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So, when I was thinking of what to title this newsletter, digital detox came to mind. Then I started singing a few words from the 2000 classic, Digital Getdown by one of my favorite boy bands, N*SYNC. When I couldn’t remember more than the words, ‘Digital, digital get down, get down…’, I Googled the lyrics. Y’all, that’s not a very appropriate song, amiright? From Tearing Up My Heart to Digital Get Downs.

Anyways, I digress. But really, we are talking digital detoxes today. Or unplugging. Over the past few weeks, since shortly after I started my new job, really, I’ve been spending less and less time on social media. When I was running my business full-time, I made sure my social media channels were ALWAYS full with content. As priorities shift and change, so does my time spent on social.

Earlier this month, The Hubs and I went on a cruise with our besties (read the recap here!). In the few days prior, I made sure to load up some of my social channels, since I obviously wasn’t going to be taking my laptop with me. Nothing too fancy, but enough to have a small presence for the few days I was away.

I hoped I’d be able to at least Instagram some fun beach pictures, but just an hour or two after we pulled away from port, my service was one. I did manage to share one photo though! So, from Friday to Monday around 8am, I was unplugged. Yes, I kept my phone around for photos, of course, but no Instagram. No Twitter. No blog. No Facebook. No Pinterest. No Bloglovin’.

Guess what happened?! Well, first, I survived. It’s not like all my followers abandoned me in my time away or anything. Sure, my numbers were a little lower, but nothing bad. Plus, it was a holiday. The other thing I learned, I can survive without social media. I can survive without posting to Instagram for one day. Not having a ton of engagement on a Facebook post wasn’t the end of the world.

While that vacation was great for so many reason, it really helped put things into perspective. It further helped me realize where my true priorities lie. And because of that 4 day digital detox, I’ve been MUCH LESS concerned with my social presence.

Instead, I want to hang out with my husband. We binge watched How I Met Your Mother (yes, we just finished watching the entire series earlier this year…and have since watched at least 3 seasons. We love the show, what can I say.) two nights this week. On Tuesday night, we went to the gym, walked the 25 minutes to the tennis courts (thanks to our slow dog that likes to sniff everything), played for 30, walked back and watched TV. Sure, I posted an Insta photo each night and flipped through a few photos, but I wasn’t spending all my time on social. Because these days, not stressing and hanging out with my favorite human and animal is much more appealing.

So, the big question, have you ever taken a digital detox? Have you unplugged for more than a night? Or even few hours? What do you think will happen if you totally unplug for say, a weekend?
I’m learning so much about priorities, what truly makes me happy and what I want to pursue in the future, in my current season. Have you taken time to figure out your priorities? What truly makes you happy? Does social media fit into the equation?

And the thing is, maybe it does. I completely understand people that love all things social. I get it. But if you find that it’s cutting into time with your favorite people or totally taking over your life, it might be time to unplug, at least for a hot minute.

How does this apply to living a healthy life?
Being constantly plugged and feeling like we have to do or be present all the time can take a toll. Part of living a healthy life means actually getting out and enjoying life. So, go enjoy. 

Your challenge
Explore. Think. Discover. Unplug this weekend for at least 1 day. Maybe even the whole thing!

Live healthy. Be Awesome.

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