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Vol. 55, No. 20
Sunday, May 16, 2021
  • Connie Westbrook is progressing with a few minor complications after her surgery. She and Jack are thankful that the surgery went well and request special prayers for pain reduction and healing. Jack requests prayers for strength and joy.
  • Let's continue to remember Tyler Allen in our prayers.
  • Jim Craig continues to need our prayers also.
  • Caleb Dunson is waiting on more test results before having surgery.
  • We want to honor the marriage of Brandon and Micaela Sena with a love gift from our congregation. You may drop your check, made out to them, in the collection box. Or give your gift to Joyce Ladd or Lillie Rogers, who will collect funds through the month of May. Please sign the card for them on the table in the foyer.
  • Last week Curtis Shelburne delivered copies of his latest CD, "Almost Home." They are available on the church foyer table for $20 each. You can pay Gene next time you see him.
  • Effective immediately, we will no longer be having parking lot services. Please see the article below.
  • On Sunday, June 6, we will begin passing communion trays once again assuming current COVID-19 trends continue. We will have communion kits available for any who feel more comfortable participating in that way. The offering will continue as is for now.
Sunday, May 23rd, is Graduate Sunday!

We will be honoring
Rosie Wright
David Derrick
for their hard work over the last several years.

A place will be set aside for congratulatory cards.
Community Breakfast
      Eating together is one of the best ways to find kinship. After the Spirit is given to the disciples on Pentecost we see all those who believe come together in unity “breaking bread”. On June 5th we are going to “break bread.” We are inviting all our neighbors in Olsen Park to come, eat, and visit. Our doors will swing open at 9 am and will shut at noon.
      We are going to have some people cooking pancakes, sausage, and bacon on outdoor griddles. We will need others to serve and point people to our facilities. We will need others to sit, talk and visit. We are achieving two purposes in this. First, we are “breaking bread” with any who come. Second, we are letting our community know, “we are here.”
      We look forward to having you there as well.
  • For all those in the news section above
  • That Olsen Park Elementary’s current principal would enjoy retirement
  • That the incoming principal would be receptive to our church’s desire to help
  • For Israel’s protection from militant terrorism
  • That Christians would not be afraid to “stand against the devil’s schemes” and that we would seek to know more about the armor of God we are encouraged to wear
  • For Nathan’s studies as he prepares to teach us on Sunday mornings from the book of Acts
Church services are at 10:30 AM each Sunday morning in the auditorium. We continue to live stream to YouTube. You may click here to go directly to the live streaming site or here for a link to learn how to access and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Our Wednesday evening gatherings are at 6:30 PM for singing practice. This song practice has been vital in improving our singing, and we have fun! If you haven’t come yet, feel free to join us, even if you only listen.
Upcoming Bible Studies

This Sunday Nathan and the older kids will discuss Jude 1-16. The younger kids will talk about Jesus walking on water. All are welcome!

The little ones are being taught by Joyce and Misti.
The older kids are being taught by Nathan.
"Singing Faith"
Why do we sing?  What do we sing about?  How does music inspire us?
What are the origins of our music?  Why is it important to our Christian life
and fellowship?  Join our Sunday morning Bible study as we take a closer look 
at this important aspect of our walk with the Lord.

The adults will be taught by Lee Kendle.
Pray for these classes to go well, and that God would bless us and our teachers.
Last Week's Lesson
Our world has its own definitions for what makes a good mother. Last Sunday we decided to learn from God’s word. Nathan used the story of Hannah and Samuel to show us the kinds of parents and grandparents we should strive to be. Listen to his message here.
Believing in Nothing
      I’d be surprised if my column readers have read many of the books or articles written by the late Italian philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco.
      Eco gets credit in some circles for inspiring Dan Brown’s best-selling heretical novel The Da Vinci Code. Since Eco renounced his own belief in God and cut his early links to the Catholic Church, he might have welcomed such credit whether it was true or not.
      In an article in Touchstone magazine, Jesse Russell wrote that Eco “made a good living by telling beautiful lies.” Russell said that in his later years this lapsed-Christian novelist was showing “the wearing signs of a life spent believing in nothing.” Evidently his loss of faith did not bless him.
      C. S. Lewis learned this the hard way. During his early academic career, Lewis was an outspoken atheist. In his autobiographical Surprised by Joy, this famous author tells of the blessings that filled his life when he left the cold, hopeless world of doubt and rediscovered true faith in the Creator.
      Psychiatrist Dr. David Larson was warned by his teachers that he would damage his patients if he tried to mix Christian faith with his psychiatric practice. Philip Yancey says that Larson later learned that less than half of his colleagues believe in God and 40 percent of
them see religion as harmful to their patients’ mental health.
      Larson discovered, though, that instead of causing health problems, religious commitment often reduced them. He concluded that “in essence the studies empirically verify the wisdom of the book of Proverbs.” He found that “those who follow biblical values live longer, enjoy life more, and are less diseased.”
      People who get too smart to believe in God rob themselves unknowingly of resources they can’t find anywhere else.
      As Jesus talked one day with his men, he looked heavenward and said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children” (Luke 10:21).
      He was right. Some of us are too impressed with ourselves to see the most obvious truths revealed by Jesus or to see the Father he came to reveal to us.
      Dwight Moody got it right when he said, “God sends no one away empty—except those who are full of themselves.”

By Gene Shelburne
Parking Lot Service

The elders’ have decided to cease parking-lot services immediately. 1) It is a matter of time before the FCC begins to enforce laws in regards to FM transmission like they were doing prior to COVID-19. We want to ensure we are practicing lawfully. 2) We were borrowing someone else’s equipment and they need it back. We are thankful they allowed us to use it during this time. It helped our church be relevant even when the doors were closed. 3) Our own smaller equipment does not work nearly as well and would be more of a frustration than a help.

We would like to thank those who made the parking lot services possible:
  • Mark, who used his technical know-how so our radios could tune in
  • Many others who helped minister to people parked in the parking lot whether it was a simple “hello” or handing out communion. Thank you for the work you did despite the rain and snow!
If you need to be socially distant, know that we have our fellowship hall set up to receive the audio and visual experience of the service. Also, our church streams services to YouTube. If you have a computer, smart phone, or a smart TV, you can stream the service in your own home.

While our church offers the service to watch from the comfort of your own home, it should be understood, that this does not substitute for seeing your church family face to face. It does not substitute for shaking someone’s hand or giving them a hug. It does not substitute for standing next to a friend singing in harmony, or allowing your kids and grandkids to play with other kids. If you can make it to church and pose no health risk to anyone else, the doors are open. If you have any further questions, contact Nathan or the church office.
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