We are dedicated to developing talent through eLearning and mobile education to advance Educators, Leaders, and Innovators. Share in our cause by attending the ‪#eLIConference2015‬, and support our mission to ‪#ChangeLives‬.
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Advancements in technology have not been limited to improving how processes or machines work; they are now taking centre stage of how we teach and learn. Mobile devices and internet connectivity continue to make the mundane interesting; current affairs at the swipe of a screen, groceries purchased at the click of a button, and so on. Most important, is the massive educational content available from search engines, and for all levels of education. The human resource makeup is equally diverse, featuring student innovators of educational apps, teacher driven content, as well as experienced educational programmers. Imagine the potential impact these technologies would have on educating our people, hence Changing Lives at all levels and stages in life.

Welcome to the 2015 eLearning Innovations Conference, an annual gathering of the best minds in education technology and innovation in Kenya and around the world. This event features cutting edge researchers, innovators, practitioners, teachers of all levels, and scholars, providing delegates fresh insights on latest trends, practical tools and collaborative space to share best practices in eLearning. The conference features excellent professional growth and business development opportunities.

This event is organized under the theme “Changing Lives”, and provides a variety of session formats; Pre-conference workshops, Keynote speakers, Thought Leaders Panel sessions, and Symposium sessions featuring diverse speakers from all sectors. Abstract submission is open every year to anyone with elearning/mobile learning content to share.

To this end, The eLearning Innovations Conference is the ONLY conference in the region that focuses primarily on the professional development
, growth, and networking of educators and ICT professionals  at all levels, with a keen interest in advancing the practice of mobile education/eLearning. The Secretariat also provides Conference content on Slideshare enhance learning and promote authorship. We salute our past featured keynote speakers and Symposium presenters from various organizations for content published in the conference proceedings.

Participants at the 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference.
Photo: TALENTS Coaching and Consulting

You are cordially invited  to the 3rd Annual eLearning Innovations Conference, to be held on September 30 - Oct 2, 2015, at the NACECE Resource Center located within the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (formerly Kenya Institute of Education, KIE) campus in Nairobi, Kenya. The three-day conference (September 30 - October 2) will be preceded by Pre-Conference Workshops scheduled for September 28-29, and a Young Innovator’s showcase on October 1. Inclusive in the package is a stimulating networking cocktail party and a sensational twitter party, giving you extra opportunities for collaboration and fun!

The 2015 Pre-Conference workshops will feature interactive sessions on four major themes, namely; (1) Faculty Development and Course Design; (2) Executive Development and Digital Branding (3) Exploring eWellness, and (4) eMentoring and eCoaching.

New in 2015! We are also honored to share with you some engaging, fascinating and free Webinars featuring international speakers who are experts in blended and eLearning. These rich media recordings will be shared at the conference as well.


Save the Date!

Exhibition: September 28 to October 2, 2015

Pre-Conference Workshops: September 28-29, 2015

Conference: September 30 to October 2, 2015


The 2015 eLearning Innovations Conference is made possible through a  public-private partnership between TALENTS Coaching and Consulting Kenya Ltd (herence TALENTS), and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). Previously TALENTS has partnered with  The Public Service Commission (Kenya) to convene the 2013 and 2014 eLearning Innovations conference. They played, and continue to play, a great role as the conference’s Human Resource Development partner. The conference is supported by a diverse network of professionals, including practitioners (from NGOs and industry) and academic researchers from various countries and institutions, all with a shared interest in eLearning.

KICD is the 2015 eLearning Innovations Conference host and convening partner. The Institute’s core function is to conduct research and develop curricular for all levels of education below the university. The Institute also develops print and electronic curriculum support materials, initiates and conducts curriculum based research, organizing and conducting in-service and orientation programmes for curriculum implementers.


TALENTS is dedicated to advancing e-learning and developing talent. Our solutions advance learning and performance using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). We focus on  leveraging on the power of innovative learning technologies for individual learning, organizational effectiveness, and societal impact. Advancing excellence in learning and development across all levels and sectors is at the core of what we do and who we are.



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Dr. Penina Lam or Dr. Lydia Kaume



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Julius O. Jwan, PhD

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