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Dear fellow innovators,
We hope you have been enjoying this beginning of summer. England has been spoiling us with beautiful sunny days that we truly hope will stick around for a while!
One of our plans for this summer is to take moments for reflection.. We feel that we get very stuck into our day to day activities and forget to take some time off to think about the things going on around us. Much of innovation is about understanding the surrounding environment and its' changes and needs. Given that, we brought back an article from 2013 and we would like to encourage you to read it with a new perspective on why the workforce needs innovators for business success and to question yourself what we have learned since March 2013. Please share your thoughts with us!
Along similar lines, we came across an article about Wearable Technology that we feel touches a crucial point: " Wearable technology is the future. There’s just one problem. No one wants to wear the stuff". After analysing its consumer behaviour Google’s Project Jacquard came up with an interesting solution. Check it out

Innovation is connected to truly understand someone's needs, nowhere is this felt more directly than in the health sector! With its AwardsPatient Innovation, an initiative led by Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics, recognises such solutions developed by a patient or caregiver. We were very much inspired by the examples shown on their website

Talking about inspiration , it reminds us to  introduce you to Rod Brown, who as a director is a key member of the ILF Family. Rod is a true entrepreneur, always interested in exploring and creating new ventures. This interest has grown steadily over the years and has more recently developed into a full-blown passion: Rod is one of the new bread of mature entrepreneurs, having started Opun. Together with the team he has galvanised around him he has no lesser goal than to revolutionise the service industry in the UK (and beyond)!  About time, don’t you think?  
Are you looking for a nice read this summer? We have a few suggestions!
Design Thinking and Gamification are some of the latest buzzwords in the world of business and innovation. Earlier this year, at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit Bettina came across MJV: originally focused on IT in Brazil, the company's CEO has caught the Design Thinking bug big time, and has now offices focusing on Design Thinking, and Gamification in São Paulo, Rio, London, and  also Atlanta. Having become apostles for these approaches MJV have captures the essence in two books, which you can order on amazon - AND also download for fee via the following links: Design Thinking and Gamification.

Innovating Professional Services is a book by ILF Wider Community Member Alastair Ross. He provides a practical and detailed guide for change agents and leaders in professional service firms who seek to transform their firm’s performance through innovation. Business innovation, process innovation, Lean, process mapping, waste identification, service experience mapping and value profiling are some of the topics explored. And the good news: Gower has agreed to give to the ILF members a 35% discount when ordered from their website. The discount code is G15JNW35.

And another book by a member of the ILF Wider Community: in her book ‘Flat World Navigation’ Kim Chandler McDonald discusses  how to connect and communicate authentically  – across departments, organisations, cultures, countries and continents - and why it is key when navigating the new business landscape. The book illustrates how individuals can access and accentuate these skills, skills that are pivotal to moving careers forward and building bigger, better, globally competitive business.  Bettina is also a proud contributor to this book. When pre-ordering the book before 31st July you can claim a  25%!  Just  follow this link


BPI has launched a new initiative called Transform to Better Perform and they are conducting a survey to gather insight into whether the IT organization is helping or hindering the transformation to the digital, customer-intuitive enterprise. The survey should only take 15 minutes to complete, and they would just love your insights and input. The goal is to encourage organisations to embrace a new IT foundation, one that enables faster innovation, rapid global expansion, deeper insights and better responsiveness to fast changing markets. If you have any questions about the survey or report, please feel free to contact Tamara Vyncke - the program manager for this new and exciting campaign. 

We are sure you are aware of what a hot and interesting topic Smart Cities are right now.  Here now is your opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas! Iona Szilagyi, whom Bettina had the pleasure to teach at the MBA Innovation & Business Creation earlier this year has set up an Open Innovation Context for Smart Urban Mobility ideas/solutions.  The contest is open until 31st July 2015.

ISPIM’s Southern Hemisphere Innovation Summit 2015,  “Changing the Innovation Landscape” will take place in Brisbane, Australia from 6-9 December 2015.  Hosted by Queensland University of Technology, this event is for innovation researchers, industry executives, thought leaders and policy makers. They have opened the Call for Papers and are requesting works on Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Digital Economy, Frugal Innovation & Entrepreneurial Bricolage and Big Data & Innovation. To see the complete list click here.  The deadline for paper submission is 18 September 2015. 
We like to close this mailout by sharing an exciting job opportunity: the HPI School of Design Thinking is looking for someone who can engage with the school’s industry partners - support acquisition, plan & organise events, support the further development of the D-School. If you are bilingual in German and English, this could your opportunity to join a movement that, at least in Germany, has taken industry by storm.  More information here. Application deadline is 31st July.

All the best wishes,
the ILF team (Bettina, Caroline & Lis)