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Vol. 55, No. 21
Sunday, May 23, 2021
  • Allen & Jill Kirkham, friends of Ben Parks, have been diagnosed with COVID-19. They have asked for our prayers.
  • Congratulations to Daniel Ladd & Jodi Perdue on their engagement!
  • We are glad to hear that Jim Craig is doing well. It was good to see him at church last Sunday.
  • It was also good to see Connie Westbrook at church last Sunday.
  • Tyler Allen is still confined at home while he is being treated for aplastic anemia.
  • Elijah Keller made a "1" on his trumpet solo at UIL. He also received an award for outstanding trumpet player.
  • Lily Keller was selected to be goalie for her soccer team, the Flaming Flamingos. This is a big deal for her after having foot surgery last year.
  • We want to honor the marriage of Brandon and Micaela Sena with a love gift from our congregation. You may drop your check, made out to them, in the collection box. Or give your gift to Joyce Ladd or Lillie Rogers, who will collect funds through the month of May. Please sign the card for them on the table in the foyer.
  • Summertime is just around the corner which means it’s time for The High Plains Children's Home's 2021 Change for Children campaign. With everyone’s participation, they are hoping to meet this year’s goal of $45,000. Pick up a can in the foyer if you are interested in participating in the fundraiser.
  • On Sunday, June 6, we will begin passing communion trays once again assuming current COVID-19 trends continue. We will have communion kits available for any who feel more comfortable participating in that way. The offering will continue as is for now.
Reflection and Prayer
We are told to pray, and therefore we should do it. However, I can’t help but think we forget the spiritual nature and intent for prayer. For example, have you ever been part of a prayer group which only ever prayed for the sick to be healed? I think most groups slowly change into that exact kind of prayer group. While we should pray for the sick let us not forget that health is only a fraction of our existence in the grand scheme of things. In many cases, when we begin praying for “good health” we forget to pray for spiritual things.

Read 1 Corinthians 5:11-21

Pray that:
  1. You would begin to “regard people” through a spiritual lens.
  2. God would reveal how you can be part of His wonderful ministry of reconciliation.
Sunday, May 23rd, is Graduate Sunday!

We will be honoring
Rosie Wright
David Derrick
for their hard work over the last several years.

A place will be set aside for congratulatory cards.
Community Breakfast
      Eating together is one of the best ways to find kinship. After the Spirit is given to the disciples on Pentecost we see all those who believe come together in unity “breaking bread”. On June 5th we are going to “break bread.” We are inviting all our neighbors in Olsen Park to come, eat, and visit. Our doors will swing open at 9 am and will shut at noon.
      We are going to have some people cooking pancakes, sausage, and bacon on outdoor griddles. We will need others to serve and point people to our facilities. We will need others to sit, talk and visit. We are achieving two purposes in this. First, we are “breaking bread” with any who come. Second, we are letting our community know, “we are here.”
      We look forward to having you there as well.

Church services are at 10:30 AM each Sunday morning in the auditorium. We continue to live stream to YouTube. You may click here to go directly to the live streaming site or here for a link to learn how to access and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Our Wednesday evening gatherings are at 6:30 PM for singing practice. This song practice has been vital in improving our singing, and we have fun! If you haven’t come yet, feel free to join us, even if you only listen.
Upcoming Bible Studies

Sunday will be the last time for the youth studies until school begins in August. We will keep you updated on when the studies will begin again.

This Sunday Nathan and the older kids will discuss Jude 17-25. Joyce and Misti will talk about Zacchaeus' story with the younger kids. All are welcome!

"Singing Faith"
Why do we sing?  What do we sing about?  How does music inspire us?
What are the origins of our music?  Why is it important to our Christian life
and fellowship?  Join our Sunday morning Bible study as we take a closer look 
at this important aspect of our walk with the Lord.

The adults will be taught by Lee Kendle.
Pray for these classes to go well, and that God would bless us and our teachers.
Last Week's Lesson
Last Sunday Steve McLean taught from Luke 20:47 to 21:4. He contrasted the Pharisees and their desire to "hold on" with the widow and her desire to "let go." Listen to the message here.
Baby Hatches
      In much of the western world, they are called “baby hatches.” People in France call them “tour d’abandon.” Many South Africans call them “baby bins.” What we’re talking about are receptacles where mothers can abandon newborns they cannot or do not want to care for.
      Hundreds of these hatches—these infant repositories—can be found all over the globe, in places as disparate as India, Italy, Russia, Canada, China, Germany, or Japan. Somebody counted three hundred in Pakistan alone, but none can be identified in England or Ireland, not because they devalue babies but—the opposite—because baby abandonment remains illegal in British domains.
      One historian tells us the bins first appeared in 1198 when nuns installed small nooks in convent walls to receive newborns that otherwise would be left to die by exposure. Some of the finest novels from centuries past tell the stories of survivors who were raised by the nuns.
      In secular modern America, instead of looking for a baby hatch at a church or a convent, mothers who want to dump their just-born babies are more likely to leave the infant outside a hospital ER or a fire station, or in a McDonald’s restroom.
       By whatever term they may be designated, these safe places to
discard babies demonstrate how much people in almost every land and culture value human life. Even those who never have read the Bible truth that God created humans in his image and those who have no respect for Jesus or faith in him still agree with traditional Christians that human life should be protected.
      We seem to be headed the other direction in America. Lawmakers in Illinois recently passed a law that allows born-alive infants who somehow survive an attempt to abort them to be left to die without any effort to save their lives. Those babies could not be in a more dangerous place than a hospital or an abortion clinic in Illinois. No baby hatch for them.
      Abandoning a baby is not something to be proud of, but in comparison to the woman who agrees for her newborn to be hauled away as giblets in a medical waste bag, any mother who finds a way to guarantee safety and life for her little one deserves our commendation. Someday that child may give thanks that the mother who bore them had enough moral conviction to opt for life.
By Gene Shelburne
Dribble, dribble, dribble
      Today I am subjecting you to the fond memory I have of one of Elijah’s soccer practices. Elijah is almost 6 ft. tall today, but there was a time when I could pick him up over my head. The things we learn from watching our children are priceless. Enjoy.
      Dribble, dribble, dribble. My 5-year-old son was sticking his tongue out trying to move the soccer ball around the orange safety cones. Occasionally, he would kick the ball too hard and then he would have to chase it down. Dribble, dribble, dribble……kick. The ball worked its way across the rocky grass and stopped short of the soccer ball goal. “Good job!” I yelled. I was so happy that my son got the ball that far.
      Then, my vision widened as I looked around at his teammates; they called themselves the “Thundering Herd.” These kids were paying attention to everything except what they were supposed to be paying attention to. Fingers, hair, flies, rocks, shoes, and noses (things inside rather), but these 5-year-old kids were not paying attention to the coach. If they could listen to their coach, they would go places. They would dominate the other teams. They could even go on to win the World Cup! Okay, maybe that was a bit beyond their reach.
      Like those little kids, it is easy for us adults to take our eyes off our Coach. God asks us to love him, to accept his Son, to praise His name with how we live our lives. Yet we focus on our fears, worries, jobs, desires, and any other distraction there is. Imagine how much more effective we would be if we learned to focus solely on Him.
      We would not only further the Kingdom of God, but others would see us and glorify His name.
By Nathan Keller
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