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A No Place Left Raleigh Update

Stephen, Tiffany and Myself
As I mentioned in my last newsletter, my main focus right now in ministry is to join in with the No Place Left Raleigh-Durham team in what they are already doing to see how God has been using them in the Triangle.

I was particularly excited after joining Stephen and Tiffany during one of their regular times to pray for and share the gospel in Stephen's community. Stephen moved into a predominantly Hispanic community as he wants to move to South America soon. I could jump in whenever we talked to English-speakers, but as we met new people and visited people Stephen and Tiffany have already met, I was pretty useless beyond just praying since most of them spoke only Spanish. Thankfully, Stephen can speak Spanish

Nevertheless, no one was particularly open to talking, which happens sometimes; however, the time ended on a very unexpected note as we were called over to a van by two guys sitting in the front who were pretty hammered even though it was only 6:30pm on this Saturday...
Stephen and Angel The Next Morning
The guy in the passenger seat was friends with Stephen's roommate, so they had already met, and Stephen knew that he had a drinking problem. Angel, in the driver seat, communicated to Stephen (as best he could) that they were planning to finish their case of beer and drive home. Alarmed by this, Stephen offered to drive their van back and I agreed to pick him up after dropping them off.

When I got to the apartment complex, Stephen had taken Angel's keys away and they were going back and forth a bit as Angel was not pleased with this. Stephen agreed to bring them back the next day and we eventually left peaceably.

When Stephen went back, he was able to pray for and share the gospel with a now-sober Angel. Angel said that he knew he needed to change his life, and decided to follow Jesus and give up drinking. Elated, Stephen came back later that day to read the Bible with Angel, and Stephen has since continued to follow up with Angel to walk with him as he continues to follow Jesus.

Tiffany and I were excited to hear that God used this unexpected and uncomfortable situation to bring new life to Angel! But discipleship is not easy and the rarely does the temptation to drink go away in one day so...

PRAY for Angel as Stephen continues to disciple him
PRAY that I would be united with Stephen, Tiffany and the rest of the team as we seek to multiply disciples across RDU

Rodger Shull

...pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you. -- 2 Thessalonians 3:1
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