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Vol. 55, No. 37
Sunday, September 12, 2021
  • Raelene Talley, DeAnne Hall's mother, has let us know she is currently going through testing and has not been diagnosed with cancer yet.
  • Randy Hall's brother, Tony, is currently at Northwest hospital in the Covid unit.
  • So far Wardell Reust has had no Covid symptoms! Isn't that great news?
  • Betty Brown is doing much better. Several of our crowd members are visiting all over the country; pray for their safe return.
  • The Anna Street youth group will begin meeting Sunday nights at 6 PM on September 19th. Invite friends!
  • If you would like to join with other Anna Street members who are making donations to help pay for Mike Sullivan's funeral, just drop your check into the offering plate and let Gene Shelburne know how much so he can add it to the check to Mike's widow.
  • Mark your calendar! Bill and Gwenda Grant have invited us to their home for a cookout on September 11th at 6 p.m.
  • On Sunday, September 26 @ 4:00 p.m. bring your friends and family to a free celebration of God’s love for you at John Stiff Memorial Park. You’ll enjoy live music from the Newsboys and other uplifting musicians, as well as a powerful message of hope from Franklin Graham. Encourage your loved ones to join you for this uplifting event. Please bring your own chairs and blankets.
Pray for:
  • our youth group as it begins to ramp up activities.
  • the decisions of our church leadership.
  • those left in Afghanistan.
  • all government officials: local, state, and federal.
  • Covid to lose its influence on our lives.
  • those currently dealing with addictions and all forms of sin.
Nathan will begin a study of the book of Revelation Wednesday nights in the month of September. Come see the message of hope and urgency that John hoped Jesus’ followers would have.

Sept. 15th
The First Vision
Sept. 22nd
Seven Churches: Part 1
Sept. 29th
Seven Churches: Part 2
Church services are at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday morning in the auditorium. We continue to live stream to YouTube. You may click here to go directly to the live streaming site or here for a link to learn how to access and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Our Wednesday evening services are as follows:
Song Practice         6:45 – 7:25 (40 min. of singing)
Break                     7:25 – 7:35 (10 min. break)
Teaching Time      7:35 – 8:15 (40 min. of teaching)
Last Sunday, Nathan preached from Romans 12 about what it means to be a living sacrifice. This will be our overall theme for the month of September. Sunday's lesson is here
You Did What?
     Patriotism and piety are not mutually exclusive traits. Not if the apostle Peter was right. In the same sentence he told early followers of Jesus both to “fear God” and to “honor the king” (1 Pet. 2:17). So I feel no need to apologize to my faithful readers for telling them what most of them already know—that I am a proud American. I stand during our national anthem and pledge allegiance to our flag with hand over heart without feeling that I am compromising my Christian faith one whit.
     Dozens of times in my six decades of pastoral ministry I have stood beside a grave and watched as honor guards folded the flag that had draped a veteran’s coffin and presented it to that man’s grieving family. Often I had to fight back tears. I cannot imagine how any loyal American can think it noble to disrespect that flag.
     So it pleased me no end when I learned that Mark Cuban had reversed his decision not to allow our national anthem to be played at the start of home games for his Dallas Mavericks. But, even more, I cheered when I heard that his change of heart was triggered by a ruling of the NBA that all of their games would start with the anthem.
      Already, after enjoying Dallas Cowboy games for decades, I had lost pro football from my life, thanks to their support of the Kaepernick
capers. No longer do I watch any of the games (or news about the games) of the NFL (the Non-Flag-Lovers). Then I switched off the Olympics. For a brief moment early this year, it looked like the NBA was about to vanish from my world as well. It warmed my heart when they stood up to those who would put down America.
     Our latest anthem-squelchers may have some legitimate concerns, but they are expressing them the wrong way. A nation’s policies never have to be perfect (are they ever?) before its citizens can express loyalty to that country. Not any more than a family must be faultless before we can embrace parents and proudly wear their name.
     Peter’s real King was Jesus, but still he instructed his Christian converts to show respect for Emperor Nero, the same tyrant who soon would crucify Peter upside down. Keep that in mind the next time somebody tells you how honorable it is for us to dishonor our country’s flag.



By Gene Shelburne
Christian Education

Part Four
    When the Roman Empire disintegrated the church assumed the role of major educator and introduced its own type of education.  Secular schools had almost vanished.  But the education provided by the church was poor, and the subjects of reading and writing were almost ignored.  It was at this time that education became considered as a preparation for service to the church or royalty.  By the beginning of the 7th century the educational system in Europe was in shambles.  The clergy was responsible for education, but many of them could not read or write.  Then as the Middle Ages progressed the church continued to grow in power and influence.  If a secular ruler wanted to establish a school it was with few exceptions set up in a church, cathedral, or monastery.  At first the secular rulers stimulated educational activity, but when the political power shifted away from the secular rulers to the Catholic Church in the 9th and 10th century the church assumed the dominating role in education.  This continued until the church’s power and influence peaked in the 13th century. 
     Even though the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was filled with pagan philosophy the idea that truth was revealed in Christ, and that faith in Him was the key to Christianity survived.  A group known as the Waldenses who lived in the Alpine valleys of the Piedmont put God at the center of their education and worship.  They trace their beginnings to Peter Waldo, a wealthy merchant who gave away his possessions around 1173 A.D.  They continued to preach and teach the Bible, uninfluenced by the church or state.  They were always persecuted, but always survived.  In the 13th century Pope Innocent III made a desperate attempt to annihilate them.  However, the persecution gave them new strength and their doctrines passed to Wycliffe and Huss, through whom they became a factor in producing the Reformation.  Surviving into the 20th century, they have been regarded as the most ancient and the most evangelistic of the medieval sects.
     The Waldenses considered the scriptures to be binding for all time and not rendered obsolete by changing circumstances.  They were well versed in the scripture and maintained its supremacy over the traditions of men.  Their goal was to hold fast to the character of the original Christian teachings and doctrine.
By David Keller
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