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Anna Street Church of Christ
Vol. 56, No. 08
Sunday, February 20, 2022
March 6th is Bring a Friend Sunday! Invite a friend (or family member) to come worship with us!
  • Lilian Keller auditioned and won a spot with 5 other kids to be in the Amarillo Youth Choir. She will accompany her solo with her ukulele. Congratulations, Lily!
  • Samantha Drummond got one of the leads in her middle school play. Both Sam and Caleb qualified to go to the State Latin Convention in San Antonio. Cole was honored at senior night at the homecoming basketball game for his contributions to basketball, bowling, golf, and track in his 7 years at Ascension. All three have remained on the Head of School or Dean's List all school year. Amazing!
  • Unfortunately, Penny and Caleb now have Covid. They both have sore throats, Caleb's is especially bad, and Penny's sinuses required antibiotics. She was also prescribed an inhaler for some wheezing in her left lung. Penny appreciates our prayers for quick recoveries for her and Caleb.
  • Virginia Rhodes is in a lot of pain and in need of prayer after knee surgery that left her with extremely thin skin over that knee. Her doctor put new skin over it but it is not healing. It is now infected and a wound specialist is determining what to do next. 
  • Emma Heaton, Darlene's great-granddaughter, will go to State in Houston on Saturday. Emma is a Freshman at Randall and is on the wrestling team.  

The good news is this: there are simple things we can do to help restore an environment conducive to faith. This four-session seminar will be of interest to a wide range of folks; parents, youth workers, and especially, concerned grandparents!

Mike's teaching will continue through March 2nd.

      Feb 23rd:  Welcoming Hard Questions
      Mar 2nd:   Showing the True Face of God
Mike Wilhelm, senior chaplain at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch will be teaching Wednesday nights in February. His focus will be on a modern world that has diminished the capacity to believe. As a result, a screen-addicted generation has emerged with a confusing mixture of spiritual hunger mingled with a tragic tone deafness to God. Some of our common reactions have actually hurt people and made matters worse.


Steve McLean gave an excellent lesson designed for people who are distracted from the call Christ gave to "follow me." In his lesson, he takes us to the end of the Sermon on the Mount to focus on what it means to be wise.
Sunday's lesson is here.
Leaving the Scene
       It’s way past time for me to confess. I left the scene of an accident. Almost 70 years ago.
       Let me hasten to explain that I wasn’t trying to avoid a ticket or to escape blame. But I did run away when I should have stayed put.
      That day I was riding my beloved Whizzer motorbike. Which, at the ripe old age of 14, I didn’t always ride too wisely.   
       For the first time ever, my parents and the rest of my family were leaving me home alone as they headed out of town that day. My new job required me to show up Sunday morning at 4:30, so I couldn’t go along to visit our grandparents.
      My family stopped to fill their gas tank for the trip, and I just happened to ride by on my Whizzer. Mom beckoned me over. She’d left at home something she needed. She wanted to know if I would hurry to the house five blocks away and bring it back to her.
       As I whizzed up Clay Street even faster than usual, I came up behind four or five cars stopped in the street. Without thinking, I goosed my motorbike to fly past them, not realizing that the car up front was about to turn left—right in front of me. Sliding along the side of that car as it angled into a storefront parking space, I slammed my front wheel into the rim of the store’s sidewalk and did an upside-down full-body slam into the store’s brick wall.
       Probably confused by that blow to my cranium, I climbed back onto my Whizzer and raced off without even talking to the lady whose car now had a full-length handlebar scratch. After all, I had to hurry to perform that errand for my mother. Then I returned home alone and collapsed in my bed to sleep off the throbbing head pain.
       I don’t think my parents ever knew about that accident. It would have horrified them (and probably grounded me). Only years later when I learned about concussions did I realize that my untreated injuries that day could have been fatal. I dodged death that day, and I’m glad. My years since then have been blessed beyond description, but they have flown by.      
      The psalmist was right when he wrote, “Each of our lives is but a breath.” Don’t waste a minute of it.
Gene Shelburne
The Life-Changing Way
     I wonder if you’ve ever been blessed with the job of cutting small cherry tomatoes or grapes. It can be tedious, especially when you’ve got 20 or 30 to do. Rob Goodhue, an executive chef at a country club in Florida, used to sit and watch his wife doing this over and over again. She kept slaving and sweating cutting all these tiny tomatoes, grapes, or olives in half.
     One day he had an epiphany. He walked over to her and asked her to stand to the side. He took all the things she was wanting to cut and sandwiched them between two plates which held all the vegetables and fruit in place. Then, putting pressure on the top plate, he took a sharp knife and cut between the plates horizontally—everything was sliced in half in one attempt.
     Whew! That makes that job a lot easier. You can now go to YouTube to see this chef show people how to do this and save a lot of time. One person on Facebook said this was a “life-changer.” A blogger called Rob Goodhue, “the most genius husband in the universe.” His wife agrees.
     I wonder if anyone has been spending their life doing things the “normal way.” Perhaps you are totally unaware of how life-changing things can be. Not just now, but forever. With the proper change we can transform the most mundane and boring things into ways of praising our Creator. All we need is a willing spirit, and a change of attitude.
Whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. (1 Peter 4:11)
     One example I experienced at Anna Street of this life-changing behavior was in our morning studies. For a year, Lee Kendle did a Bible study focused on hymns. He would choose a hymn then discuss the author, the lyrics, the musical composition, and the scriptural ideas it used.
     Taking the time to reflect on something almost always results in enrichment. What are you doing to enrich your worship? Your tithing? Your discipleship? Your faith?
Nathan Keller
Anna Street Church of Christ
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