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Disability Loop eNews Issue #27
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We are very happy this issue to introduce our AFDO NDIS Champions!

AFDO NDIS Champions are people with disability from every state and territory in Australia, trained to confidently provide information about the NDIS to groups in their local communities.

After receiving almost 150 applications for the positions 
back in July, we have since shortlisted, interviewed, offered positions, developed materials, and brought together and trained 30 people with disability from all over Australia over two full days in Melbourne - and now our Champions are ready and willing to work!

We're very proud to introduce you to the NDIS Champions. We have biographies and photos on the Disability Loop website in 
the Champions section, sorted by location so that you can find someone near you. If you know of a group, organisation or business that would benefit from a presentation on the NDIS from a person with disability - please let them know about the NDIS Champions, or forward them this email. 

Learn more in the media release below. 


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Photo of the first group of NDIS Champions at training in Melbourne in October.
Left-to-right: Mark, Cassandra, Jono, Michelle, Nicole, Annie, Sam, Carl, Stephen, Rebecca, Josh, Bridgett, Marita, Tricia, Katie, Ness and Danny.
Photo of the second group of NDIS Champions at training in Melbourne in October.
Left-to-right: Quang, Janelle, Kalena, Sarah, Marietta, Timothy, Julie, Mary, Luke, Jonathan, Michael, Kate, Nina, and Shawn.


A monitor with a person with one arm raised triumphantly, wearing a symbolic medal with NDIS on it.

NDIS Champions are ready and willing to work 

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) is now offering an NDIS Champions program that has brought together a group of people with disabilities from all around Australia who can confidently provide information on the NDIS to groups in their local communities.

AFDO received nearly 150 applications for the 30 NDIS Champions positions, highlighting the demand and desire for people with disability to find meaningful, paid employment.

The NDIS Champions are from all states and territories of Australia. After 16 hours of training by AFDO, the NDIS Champions are now ready to deliver presentations to their peers as well as organisations, businesses and local community groups such as sports clubs, churches, and service clubs. 

Read the full AFDO media release here.

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