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October 6, 2015

Greetings CWA!

Amy Shojai, CWA Events Chair here...
Long time, no meow...sorry for the long delay, but with 3 book deadlines and "real life" happening, it's been a crazy summer and fall.
On the Conference and Banquet front, Prez Marci and I have been hard at work seeking sponsorship, talking with potential partners and keeping Council updated as we go. Thanks for everyone's patience, but our paws have been tied and we've been unable to share until details were nailed down. As announced previously, our 22nd Annual CWA Awards Banquet will be held during the 2016 BlogPaws conference.
The event location is very pricey, and is the most expensive venue we've ever had. We're grateful to sponsorship that allows us to offer a deep discount of $65 (only until December 6!), but then the price goes up substantially. So no excuses--make your banquet reservations now.
Conference registration will be a separate ticket, and if you've not yet guessed, here's the news:
The Cat Writers' Association 22nd Conference will be held alongside the 2016 BlogPaws Conference next June 23-25, in Phoenix, Arizona!
CWA members will be granted the same rate as the "blogger" rate of $169 (or "small business" rate $255). CWA is now listed in the registration language on the site. These "early bird" rates are only good through December 6, too, when they go up.
I know this is pricier than in the past, but we'll essentially get two conference at this rate, and you won't have to choose between attending a separate CWA event and this popular blogger conference. We have 9 months to budget for the extra cost -- so start saving now!
The price of the conference registration includes all BlogPaws and CWA seminars/sessions (again, our banquet is a separate ticket, above). This means a huge burden is lifted off of CWA for planning and execution of the program. At our last BlogPaws partnership, we hosted 2 sessions on Thursday -- this year we'll likely be responsible for up to 5 total sessions scheduled Thursday and Friday, and will host the book signing event, probably on Saturday. Since BlogPaws does such a great job on blogging/social media topics, we'll be focusing on publishing and writing, and (maybe, if we get a sponsor!) a cat-centric health/care/behavior panel. We also plan to hold our Thursday night bags stuffing party (bags to be distributed at the BANQUET), membership meeting, editor/agent appointments and book signing event.
CWA members will be able to "pitch" session ideas, as in the past, but because there are so few slots, I hope folks won't be disappointed. It comes down to funding, so much will depend on sponsorships that come in (or don't). You also will be able to respond to the BlogPaws "Call for Speakers," when that's announced.
In the coming weeks, our CWA name will also be listed in the title of the conference, but it takes time to jump all the hoops of dealing with a corporate owner. (BlogPaws is owned by Pet360, which is now owned by PETSMART.) We are waiting for the official PETSMART blessing on the specific language.
I'm in the process of figuring out exactly what volunteers will be needed for the conference team, since this has taken some things (like registration) off our plate. If you volunteered at our last (Barkworld) conference event and are interested in continuing, please email me ( to let me know. I have a few names, but I don't want to leave anyone out by mistake... and if your particular "job" is no longer needed, I promise to find you something!
I hope it was worth the wait, and that you're as excited as I am by the news. CWA is in a transitional period, and of course I hope it's all positive for the organization and our members. If y'all have suggestions or connections to share regarding potential sponsors, please send that information to Prez Marci. Meanwhile, start gathering up and thinking about what to enter in this year's CWA contest. And plan what bling to wear to the banquet!
purrs & headbonks,
Amy Shojai
CWA Events Chair


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