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After a typically slow sports summer — that’s just how it goes — everything is happening at once! Specifically, the start of the NBA and NHL seasons, plus baseball's playoffs. (And, if we're being honest, pro and college football's a big deal now too, but we’re not going to cover EVERYthing in one email.) Ready for the super quick highlights, lightning round style? Let’s go!


Baseball’s Final Four

  • In the ALCS (that's the American League Championship Series), the defending champ Houston Astros are facing the Boston Red Sox, who defeated their arch-nemeses, the New York Yankees, in the divisional round. That best-of-seven-game series is tied at one game apiece.
  • In the NLCS, the big-money Los Angeles Dodgers are also tied at one game apiece with the quirky Milwaukee Brewers, who have been using some fun pitching strategies, like going full games without using a true starting pitcher at all. 


An Intriguing NBA Season Starts Tuesday

The biggest stories here:

  • LeBron is a Los Angeles Laker now. He’s accompanied by some exciting young talent, and, oddly, a group of veterans that includes many of his former worst enemies. (For more on the Lakers, subscribe at the Really Good Starter level here.)
  • The already dominant Golden State Warriors will be defending their title with an additional All-Star in tow, thanks to their shocking off-season signing of center DeMarcus Cousins. The reason this season is still worth playing: Cousins is currently injured, and he's kind of overrated anyway.
  • Back east, the Boston Celtics have added TWO All-Stars to the team that nearly made the Finals last year, just by those stars -- Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward -- recovering from injuries. (And Kyrie has now apologized to science teachers for saying last season that the earth is flat so... that's good?)

Ice Hockey And Its Hangovers

  • After finally winning the Stanley Cup (the NHL's awesome championship trophy) in his 13th season, three-time MVP Alex Ovechkin seemed to spend most of his off-season -- a time period spanning several months -- on a well-earned drunken celebratory bender. His Washington Capitals are off to a meh start, which the fan base is hopefully fine with since they just won their first ever title.
  • Meanwhile, last year’s Cinderella story may be turning into a pumpkin (how seasonally appropriate!): the Las Vegas Knights shocked the sports world by making it to the Finals in their first ever season, but their slow start this year -- mixed with the fact that they were never really supposed to be good -- might be a cause for concern.
"LeBron's L.A. Lakers are either going to be awesome this year or hilarious -- or both."
Relief pitchers aren't supposed to hit home runs against the Dodgers' legendary Clayton Kershaw. They're not even supposed to be in the game this early when the starting pitcher's only given up one run. So you can understand why this playoff dinger made Milwaukee fans go absolutely nuts.
Game 3 of the NLCS -- that's the Dodgers vs. the Brewers -- is tonight at 7:30 PM ET on Fox Sports 1.

Game 3 of the ALCS -- that's the Astros vs. the Red Sox -- is Tuesday, 5 PM ET on TBS.

The NBA season kicks off with a battle of elite Eastern Conference teams when the Celtics play the 76ers Tuesday at 8 PM on TNT...

... and LeBron's new-look Lakers start their season against the Blazers Thursday at 10:30 PM ET, also on TNT.
There's that hockey-baseball crossover we were looking for.
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