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Vol. 55, No. 35
Sunday, August 29, 2021
  • Mike Sullivan, the preacher Anna Street supported in Rhode Island for several years, passed away Saturday from COVID-19. Let's continue to remember his family in our prayers.
  • Linda Purer thanks all of us for our prayers while she was recovering from COVID-19. She hopes to be able to go back to work on Friday, the 27th.
  • Mark your calendar! Bill and Gwenda Grant have invited us to their home for a cookout on September 11th at 6 p.m.
  • Please be aware that several of our members have acute allergies to fragrances. Both guys and gals need to go light on perfumes or colognes before coming to church.
  • On Wednesday, September 1, Mural Worthey will be speaking for us. He is from the Amarillo College Bible Chair.
  • The kids Sunday morning Bible Study will start again on September 5th. The older kids will be studying the book of Mark and the younger ones will continue with the stories of Jesus.
  • Sunday is the final day of the High Plains Children’s Home Change for Children campaign. Please top off your change can and bring it to the building on Sunday.
  • On Sunday, September 26 @ 4:00 p.m. bring your friends and family to a free celebration of God’s love for you at John Stiff Memorial Park. You’ll enjoy live music from the Newsboys and other uplifting musicians, as well as a powerful message of hope from Franklin Graham. Encourage your loved ones to join you for this uplifting event. Please bring your own chairs and blankets.
  • The church's house just south of the building will be vacant soon and the house just north of the parking lot is already vacant. If you know anybody who might want to rent either one, please have them contact Lyndon Latham (681-0178).

Church services are at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday morning in the auditorium. We continue to live stream to YouTube. You may click here to go directly to the live streaming site or here for a link to learn how to access and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Our Wednesday evening services are as follows:
Song Practice         6:45 – 7:25 (40 min. of singing)
Break                     7:25 – 7:35 (10 min. break)
Teaching Time      7:35 – 8:15 (40 min. of teaching)
Nathan taught us 5 things the first century church did because of their serious outlook on evangelizing the gospel. Listen to his message here.
The Power of a Name
      I wouldn’t call him my idol or my hero, but from the first time I saw him as Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H back in the 1970s, Alan Alda hit the top of my list of talented actors. Little did I know how many other television shows and movies he would show up in or how many top awards he would be nominated for. Suffice it to say, he’s been one of the best.
      I remind you of all of this, realizing that many of my younger readers right now probably are saying, “Alan Who?” just as the brat on a recent TV comedy responded to his father’s mention of John Wayne by blurting out, “Who?”
      Alda’s performances had entertained me so much that, unlike many Hollywood stars whose names turn me off, his moniker became a sort of magic for me.
      Early in the 1990s my lady and I enjoyed a lazy week roaming around London. Somehow we learned that cheap folks like us could purchase last-minute half-price stage show tickets from a broker in Leicester Square. The only catch was that you had to buy leftover tickets for seats that were still empty right before a show began.
      At first glance, none of the show names piqued my interest. Then I spotted the listing of Alan Alda in
the leading role in Our Town. Snatching up two tickets for good seats, Nita and I hurried to see Alda perform on the stage at Shaftesbury Theater. He was just as good as I remembered and even more winsome face-to-face than he was on TV. That day he provided us a grand afternoon.
      Just seeing Alda’s name several months ago in DJ Stubben’s daily happy birthday list triggered all these memories. Of course, his name isn’t the only one that does this. If you’re like most of us in our final decades, you spend half of every day trying to remember somebody’s name. But, despite our lagging recall faculties, just hearing the name of an old coach, a long-ago boss, a former pastor, or a childhood friend can unleash floods of memories.
      Names from the past can do that to us, but none of them can touch our hearts and bless our souls more than the simple name of Jesus. As the Bible tells us, “There is no other name by which we can be saved.”



By Gene Shelburne
My Cap
      Where is it? I looked everywhere for it, and I couldn’t find it. My cap was lost. I walked into the living room—nothing. I even looked beneath the couches! Cushions flew across the room. Once again, I found nothing. I checked out the kitchen, on the fridge, and even in the fridge. Once again, I came up blank.
      I walked into the bathroom, the master bedroom twice, and the garage several times over. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I was at a loss. I looked over at the rumpled stack of caps and felt a twinge of regret. I felt like I was about to cheat. I reached out and I took out the Texas Tech cap and placed it on top of my head. With a sigh and drop of the shoulders I was defeated. My cap was lost and the one on my head just didn’t cut it.
      Sunday morning, I walked into the library for the meeting for all service volunteers and leaders. I saw something which made my heart sing. My cap. San Antonio blazed across the top. Its 10-year-old dingy, sweat stained, faded, ripped up, strung out self was hanging over the back of a chair.
      Everyone in the meeting watched as I said, “There you are!” I picked it up. Its bill had loose threads which were flailing about in the air, which added to its character. “I’ve been looking for you! Look I found my cap!” Everyone stood dumbfounded by my reaction to a gross cap. Come to find out, one day I had been working on my sermon and I left my cap on the communion table. DJ
found it and took it to the library. After DJ shared my cap’s story, he immediately transformed into an angelic being.
      I found my cap! I walked down the aisle with the men and sat down next to my wife. Fear shot across her face—glimpsing her reaction I asked her what the matter was. “What are you doing at church with that!?” I told her everything that had happened.
      Her response? Not thank goodness. Not I am so happy for you. She said, “You should throw that thing away!” You might agree with her if you saw it.
      When I think of this story, I hear echoes of Luke 15. A cap sought after while others are left behind. A cap, when finally found, results in a grand celebration. A soiled cap that many would just as soon not celebrate.
      Like that cap, you and I were broken, soiled, and dirty; despite this grotesque history we all share, Jesus looked for us. When he finds us there is a celebration of epic proportions, and we in turn celebrate with all joy when another is found.
      Ask yourself whether you ever see someone and wonder why God doesn’t throw them away? Just remember he didn’t throw you away either.

By Nathan Keller
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