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Well, that was anticlimactic. Game 3 of this World Series -- a game won by the L.A. Dodgers -- was the longest World Series game ever, lasting 18 innings and over seven hours. Game 4 featured a dramatic come-from-behind Boston Red Sox victory. And then, in last night's Game 5, the Sox just kind of led wire to wire, closing out the World Series and securing the championship, four games to one. Other things to know:
  • Red Sox ace pitcher David Price finally found redemption this postseason, winning in the playoffs for the first time and pitching a very solid Game 5 for the clinching win.
  • Future Hall of Famer and Dodgers mega-ace Clayton Kershaw did the opposite, further securing non-redemption with two poorly pitched losses in the World Series.
  • On a roster loaded with superstar talent, the World Series MVP ended up being relative schmo Steve Pearce, a 35-year-old who's played for seven teams in his twelve major league seasons without ever making an All-Star team. He had big hits in the last couple of games of the Series, including two home runs last night.
  • The Red Sox of the legendary 86-year championship drought are very much no more. While generations of Bostonians famously lived and died without ever seeing the Sox win the title, there are now bratty middle schoolers who have seen the team win not twice, not thrice, but... four times (why isn't there a cool word for that?). Kids these days, they don't know how good they have it.
"Dodgers ace Clayton kershaw might be the best pitcher of his generation, but he just can't get it done in the playoffs."
Here it is, the last pitch of the 2018 season. Followed by some kind-of-awkward hopping around. Yay, baseball celebrations!
No more baseball until March. Just tons -- and we mean tons -- of football, basketball, and ice hockey. Go Sports!
Sox fans have been on both sides, so they know: it's much better to be the hated winner than the lovable loser.
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