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Anna Street Church of Christ
Vol. 57, No. 09
Sunday, February 27, 2022

 March 4th is Youth Lock-In Night!
Starts at 7:00 p.m.. Dinner will be served. There will be a lesson for kids and fun games with Henry and Misti helping out.

We are in need of boxes for this event. Preferably copy paper box-size with lids. If you can drop them off at the church, we would be most grateful.
 March 6th is Bring a Friend Sunday!
Invite a friend (or family member) to come worship with us!
 March 26th is the Boy's Ranch Tour!
Begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends with lunch. Deadline to sign up on sheet on the bulletin board is March 20th. Car pooling is suggested. A van will be provided once we get there.

We are more than pleased  to welcome three new members to Anna Street Church! They are:
  •  Carolyn Butler from Amarillo.  (Hometown Tulia)
  •  Sisters from Logan, NM: Trish Jackson and Robin Smith        
  • Virginia Rhodes says the silver treatment is very effective and she is seeing some progress in the wound healing. She continues with therapy and is doing good with that. We pray she will continue to heal and soon be pain-free. 
  • Kinan and June Burk have finally found a new place to roost. Their new address is: 1004 E. Coke Road #2, Winnsboro, TX  75494.
  • Elijah and Andie Keller are on their way to Austin for the Science Olympiad. They will return Sunday afternoon. We are so very proud of Elijah!
Mike Wilhelm, senior chaplain at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, will be teaching his final Wednesday night seminar March 2nd.  His focus is on a modern world that has diminished the capacity for kids to believe.  Join us for the last of this most interesting and informative teaching titled "Showing the True Face of God".

March 9th, 16th and 23rd, Lee Kendle will be teaching us about "Allegiance and Works."

March 30th we plan on having a cookout!



Nathan Keller's lesson was about "complete  unity." For decades, Anna Street Church has championed Jesus' prayer for unity in their approach to community and church. The Body of Christ is more than any one denomination.
Sunday's lesson is here.
Brave Honesty
      “Can Gene come work for me tonight?” Our Scandanavian neighbor, Pop Klaus, owned two or three root beer stands. Some of his help stood him up one evening. At the last minute, he needed any extra hand, so he knocked on our door and recruited me.
     I was delighted. In the small town we lived in before we moved north that summer, I did odd jobs for half a dozen store owners. Maybe that door was opening in our new home.
     Shortly before dark that day, I rode with Pop Klaus in his old Mercury, not realizing he was half blind. The Route 66 bypass we now call Amarillo Blvd. was almost finished but not yet open to traffic. It was the fastest route to his North Fillmore root beer joint, so Pop Klaus chose to drive down that still-barricaded highway. I loved it.
     After that one night, though, I never got invited back to help serve root beer. “I guess I didn’t do as good a job as I thought I did,” I surmised. Six months later, though, Pop Klaus knocked on our door again. “I need to talk to Gene,” he told my surprised mother.
     “I owe you an apology,” he confessed to me in his always gruff voice. “On that night when you worked for me, our cash drawer turned up twenty dollars short. I just assumed that you, my new worker, had slipped it into your pocket. Today as we were replacing that window counter, we found that twenty dollar bill stuck to the old root beer that had dribbled down behind that drawer slot.”
     Pop Klaus didn’t have to come tell me that. He didn’t have to eat crow and confess to a clueless kid that he—the veteran business owner—had been wrong. But he did it. Because he was a God-fearing, Christ-honoring man. He came next door to apologize to a teenager for a mistake I never would have known about had it not been for that good man’s flawless integrity.     
     That’s the kind of honesty Jesus wants in all of us—a willingness to face the truth and to tell the truth, regardless of the consequences. If you want your community to be healthy and your lives to be secure, the prophet Zechariah counseled his people, “Speak the truth to each other” (8:16). Surely Jesus would say Amen to that. After all, he tells us, “I am the Truth.”
Gene Shelburne
Balancing Act
      On Monday, the kids and I drove to the park behind Puckett Elementary School. After racing to see who could get there first, Viv wanted to do the usual: swing, slide, and climb. After doing so, she skipped over to the concrete divider which surrounds the playground. She began to walk on it, one foot in front of another, as if she were on a tight rope. She did very well.
     The balancing act feels like a job we do daily, doesn’t it? We balance our job, kids, spouse, chores, friendships, self, faith, etc. These are all things we must take care of, but if we do it incorrectly, we fall. If someone has never balanced things before, they make mistakes. They do too much too quickly. They carry things in the wrong order, or, to their detriment, carry things that should be left alone.
     We can see in our culture Satan has done an excellent job of convincing people to balance incorrectly. I can almost see him whispering in people’s ears with that forked tongue, “Sexual identity…that really matters.” Those people we see are beginning to shift the culture with their loud voices all the while forgetting who made them—a mistake-free God who believes in freewill. In some of the ears of God’s people, who may have a false sense of security, Satan whispers, “Children…yes…place them above your spouse…it will only be until they graduate, then surely everything will return to the way it used to be.” After kids graduate, spouses go through an empty nest phase, and if they have not had their priorities correctly stacked, find it difficult. Their children then reenact their improper handling of priorities.
     Whenever Mom and Dad would ask me to carry things from point A to point B, I quickly realized I could carry more than one thing at a time. The only thing was, I had to do it correctly. If I put the largest object on bottom and stacked the smaller things on top, then I could quickly and safely finish my job.
     The scriptures are full of comments or stories on the importance of having good priorities so that a life can be correctly balanced. 
     Today let me leave you with just one verse from Psalm 37:23. “The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in His way…”

Recommended reading: Ex 18:14-27; Mt 22:34-40; Lk 14:25-35; Col 1:18; Eph 5:21-33.

Nathan Keller
Anna Street Church of Christ
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