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A No Place Left Houston Update

Out Sharing In The Neighborhood!
My last newsletter was by far the most responded to e-mail that I have sent to you guys! I have been chatting with various people in Houston and Raleigh to get a better perspective on what each mission team is doing and I'm still discerning where to go next. So I still appreciate your prayers in regards to this! I'll probably make a final decision in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, my prayer is that I would remain faithful to the work where I'm at and still work hard. And so towards the end of last year, I realized that I haven't tried to share with people in my neighborhood, so I began prayer walking the neighborhood and ask that God would turn people towards Him.

And now I'm just starting to pray with my neighbors in hopes of sharing the gospel with them. A family of believers who lives next to me is very interested in coming with me, but have been unable to come thus far because of busy schedules.

PRAY that this family would be able to come because otherwise, I'm often going out by myself, which is not ideal
PRAY that God would lead me to my neighbors who are open to the gospel and interested in following Him!
The community where we went sharing the gospel in North Houston!
Over the past year, I've asked you to pray for the work I have been doing alongside a team in North Houston (here and here). I thank you for these prayers as they are getting answered and the North Houston team continues to be fruitful!

A group of them decided to start reaching out to a trailer park at the end of last year. I haven't been able to go with them at all until last weekend, but God has been blessing their faithfulness! It seemed like every home we went by, the group would tell me stories about the people they have met and how God is working in their lives.

I was encouraged to hear how God is working in Audry and Patrick. My friend David and the rest of the group met Audry weeks ago and led her to Christ and then her husband Patrick got saved as well. They came to the home church that David recently started for ongoing discipleship, and Patrick was baptized at the local church that David goes to.

Patrick shared with his neighbor, John, about what God had been doing in his life and John went to the church nearby and got baptized as well. Until last weekend, I had no idea the full extent of what God has been doing through David, his wife Erin, and this committed group in North Houston! I feel most encouraged that they are confident and competent to do the work of the Great Commission even if I am not there. That's what multiplication is all about!

PRAY that God would transform this whole community as it is very evident that not many people know the Lord and there is a lot of drugs, broken homes, and even demonic attacks that are bringing down many people living there

--Rodger Shull

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea --Habakkuk 2:14
I am able to work for e3 Partners in Houston in the ministry that God has called me to because of financial supporters who give regularly. I greatly appreciate all of these people and if God leads you to give towards the work He is doing in Houston (ongoing or one-time gifts are appreciated!) click through the e3 partners logo here: 

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