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For most people -- heck, even for most sports fans -- watching golf is very boring. But yesterday, even casual fans everywhere were glued to their multi-screen TV/tablet/hologram-projector setups to watch the only guy who seems to make golf exciting pull off possibly the greatest comeback in the history of sports. That's right: Tiger Woods -- Tiger effing Woods, a 43-year-old who could barely walk a few years ago and who hadn't won a major tournament since 2008 -- won the Masters, golf's most prestigious tournament, in the year 2019, by a single swing of a club.

It wasn't just a "comeback" in the sense that this marked the first time Tiger has ever won a Major (one of golf's four biggest annual tournaments) while trailing heading into the final round. This was a comeback a decade in the making. Back in 2008, Tiger was comfortably on track to be without argument the greatest golfer of all time -- he was already second in all-time Majors won -- but then the wheels fell utterly and completely off. Let's quickly recap what this guy's had to deal with -- whether as a reasonable consequence of his own actions or not -- since his last major title:

  • You may remember this one: in November 2009, what started out as a weird story about Tiger getting in a weird car accident near his home spiraled into a far weirder one. The guy whose image was once, it's easy to forget, very clean-cut, saw that image get extremely besmirched with the gradual reveal of affair after affair, delivered with almost perfect comic pacing.
  • In the fallout, almost all of his sponsors dropped him, as did his wife, who divorced him less than a year later.
  • Tiger became physically unable to play golf, and had four back surgeries following a series of lackluster comeback attempts.
  • A very depressing 2015 Time magazine interview revealed Tiger could barely walk, couldn't bear to watch golf on TV, and had no timetable for returning to golf.
  • He went four years without a single tournament win of any size, was missing tons of time due to injury, and his career was mostly written about in the past tense.
  • In 2017, he got a DUI near his home after being found asleep in his car, which was stationary in a traffic lane with its engine running (Tiger blamed the effects of mixing prescription drugs and later said that he had completed an out-of-state intensive program to tackle an unspecified issue).

But, somehow, he's back. And the greatest golf prodigy to ever play is now, as a 43-year-old without much of a hairline to speak of, and against all odds, once again a champion.

"We might never see another comeback like the one Tiger Woods just completed by winning his first golf major in over ten years."
Want to see the culmination of over 10 years of hard work expressed in a single celebration? What if hugging one's children is involved? Know that this is even better with the sound on.

(NOTE: You are only allowed to celebrate that hard after making a 3-foot putt if it is the culmination of over 10 years of hard work.)
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