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Dear Fellow Innovators,

The World of Prototyping
The ILF Team has just been back from Germany where we hosted a Study Tour exploring the exciting Prototyping scene that has developed in Munich and Nuremberg. We had great conversations at the Maker Space  at the UnternehmerTUM GmbH, CoWorking Nuremberg, Josephs & Fraunhofer Institute. One of the highlights of the tour was our visit to Innosabi’s offices where they introduced  us to their amazing crowdsourcing platform, and the  fascinating work that they are doing with their clients. You can read some of the insights from our conversation in this Innosabi blog post.  
Needed: Innovation in Education
One of the recurring themes of the study tour discussions was about "shaping the future". We realised that in order for the next generations to have a future education requires a lot of innovation!  From incorporating new technology  and teaching methods, going on field trips, understanding implications of social norms and working around them, and partnering with the local community. Well, all these examples do actually come from an article which we have summarised for you on the ILF Wisdom page, check it out

IT Professionals to the Front
The BPI Network is one of the networks we keep a close eye on, and love to share what they are doing. This time it is  two interesting ventures they are currently organising. The first is part of BPI's “Transform to Better Perform” initiative, which is about IT Transformation. For this project they are investigating how IT professionals (Tech folks, Datacenter folks, IT managers, software engineers, etc)  are experiencing IT Transformation today.  Part of the plan is to compare this with  insights from the previous report which had looked at business leaders' and decision makers' challenges and insights in this process. If you are such an IT professional - or know one ;-) - please participate by filling this 10-minute survey.  The second ventures is their Third Global Roundtable where insight and challenges of IT transformation will be discussed in a face to face setting The event will take place in London  on 18th of November and you can find more information here

Entrepreneurs to the Front !
The Startupbootcamp Barcelona IoT&Data is currently inviting startups to apply for their bootcamp which is about taking ventures to the next level, nailing the product market fit. The bootcamp includes:
  • 3 months of intensive coaching, workshops, masterclasses
  • Mentorship from 100+ entrepreneurs, advisors, investors and partners
  • The opportunity to pitch on the main stage at the Mobile World Congress 4YFN event
  • €15K in cash per team
  • €450K+ in partner services and many more.
So if you have a startup, or know one that would be a nice fit email Ruth Barry today only.They will be hosting Virtual Pitching via Skype next week.

Youth to the Front !
Here is an opportunity for young people to engage in the shaping of their future. Challenge:Future is an open youth competition and global Think Tank that is all about accelerating ideas and talent for a future that works for all. This summer the C:F Team have initiated the C:F IMPACT program, run by eminent CF youth members scattered around the planet. Under the program, the community will co-author the Future Book 2, therefore they are recruiting young talented minds with writing capabilities and the sense of vision and innovation to join them. On the other hand, you can take action by participating in their newest quick challenge: "My best buddy at #Growr" and have a chance to be invited to be part of the C:F Youth Advisory Board or/and Growr management board. 

All Change in the Understanding of Leadership
We are all aware that company structures and leadership styles are changing - which is why  we were very happy to stumble across this Wolff Olins report  titled “Impossible and Now: How leaders are creating the uncorporation”. Wolff Oline spoke to 43 global CEOs and surveyed over 400 employees to understand how leadership practice is changing. They found out that employees are moving towards being uncorporate individualists and that this poses quite a challenge to many CEOs. How do you  create an uncorporate culture, yet still meet corporate targets? How do you liberate people, without unleashing chaos? How do you give people a purpose, without imposing an ideology? How do you lead, when everyone’s their own leader? And how do you do it all fast? These are some of the questions that Wolff Olins try to answer in this report.


A New Way to Lead: Collaboratively
Isn’t it amazing that when a question arises that an answer is often not far behind? Perhaps one way to engage and inspire uncorporate individuals is through collective leadership! This is just the topic of a book by Friend of the ILF Petra Künkel which is forthcoming January 2016. We have shared information on events and activities of Petra’s Collective Leadership Institute in previous newsletters. In “The Art of Leading Collectively: Co-Creating a Sustainable, Socially Just Future” Petra explores the need for a new kind of leadership that allows collective work to flourish and offers a tool she has developed over her many years of experience in brining different (and often difficult) stakeholders together. In our view such a tool is just what is needed; we live in a world that is facing unsustainable global trends―from climate change and water scarcity to energy insecurity, unfair labor practices, and growing inequality. Tackling these crises effectively requires a new form of leadership―a collective one.  By the way, Bettina has just attended the Institute’s “The Art of Collaborative Leadership” programme, and can’t stop raving about it ...   
As the topic of the next ILF event connects so nicely with Petra’s Collaborative Leadership Compass we take the liberty of stepping out of line and bring an event in amongst the books: “Humanising Brands” is the topic of the next Innovators Anonymous meeting (3-4 December in London).  Here is how we set out our stall: “The world of business we see it today is crowded and unpredictable. Yet the way businesses are springing up and are thriving, the way they are communicating and responding, it makes us stop for a while and wonder – what is the method in this madness? And so we dissect and we explore and we converge. And we come to see that what is true with people is true with brands. The only thing which keeps them going, and brings in them vitality and prosperity is the emotional bonds that they establish. In these one and a half days that we are together, we understand what makes a brand human and we learn how to go about creating this unique identity. There are carefully curated case studies for us to be able to delve into practicalities and co work sessions so we can walk the talk.”  If you would want like to join us on this journey we would be delighted!  
Back to books... Member of the ILF Wider Community, Brian Solis has released his new book called X: the experience when business meets design. In the book, Brian shares why great products are no longer good enough to win with customers and why creative marketing and delightful customer service are not enough to succeed either. In X, he shares why the future of business is experiential and how to create and cultivate meaningful experiences. You can find it here
Another book we would like to mention here is by  Robert Brands: Rules of Innovation II: The Art of Implementation. In the book he showcases exciting and different  thinking  from his international network and shows how to permanently implement a culture of Innovation. Brands has been involved with innovation-driven companies around the world, and, on these pages, these international experts share their passion for innovation and the Art of Implementation, and provide hands-on tips in an informative and entertaining manner.


Disruptive Innovation Festival
Date: From Monday, 2nd to Friday, 20th November, 2015
Location: Online and at multiple locations
This is a three­-week online event that brings together entrepreneurs, designers, industry, makers, learners and doers to explore and respond to the changing economy. Examples of some of the broad themes that encompass this are: Design Innovation, Systems Thinking, Materials and Energy, New Business Models, Entrepreneurship, Sharing Economy, Internet of Things and many more. To learn more about this free event please click here.
Science Technology and Innovation Policy
Date: From Monday, 16th to Friday, 20th November, 2015
Location: Manchester
Policymakers and analysts face rapid changes in the practice of scientific research, while there is also increasing complexity in the governance of research and innovation at a range of levels. This five-day course is aimed at professionals who work in the domain of science, technology and innovation as policy makers, brokers or implementers of strategies or programmes. To learn more about this course please click here.

GIL 2015: Germany
Date: Tuesday, 17th of November, 2015
Location: Frankfurt
GIL 2015: Germany is bringing together a global network of visionaries and thought leaders teaching how to leverage innovation as a resource to address global challenges. This year, they continue sharing and engaging participants by welcoming Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award recipients and their management teams to our community. These guests – visionaries, innovators and leaders – represent Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 “Best-in-Class” organisations and are a key driver fuelling their community’s thought leadership and global think tanks. In this conference, participants will gain access to a wealth of best-practice tools and strategies to support you in critical decision making as a member of your company’s Growth Team To learn more about this conference please click here.
5th Global Innovation Forum
Date: Wednesday, 18th & Thursday, 19th of November, 2015
Location: London
The 5th Global innovation Forum will provide a valuable knowledge platform for discussing the latest trends in innovation, design, creativity, R&D and new product development. To learn more please click here. The ILF Wider Community has €150 discount with the code 5gifmedia. The ILF Networking Group should get in touch with us for their special discount code.