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Dear Fellow Innovators,
So much wisdom is and has been out there, only slowly to be rediscovered with great amazement… This time it is the old Confucian saying “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” that McKinsey have rediscovered  in the context of change programmes. Indeed. Most change programmes seek to achieve a shift in values and behaviours. We do not adjust our values, beliefs and perhaps not even behaviours just because someone says so (even if it is the boss). We change values and behaviours because we understand why it is important, and hopefully beneficial.  On our website you can find some key thoughts from the article as well as a link to the article itself.. McKinsey also inspired us recently with their report about the Circular Economy, from which we have extracted  a few of insights. We have also shared a few other articles: about the art and science of innovation, on the Venus projectSilicon Valley's 91 year old designer, and the future of 3D printing. Check out our Wisdom page to see what have been exciting us. 

Remember POC21 which we have mentioned a few times before? Very recently the Guardian wrote a piece about this open source programme to prototype the future. We just love the way that they are putting into action ideas discussed through years in conferences such as the COP, the UN climate change conference. If you would like to be more involved, POC21 has now a facebook page as well as an online magazine.  
The Institute for Design Innovation in the UK has currently two PhD studentships for their course: “Changing Design Practices: How we design, what we design and who designs”. The aim of this PhD is to explore processes that facilitate co-design methods. This course includes:
  • Explore tools and participatory methods facilitating co-design processes
  • The role of intercultural communication to support co-design processes
  • HE+ capacity building of upcoming co-design practitioners
  • Co-design as innovative processes for local communities, start-ups and government.
To learn more about this studentship, please click here.
Members of the ILF Community, Priscilla Smith and Anil R. Vora have shared the new venture that their company, Global Inventions, is exploring. KISS HK is a subsidiary company of Global Inventions(HK) company that taps into the most talented entrepreneurs globally at an early stage of their start-ups to build global companies. They employ a very hands on and entrepreneurial approach to support and advise start-ups entrepreneurs, help them execute to the best of their ability, and tap into the benefits of Hong Kong/China. KISS HK is launching a new type of start-up platform that bridges the divide between the digital and physical worlds. They are inviting people interested in bringing this Start Up idea to their country to get in touch.  
The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is an annual team competition that focuses on addressing critical sustainability issues with nature-inspired solutions. The challenge is open to teams of students and professionals anywhere in the world. Finalists and winners receive prize money as well as assistance in bringing their solution to the global marketplace via an Accelerator program. At the end of the Accelerator, one team will be awarded the $100,000 "Ray of Hope" prize, endowed the Ray C. Anderson Foundation Anderson Foundation (Ray was one of the visionaries in the field of sustainability, and founder of the carpet company Interface). The Challenge is coordinated each year around a theme, or problem area, for which participating teams are asked to design solutions. Learn more about the current theme by reading the Challenge Brief and browsing the reference collection. To help teams that are new to the practice of biomimicry, the Institute also provides extensive online resources as well as a directory of experts and mentors who are available as advisors.

We cannot resist inviting you to watch Ray talk about sustainability in his 2009 TED talk.


ISPIM, one of the networks very dear to our heart, not least because they are always organising events on the context of innovation that are worth visiting.  Right now  they are counting down for 2016 ISPIM Innovation Forum – Charting the Future of Innovation Management which will– this year be held together with INNOVA-CON 3 in Boston. As part of the event, they are welcoming submissions from people in key industry innovation clusters in the Boston-area. Submissions from academic, research, consulting, industry, intermediary and policy organisations are encouraged and should focus on Information Technology and Innovation, Innovation in Emerging Markets, Innovation in Family Businesses and some more.  For the whole list of themes, please click here. The deadline for submissions is 13th of November

The 2016 International Conference on Business and Information - Winter Session (BAI 2016-Winter) is to be held in Bali, Indonesia. The organisers are encouraging submissions of papers or abstracts on any aspect of Business and Information including Web Technology and Management, Management and Organisational Behaviour, Non-Profit Sector Management and many others. To see the full list of topics, please click here. The submission deadline is the 30th of November
On behalf of Professor Patzelt and Professor Reichwald, it is our pleasure to announce the TUM Research Excellence Award 2016 in the field of “Innovation & Leadership”. This bi-annual award comes with a €10,000  prize for outstanding research of emerging scholars  at post-doctoral level as well as early career academics and professors. The winner will get the opportunity to present his/her research in the prominent setting of the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at Technische Universität München and will be recognised at the 16th EURAM Conference, which will take place 1st to 4th June 2016 in Paris, France. The deadline for submission is the 31st of October.  

Spark is a community of designers and creative people, bound together by the idea that Design can make positive change in the world. They are now accepting submission for their annual awards that cover a wide range of topics from health design to architecture. For the whole list click here. Do not forget to submit your work before the 30th of October

Member of the ILF Wider Community, Borut Likar is a professor at the University of Primorska in Slovenia. His work encompasses management of creativity, R&D, technology, and innovation processes in the field of education system and industry. He is the author of a lot of scientific, expert and other publications, and his latest venture is called “The Art of Managing Innovation Problems and Opportunities”. Thanks to sponsorship by the Interreg project, this book is available to download for free in EnglishSlovene and Italian


It seems that this round of innovation events have a strong focus on disruptive innovation!  Given that there are so many innovation conferences on this topic right now, some even at the same dates, perhaps there is scope to innovate in the world of innovation conference?!
October is a busy month for Innovators worldwide! Lot of interesting events on the horizon. We definitely recommend you check out our page to see more

Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Foresight Minds
Date: Thursday, 15th & Friday, 16th October, 2015
Location: Berlin
This event will show all the possibilities of disruptive technologies and foresight strategies that lie ahead of us. It addresses frequent challenges that need to be solved and best practices from industry leaders. The conference will give insights into new methods of technology scouting and offers the chance to discuss upcoming challenges related to market disruption, innovative product development and future business models. To learn more about this event please click here. For the ILF Community we managed to secure a 20% discount on the ticket price. Just register with the code wc1526ILF.

WIRED 2015
Date: Thursday, 15th & Friday, 16th October, 2015
Location: London
The WIRED2015 conference will be happening across the same two days. It will showcases innovators who are changing the world, promoting disruptive thinking and radical ideas. There will be around 45 speakers over the course of the two days event, presenting stories about their work in science, design, business and many other fields. If you are interested in finding out more about this event please click here.
Here the ILF Wider Community receives a 10% discount on the ticket price with the code ILF10. Members of the ILF Innovators Anonymous should contact us for their special discount.

The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
Date: Thursday, 22nd of October
Location: Monaco
GIL 2015: Monaco is bringing together a global network to teach how to leverage innovation as a resource to address global challenges. This year, they will be welcoming Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award recipients and their management teams. To learn more about this conference please click here or download the brochure. This is an invitation only event. If you are interested in attending please contact ILF Wider Community Member Pim and don’t forget to mentioning that you too are a member of the ILF Wider Community.
Back End of Innovation
Date: Wednesday, 21st, Thursday, 22nd & Friday, 23rd Octiber, 2015
Location: California
BEI: Back End of Innovation unites cross-industry leaders sharing challenges, lessons learned and best practices on commercialising new ideas and profitably executing your go to market innovation strategy. They invite us to move beyond incremental product and service improvements and discover the lessons of ground breaking innovation – meaningful disruption across categories, value chains and markets. To know more please click here.
The whole ILF community has a special 20% discount for this summit with the code BEI15ILF.

Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Date: Thursday, 22nd & Wednesday, 23rd December 2015
Location: London
The Chief Innovation Officer Summit  is returning to London on the 22nd & 23rd October, with a bigger & better line-up examining the next steps required to innovate efficiently. To find out more about this conference click here. Register using discount code ILF20 for $200 off.

Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum
Date: Friday, 23rd, Saturday, 24th & Thursday, 25th October, 2015
Location: Geneva
And finally, SIGEF is an annual international event that gathers non-profit organisations, social entrepreneurs and the general public for three days of dialogue and interaction. SIGEF 2015’s plenary sessions will explore the social aspects of impact investment, the role of media in today’s society, social entrepreneurship, modern food and agriculture policies, technology supporting social good, international cooperation in science, youth for positive change and transnational distributive strategies. To learn more about this event please click here. The whole ILF Community is being offered a 10% discount on the ticket price with the code ILF08.