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Give it up for the Clemson defense. In fact, give it up for the Clemson offense too. They just crushed Alabama so badly the score almost seems like a mistake -- no team had beaten 'Bama by more than 14 points since Nick Saban became their coach back in 2007, but Clemson just won last night's game 44-16 to win their second college football national championship in three years.

There's also now a new star in college football land: freshman Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence -- that's the dude, and how could one not refer to him as a dude, in the above gif -- who dominated the game to finish off a great season after not even being Clemson's starter when the season began.

'Bama even tried their patented switch-quarterbacks-in-the-second-half-to-reverse-your-luck move, and it just didn't matter. Games that aren't close usually aren't that entertaining to watch, but watching Alabama lose by this much was shocking. Just as shocking: Clemson, and not Alabama, is now favored by gamblers to win next year's national championship. Also just as shocking: people can't wait even a single day after one season ends to start gambling on the next season.
"Alabama has to lose once in a while, but nobody expected Clemson to absolutely wreck them the way they just did."
Alabama tried a fake field goal on this play and... this pretty much summarized their night.
College football season is over, but the NFL playoffs are just getting spicy. The Divisional Round is this weekend with games on Saturday and Sunday, and all the top teams are in action this time.

One particularly spicy matchup: the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles needed a mini-miracle just to make the playoffs this year and a bigger miracle to win last Sunday's playoff game -- their opponent missed the potential game-winning field goal kick with a rare "double-doink," in which the football managed to hit one of the field goal posts, then the crossbar, and still not go in. They now get to visit the favorites to win the Super Bowl, the New Orleans Saints and star quarterback Drew Brees, Sunday at 4:40 PM ET on FOX.
Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, everyone. Remember the name. Or don't, we'll remind you when he's relevant again.
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