I could hardly believe the news report when I first saw it. In the summer of 2021, with forty religious leaders voting Yes, prestigious Harvard University designated an atheist as their school’s “chaplain.” Obviously, I first thought, they don’t know what that word means.
    In a perceptive article about this shocking academic decision, Fletch Daniels called it “this grotesque travesty.” But he acknowledged that, while unthinkable, this action may be a display of honesty by schools like Harvard—schools that for several decades now have been “post-Christian” discretely, but in truth unflinchingly and increasingly hostile to Christianity.
     A headline such as this revived a lurking fear I have tried to suppress and ignore but can’t seem to remove from my heart. I can’t keep from being afraid that by attending highly lauded universities and sitting at the feet of distinguished but unbelieving academicians, my dozen-plus grandchildren could have their faith forever stunted or eradicated. Long after I’m gone, will they embrace my faith in the Lord or the agnosticism of their sharpest and most winsome professors?
     Like most grandparents, I crow about my grandkids. Over half of them already are doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, corporate leaders, or graduate students in highly demanding fields, and several of the younger ones are enrolled in top universities. When one after the other they have received scholarships to distinguished schools, I have bragged and applauded. But I must confess that my pride in their educational achievements gets muffled a bit when I realize what some of their most persuasive teachers have tried to teach them.
     When I came across that news report that Harvard’s new chaplain was an atheist, Harvard got erased from my list of schools I would ever recommend to any Christian student. Now I have a second blacklist to go along with the one of sports events not to watch because they are ashamed to be Americans.
    Come to think of it, though, Harvard’s now-public decision may have a positive result. Could it be that naming a God-denier as chaplain will turn out be Harvard’s unintentional acknowledgment that atheism actually is another religion—one that is at odds with those who honor and obey God? In universities all across America, in recent decades, religion increasingly has been throttled and professions of faith have been belittled or banned. Now, for all the world to hear, they have confessed their true religion.
                                                                                                   Gene Shelburne
Churches Must Be Prepared

Yesterday I happened upon a well-made movie about the current conversation regarding sexuality in our culture.

It isn't intended for young audiences. However, after screening it myself I determined it was important for my older children to view.
It features testimonies from people who are homosexual as well as those who were transgender. Their stories may be difficult to listen to, but as Christians we cannot shy away from these conversations. Jesus came for the sick, and we the church must be ready. Our culture isn't waiting for us to catch up.
When Paul came and spoke to the Bereans, he found they were “of more noble character than those in Thessalonica.” Quite often the thing that makes us bad at evolving our ministry to help the sick is that we don’t listen. I once heard someone say, “God gave us one mouth and two ears, because we should listen twice as much as we talk.”
Set aside two hours to watch this movie as this is an in-depth study of theology, philosophy, and human story. This movie is designed to help fix false narratives, correct theology, and sow seeds of truth-filled compassion rather than echo a message of affirmation from our culture like some churches have begun to do. With every day that passes, the likelihood of you knowing someone going through this goes up.
When Walt Heyer, a former transgender, set up a website for those who had regrets about their transition, he didn’t realize how many would be like him. The first year they received hundreds of emails. In 2015, they received over 300,000 notifications from people who regretted transitioning. As the number of transgenders rise, so does the number of those who regret the day they listened to an affirming culture.

Do I know everything? Not even close. But this I do know—the answer to this cultural phenomenon, like with all human brokenness, is very simply; people need Jesus as their Lord.
The contributors can be found here.
Here is the movie:

They have a YouTube channel which has more resources.

Nathan Keller
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