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A No Place Left

Raleigh-Durham Update

Praise update: A month ago, I asked you to pray for Uniqa. Well in the past two weeks, she led her best friend to Christ after doing a few discovery bible studies with her over FaceTime. Then last Sunday Sara baptized Uniqa and Uniqa baptized her best friend. God is answering your prayers! Praise the Lord!
I've been doing a lot of ministry out in Durham lately, including everything in this newsletter
I was prayer walking with my team in a friend's neighborhood last week when we met T*, a refugee from a war-torn area of Africa who told us that he was from a "cousin" faith. We shared the gospel with him anyway, and he was open to learning more about Jesus. When Craig and I followed up with him to read the Bible, we could see that he was extremely open.

We met with T* multiple times last week reading a few Old Testament passages and then some stories about Jesus' life and death on a cross. Without hesitation, T* said he believed them all and Craig and I were shocked. It was apparent that God had already been creating a hunger in his heart. We shared the gospel with T* again and he said that he wanted to follow Jesus...
Reading the Bible with T*. Months ago, a faithful brother gave him a booklet of the Gospel of Luke and Acts that was written in English in one column and in T*'s native language in the other column.
We talked through everything again and again to make sure he understood what it meant to follow Jesus. To really see if he was serious, we read the story of Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8. When we got to the question where we asked him what he thought God wanted him to do, he said "I think God wants me to get baptized right now".

We baptized him and are committed to following up and discipling him more. We asked him who he knew that would need to come close to God through Jesus and he said "A lot". That night, I looked up the people group he is from on the Joshua Project and his tribe is 1,000,000+ people and 0% Christian. That is indeed a lot of people who need to come close to God!

Will you join us in praying for T*?
🙏PRAY that the devil will not attack T* and that he will stay firm in his faith
🙏PRAY that T* will take the message of Jesus to his friends and family and that they will believe

Rodger Shull

No Place Left...the gospel for every person and a multiplying church in every place
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