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For everything, there is a season.

Growing up in the church and going to a Christian college, this idea of a 'season of life' was tossed around a lot. The phrasing became old. Can't we just say that sometimes life is good and easy and sometimes it's not?

The funny thing is that in the past week or so, I've used the phrase 'season of life' in three separate contexts in talking with clients. The first one, a former bootcamper hurt her knee. She was not feeling too hot about backing off of training for a time. The other, a new client, coming to me in hopes of losing weight and getting back in Triathlon shape. The last, an old client I'm starting to work with again took the winter and 'ate what she wanted'. The gist of what I told these ladies is that just because you are not where you what to be at this exact moment, doesn't mean that you won't get there. You are in a season and things can (and will) change when it's time. 

In thinking about my own situation, I've been telling myself the same thing. Ya'll, the past month and a half has been tough. I've been stressed. I've been changing up business and income things. I've not been motivated to work. I haven't wanted to work out. I've been so so tired (I'm meeting with my dietitian next week to see if it's partly adrenal fatigue.).

I know I'm in a season.

Once the warmer weather hits, I'll be ready for workouts (Which begs the question, if I live someplace warm, won't I always be ready to workout?!). Once I get some consistency with income and job stuff, I know a good majority of the stress will go away. 

The thing about seasons is that they will change. It all depends on the circumstance. Maybe you aren't able to workout due to injury. Maybe your body is telling you it needs a break and you need to make rest a priority. Maybe you are the opposite and you need to get on the fitness and healthy eating train. 

When we are in certain seasons, it feels like it will last forever. Will I ever want to workout like I used too? Will I ever be able to get through the day without feeling like I need a nap? Will I ever be able to x,y,z...

I think an important thing to remember is:
Your season will change when it's time to change.

However, you have to take an active role. Be present in your season. Do you need to give your body something? Do you need to remove something? Do you need to take action? Do you need to just stop and be?

Listen to your body. I don't want to workout every day. Most days my body says walk or yoga. But on the days my body is ready to swing a kettlebell or lift something heavy, I do it. Don't get so stuck in your season that you stop listening to your body telling you it's time for a change.

It doesn't have to be a big change. If you are struggling with eating healthy, one day deciding to cut out certain foods and not eat them again might have the opposite affect of what you intend. Start slowly. Listen to your body. Enjoy the glimpses of a change in season.

How does this apply to living a healthy life?

We are going to go through seasons ALL. THE. TIME. And that's a good thing. It's how we handle the seasons AND the change in season that's important. 

Your challenge

What is your season? Are you listening to your body throughout the season? Give it what it needs - rest, a little extra push, more carbs, some movement.  Tell me about your season - is it hard or easy? Good or not so good?

Live healthy. Be Awesome.

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