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A No Place Left

Raleigh-Durham Update

Zoom Church
As I stated in a previous newsletter, the ministry work I do is very adaptable. As we have had to now stay at home, we could pretty easily switch to video calls for our home churches and discovery bible studies. Though, admittedly, these meetings are not as good as if we could meet in person.

In fact, now that we can invite anyone to join us over a video, our Simple Church has had people join us from Boston, Texas, Canada and various countries in Asia! So we have essentially become a multi-site and international house church.

The hardest thing to adapt is our efforts to personally pray for people and share the gospel with them. But God is gracious and I have also been encouraged by how my co-laborers have been continuing to reach out...
We filled Ziploc bags with rice and beans and then put them in these bags to hand out to those in need
My friend Stephen lives in a low-income Hispanic community in North Raleigh and now, not even a month after we were ordered to stay at home, he purchases 500 pounds of rice and beans every week to hand out to needy families! Along the way, Stephen is able to chat with many, pray for them, and share the hope that is found in Jesus.

I was so inspired by Stephen that I decided to get some friends together and replicate these same efforts in Durham where we have already been reaching out. However, I thought we should start by handing out only 100 pounds of rice and beans. We were able to visit some folks we know who needed some food and we got to meet some new neighbors who appreciated the gift. Similar to Stephen, we chatted, prayed, and shared the gospel as we were able to.

I and my friends were somewhat nervous before this, but it went way better than expected! I even got to visit Stephanie and Kenyetta who we have done a discovery bible study with in the past. They were so thankful for the visit and after I shared a Bible story with them, they invited us to come back again next week to share more!
🙏 PRAY that we would grow as disciples of Jesus even when we have to meet over Zoom
🙏 PRAY that we would continue to reach out wisely and that people would come to know the Lord

Rodger Shull

...pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you. -- 2 Thessalonians 3:1
I am able to work for e3 Partners in Raleigh-Durham (RDU) in the ministry that God has called me to because of financial supporters who give regularly. I greatly appreciate all of these people and if God leads you to give towards the work He is doing in RDU (ongoing or one-time gifts are appreciated!) click through the e3 partners logo here: 

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